The Feeder Feed: Catbird Seat Edition

Some interesting things are happening at the Sabine Feeder.

First, Mr. Catbird has come. He sings beautifully.  He also likes grape jelly.

Mrs. Oriole may be changing her frock.

I am now seeing not one, but two Indigo Buntings.

They are very striking.  I’ll try to get a shot with one hanging out with the Team Goldfinch.

Brown Thraser is around and having battles with the suet cage.

Feed the birds. They eat from your donations.

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  1. LorrieRob says:

    Great pictures…but especially the oriole!

  2. wanda says:

    Thanks for posting the birdz pictures. Is the Catbird the one that sings a ton of different tunes or is that the Mockingbird? Anyway, you sure have a wide variety of feathered friends. Happy to see the two Indigo’s – is it a Mr. & a Mrs. do you think? Lovely sights.

  3. wanda: The second Bunting is also a male. The females are mostly brown with hints of blue here and there.

    Here is Mrs. Bunting from a couple years ago.

  4. wanda says:

    Thanks for showing the Mrs. Bunting. She is pretty, too. I should have known she would be a subtler version of the Mr.’s colors. Many thanks.

  5. Sandy says:

    Always love seeing the beautiful little creatures! I now have a wonderful treat of seeing, right outside a window, a nest with two Mockingbird babies. I have made myself their godmother and chase the cats from the yard! One of the parents is the bird that can make a sound like a car alarm! God delights us so much!

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