The Feeder Feed: some variety

Here is some variety from the Feeder.

Here is Indigo Bunting.

Mrs. and Mr. Cardinal visited together!  I am glad to see he finally found a gal.

Here is Harris’s Sparrow.

Here is White-Throated Sparrow.

Here is Irritated … er um … Purple Finch.

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  1. wanda says:

    That’s a nifty feeder you’ve got there, I like the different sections for different goodies. Great pictures, I’m happy for Mr. Cardinal – he finding a Mrs. and all. I’ve never seen the Harris’s Sparrow, very nice. As always, thanks for the visual and a nice little diversion from the ordinariness of the day.

  2. lgreen515 says:

    I’ve always wondered about the differences between those little brown birds. Mr. Cardinal’s feathers look kind of patchy on his tummy–I hope he is OK.

  3. Mr. Purple Finch looks grumpy.

  4. ScholaLady says:

    A comment from my 7 year old daughter:
    I like birds too! We have a bird feeder too. I have seen chipping sparrows and white crown sparrows and some birds we haven’t figured out yet.

    I really like your northern cardinal. We don’t have those here.

  5. frjim4321 says:

    So awesome.

    The Indigo Bunting is so shy . . . what a GREAT picture!

    Our Eastern Bluebirds had babies on Monday. Just bought 3,000 mealworms from for our babies. Our worm farm is not keeping up with the demand!

    We love our Blueies!

  6. irishgirl says:

    I love the blue on the Indigo Bunting! Perfect for Our Lady’s month of May!
    Yes, that purple finch looks rather ticked off! He even has a scowl!
    I hear cardinals all the time at my house, mostly in the morning before I get up.
    Nice pictures as always, Father Z!

  7. Random Friar says:

    frjim: How do you build your worm farm? I looked at that site’s instructions, but I couldn’t figure out how they did it — got confused about how the newspaper goes.

  8. EWTN Rocks says:

    I love the variety of birds your feeder attracts. I’m afraid if I put out a feeder in my area I would only attract scrub jays! Occasionally I see hummingbirds, hawks, vultures, ducks, and white herons? in addition to scrub jays, but that’s about it!

  9. Dr. Eric says:

    I don’t know if I’ve written this yet, but I really enjoy The Feeder Feed. Those birds are beautiful!

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