Planned Parenthood must close some shops. Griping ensues.

Let there be sung Te Deum and Non Nobis… wellllll…. Partly Nobis.

This is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. My emphases and comments.

Budget cuts close 6 Planned Parenthood clinics in Minnesota
Article by: JEREMY OLSON
Planned Parenthood cites drop in Title X funding, a target of abortion foes in Congress.

Planned Parenthood is closing six clinics in outstate Minnesota on Aug. 1 because of federal budget cuts made this spring in a highly politicized abortion battle.

The state’s largest provider of family planning and abortions [Notice how the writer slips in that “family planning” bit first?  As if PP’s bread and butter wasn’t really abortion.] announced the closures Monday, citing an 11 percent reduction in its budget because of cuts to the federal Title X program.

Closing are clinics in Thief River Falls, Brainerd, Red Wing, Owatonna, Albert Lea and Fairmont. They did not perform abortions, but provided services ranging from contraception to cervical cancer screenings to testing for sexually-transmitted diseases. Clients will be encouraged to use any of the 18 remaining Planned Parenthood facilities in the state and the organization’s website.  [There it is again.  PP makes its money from abortions.]

The clinics being closed are among the smallest and are relatively close to clinics in larger cities such as Rochester and Mankato. Unaffected is Planned Parenthood’s clinic in St. Paul, which performed nearly one-third of the 12,388 abortions in Minnesota in 2009.  [PP will do anything to protect that big business.  Thus, they close the smaller places.]

[Watch this!] The loss of family planning services for women in the affected communities could drive up state health care costs — and the number of abortions, said Sarah Stoesz, executive director of Planned Parenthood’s chapter for Minnesota and the Dakotas.  [Cut off funding to big business abortion and you will cause more abortions.  Right?  Obvious!  Right?]

“Those who attack family planning programs under the guise of being opposed to abortion are creating the exact opposite effect and driving abortion rates up,” she said.  [It’s obvious!  Right?]

The Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit group based in New York, estimated this spring that without any Title X funding for low-income women and families, Minnesota would see a 17 percent increase in unintended pregnancies, a 24 percent increase in abortions and a 33 percent increase in teen births. Those figures were based on the complete elimination of Title X, as some Republican lawmakers had proposed, and not the last-minute cuts negotiated in April to avoid a federal shutdown.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is among the lawmakers who called for de-funding Title X. While the program cannot fund abortions, lawmakers still opposed the secondary financial support it offered to organizations that provide them. [Because its fungible.  Fund one part, and you fund the whole thing.] “Taxpayer funds should not be directed to this heinous organization, [Do I hear an “Amen!”?] especially at a time when our nation’s debt exceeds $14 trillion,” Bachmann’s press secretary, Becky Rogness, said Monday.

Minnesota has received roughly $3.5 million per year in Title X funds, with $3 million going to Planned Parenthood and the rest going to a Ramsey County family planning program. [Remember…. it’s all just family planning.] The state has an estimated 250,000 women in need of subsidized reproductive health care. One-fifth get services at Planned Parenthood.  [Let us not forget that PP was intended by its foundress to kill off black people.]

Until now, Planned Parenthood has grown in Minnesota, with the addition of three suburban retail storefronts and a new central facility in St. Paul’s University Avenue corridor that is halfway complete. Stoesz said the popular storefronts are covering their costs and that the new headquarters was funded by donors, not public money.

She said Planned Parenthood might lose other income from the 20 to 25 percent of clients at the six clinics who pay for services out of pocket or with private insurance.

Delenda est.

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  1. Paul says:

    Thanks be to God and to our Blessed Mother!

  2. transparent2one says:
  3. Fr. Basil says:

    Contrary to what PP seems to be claiming, they do NOT give away pills or other contraceptives for free.

  4. digdigby says:

    I also am opposed, as a Catholic, to funding and propagandizing The Pill. I find it darkly amusing that female college students fanatic about ‘additives’ in their food go on synthetic hormones at age 16 or so and commonly stay on them their entire childbearing years. This supremely un-natural process warps and dampens their sexual drives, is a common cause of low-level depression and does who knows what else.

    Recently young women were shown photos of two male faces, one more masculine and square jawed, the other softer, subtly more feminine. Young women not on the pill far more often would choose the more masculine, less-boyish, ‘fatherly’ face. The pill and radical feminism hit at the same time and women have been cheated of….I don’t even think most of them even remember what they’ve been cheated of.

  5. benedetta says:

    Widely available contraception has actually resulted in an increase in abortions. The correlation appears to be with increased availability of contraception, slanted sex ed in schools guised as health education, a porn saturated media culture, people have become more callous towards human life and that much more willing to take it thoughtlessly. If PP wishes to divest of abortion and refocus on contraception, that is PP’s business. Of course the message that lacks credibility or foundation in science, that a fetus is somehow inhuman and therefore fair game for torture and slaughter, is what has generated the increase in abortions. If they wish to refocus on the “family” and the “parenthood” there are numerous ways to be of assistance to pregnant and needy mothers.

  6. AndyMo says:

    What a horribly written, slanted article. As you said, “family planning” is always used to describe PP’s business, but I noticed the following qualifiers and non-qualifiers, too:

    The Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit group based in New York

    Not stated: the research arm of Planned Parenthood. No conflict of interest there, huh?

    Those figures were based on the complete elimination of Title X, as some Republican lawmakers had proposed, and not the last-minute cuts negotiated in April to avoid a federal shutdown.

    So, the numbers stated were actually a scare tactic and not what reality reflects at all?

    Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.,

    Something tells me that if it were a Democrat doing something the newspaper didn’t favor, they would hesitate to put a “D” after the name, if they even wrote the story at all.

    I don’t have to know a thing about the author to know where he and the paper stand. This is an editorial dressed up as hard journalism.

  7. wanda says:

    Thanks be to God for this good news. Hope the DOJ doesn’t dive in as they have done in Indiana.
    Thank you for posting this good news for today. I pray we hear many more stories just like this one. Other states are doing the same thing, what the federal government seems un-willing or unable to do, the states are doing on their own. Te Deum.

  8. mike cliffson says:

    “Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit group based in New York” Very independantobservers, obviously.
    How come both life site and wikipedia call them an offshoot of planned parenthood itself? Well funded. NonProfit. Sure, like every catholic charity you can work for, pure volunteers and a few permanent staff ?
    And there’s some set of other stories about them in the back of my mind, I hope it wasn’t church funding.
    In the internet age, them as buy print/go to any MSM for news ………….

  9. MichaelJ says:

    ” family planning “???. Has PP ever done anything to assist a couple who wanted to have a baby?

  10. asophist says:

    “Those who attack family planning programs under the guise of being opposed to abortion are creating the exact opposite effect and driving abortion rates up”. . .

    – A fairly glib non-sequitur, indeed!

  11. Joseph-Mary says:

    Carol Everett who formerly directed three abortion mills said they purposely gave low dose birth control pills and faulty condoms so that pregnancies would ensue. The GOAL was 3-5 abortions for the women who came for their “services”.

    Blood Money trailer:

  12. Ralph says:

    THANKS BE TO GOD!! Every PP door that closes is a victory!

    Someone in MN get the word out to the 250,000 low income women who are in need of family planning that Natural Family Planning (NFP) is free! You don’t even have to go to the pharmancy!

    12,388 babies murdered last year! God forgive us!

  13. pappy says:

    ” family planning “???.
    Has PP ever done anything to assist a couple who wanted to have a baby?

    Surprisingly, yes. According to a woman who entered the the church a number of years ago,
    when she was trying to get pregnant, PP told her to take natural family planning classes so
    that she would know when she was fertile. Too bad, they don’t advise women who are avoiding
    pregnancy the same information.

  14. Panterina says:

    I can’t help but feel uneasy about the use of term “clinic” attached to Planned Parenthood. Sure, they may offer cancer screening and other, morally legitimate, clinical services. But offering shelter and food did not make the death camps any more respectable.

  15. Dr. Eric says:

    There is one of those baby killing mills about 5 minutes from my office, I pass it when I go to work every day. I always say a Haily Mary as I go by begging that Our Lady will intercede to have that place shut down. Not surprising to us who know better, is the fact that the other PP in our area is in East St. Louis.

  16. JP Borberg says:

    Without any Title X funding… Minnesota would see a 17 percent increase in unintended pregnancies, a 24 percent increase in abortions and a 33 percent increase in teen births.

    How do those numbers work? Unintended pregnancies go up 17%, but ‘teen births’ (sounds like the teens are getting born) go up 33%. Does that mean 16% more teens will intend to get pregnant? Same with abortions. 7% more women will abort their intended pregnancy?

    Seems like these are part of the 79% of statistics that are just made up.

  17. RMT says:

    They are just throwing around numbers that everybody should be shocked about as if there was no problem with the PP numbers. St Paul has a population of ~285,000 people. 12,800 babies is nearly 5% of that population–and that is not accounting for other PP death clinics in the city of St. Paul, or in Minneapolis either.

  18. One of those TNCs says:

    @ transparent2one: Thanks so much for that link to the Indiana newspaper.
    Key to rebuttals to those who decry the loss of non-abortion “family planning” services is the statement:
    “They wouldn’t stop providing abortions even in the interim to keep the women’s health services,” she said.
    State Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, who authored the defunding language, echoed that criticism in legislative debate in April.
    “If (Planned Parenthood) wants to receive taxpayer money,” he said, “they can simply stop practicing abortion.”

    A good reply to memorize and use!

  19. RCOkie says:

    I have a additional PP story. I am an elementary school teacher and this past year a student returned from an absence with a doctor’s excuse note on PP letterhead. When I went to the office to see if this was an acceptable note, I was told it was as the local PP now had a pediatrician on staff. I was horrified. I realized that meant little children are already “patients” there and many will mostly likely continue as they grow older. Furthermore, they are being indoctrinated from a young age to equate PP with routine health care. I had no idea this was going on. As I’ve told this story to other people, I have yet to come across one who was aware this.

  20. Banjo pickin girl says:

    rcokie, I was aware of it and nobody believes me when I tell them. People are brainwashed into thinking of PP as some wonderful outfit providing wonderful “services” (gag). And a lot of the “services” are simply a sham, such as breast health exams, but they don’t have mammography equipment generally so can only do the same routine exams that women can do themselves. It’s all a front for their Big Main Business.

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