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Benedict XVI: “The only danger the Church can and should fear is the sin of her members”

Persecutors can kill our bodies. Only we can kill our own souls, extinguish the life of grace, separately ourselves for eternity from God. I saw this in the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald: The Church should fear the … Read More

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Star Wars and the History of Vatican II

I think I’ll share this without much commentary of my own. On the blog Vestal Morons a … interesting… case is made. Star Wars and the History of Vatican II Posted on December 4, 2011 by Remus The outrageous but … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Fulfilling obligation of the Office when visiting a religious community with their own way of doing things.

From a priest: In the GILH, it is clear that a cleric meets his obligation if he finds himself praying with a community following a different calendar or from a different rite (#242). Would this also include praying the Office with a … Read More

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Where you are!

From time to time I enjoy looking at the visitors stats to see, more or less, where in the world people are when they visit the blog. Below are some names of places which could be near where visitors are … Read More