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WDTPRS: Last Days of Advent: 20 December – “ineffable Word”

Today’s Collect, as we move solemnly through the last days of Advent, once again underscores the dimension of the mystery of the approach Feast more than it emphasizes the penitential spirit we adopt during this season. As with the other … Read More


Why I still have this blog: a reader’s testimony

Here is one of the reasons why I still have this blog: I found your site early this year while searching for information on the new translation. Well, it was a real eye opener. I don’t want to make this … Read More

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Christians are “evil” if they resist the redefinition of marriage

I guess the next time I head across the pond to England (after Christmas, by the way, if everything works out the way I hope – blognic?) and have the chance to make supper for priest friends, I won’t be … Read More

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It’s a “chalice”… an ineffable chalice!

Before its implementation… and after… some people whined that the new, corrected translation is tooo haaard.  How could anyone be expected to understand words like “ineffable… consubstantial… dew…” or “chalice”. A reader sent me this: Apparently a brewery thinks beer … Read More

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iPhone app for Le Barroux

I sometimes listen the podcasts of the Benedictine monks at Norcia, in Italy.  They record and post on demand recordings of their hours and Mass.  Alas, they tend to go flat, a problem many groups have when singing psalms and … Read More

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