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Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and 2 Peter 2

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is a good example of how the deadly 1964 Hyannisport Conclave and tragically catholic family infamously involved keep on giving and giving and giving… to the culture of death. KKT has a relentlessly obtuse, 1300 word piece … Read More

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John L. Allen on a case in Ireland: a priest, falsely accused, but the press doesn’t make corrections

While I have posted some items about dreadful pieces in the Fishwrap, to be fair there is a good piece by my friend the nearly-ubiquitous John L Allen, Jr. about the persecution of a priest falsely accused of abuse of … Read More

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Fathers… people will go to confession if you preach about it and then sit in the box!

From a reader: I finally went to confession after a long time away, and, today, I made the total consecration to Jesus through Mary. I am very happy and very grateful to you for all your posts about confession throughout … Read More

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QUAERITUR: When priests and Catholics just don’t care enough to get it right.

From a reader: I am wondering what the difference of changing “one in being with the Father” to “consubstantial” is in the Creed? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being in line with the original Latin and most precise translation. However, … Read More

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The Fishwrap attacks bishops: unintended consequences

Just to help you out of your Friday slump and into the weekend, the Fishwrap comes through again! Here is an article in which the Fishwrap attacks Archbishops Chaput, Dolan, and Bp. Finn. The time is now: childhood sexual abuse … Read More

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Sr. Joan and the “Organizing Committee of the Council of Elders”

An Irishman was walking down the street one day and, to his delight, he saw a big crowd surrounding a couple of blokes beating each other to a pulp.  The Irishman, shoved and elbowed his way though the crowd to … Read More

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Bishops of Minnesota will be attacked in the press, betrayed by their erstwhile allies

You have seen the feeble attempt of some defenders of homosexual acts to equate the efforts of those who want unnatural “unions” to be recognize in law as if they were marriages with the civil rights racial efforts of the … Read More

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