Reminders for your Christmas shopping.

People will be doing shopping before Christmas. Just a friendly reminder about a few things.

I will also repeat my endorsement of the Kindle. I have the Kindle 3g which has a keyboard. I was skeptical at first but I have been won over. The newest Kindles amazon is putting out run on a new technology. There is new generation of Kindle, Kindle Touch, and a new Kindle Fire with color. The Kindle Fire is more like a tablet, like an iPad, and it has a new browser that runs on cloud technology which is apparently very fast.  Furthermore, on a long drive lately I had the occasion to use the text-to-speech function on the Kindle.  It isn’t available for all books, and it is mechanically generated, but it is not bad, all in all.

USA only, click HERE to order a Kindle Fire.  To order a simple Kindle Touch HERE or the top end with free 3g HERE. For the Kindle 3G with the keyboard (the one I have now) click HERE.


I found in my email a note that Fr. Barron’s DVD series Catholicism is on sale through  It is listed at $149.95 but it is on sale for $99.99.

I saw a bit of the series.  My set was, however… how to put this… “boosted”, is the word I think.

What I saw suggested to me that this series could be a good gift for your fallen away loved one or a friend whom you think is interested in learningmore.

Click HERE.

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