The Feeder Feed: Death From Above edition

I haven’t been home much lately, and so I haven’t been able to post much about the activity at the feeder.

However, yesterday – I was without my camera – I was visited briefly by an American Bald Eagle!  Very cool.  I hope it returns and eats all the squirrels.

Also, just a few minutes ago, Death in the form of a large hawk visited one of the supremely annoying Mourning Doves.  I don’t know which hawk, it happened so fast.   There was a sudden flight of the doves, a skyward explosion of feathers, and then I saw Death Hawk flapping away.

Here is all that’s left of the former ex-dove, now hawk snack.

I am reminded of the rendering the great Vincenzo made from one of my photos a while back after a similar visitation of mortality when I did have my camera.

Apparently the bugs from Starship Troopers are the moral equivalent of Mourning Doves.  They sure seem to come around in the same numbers.

I hope the hawk has a taste for Blue Jays.

Also, some time ago before we had any snow cover, a flock of Pine Siskins went through.  I wonder if I will see them during the harsher part of winter as I did a couple years back.

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  1. irishgirl says:

    Whoa-a ‘hawk kill’ in the snow….
    I had to suppress a giggle here in the library when I saw Vincenzo’s ‘Death From Above’, Father Z! Too funny….could almost hear the ‘March of the Storm Troopers’ from The Empire Strikes Back’ in my brain….

  2. lucy says:

    You get the Fr. Z. gold star of the day for that piece – my daughter was laughing hysterically!

  3. Martial Artist says:

    Father Zuhlsdorf,

    You write:

    I hope (the American Bald Eagle) returns and eats all the squirrels.

    Please allow me to ask for clarification as to your thoughts (and/or feelings) with regard to the American bushy-tailed arboreal rat. Please correct me if I either overstate, or understate, the issue but, if I correctly understand the tone and implications of that part of your post cited above, you bear them no charitable intent whatever. Would that be an accurate assessment on my part? [“No” charitable intent”? No. Not at all. I am always willing to put one out of its misery if it is suffering.]

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

    P.S. For myself, I have always enjoyed the American bushy-tailed arboreal rat. I have always found them, sauteed properly, to be tender and possessed of a most delicate flavor. I am a bit surprised that you don’t appreciate them. But, then again, it does take a not insignificant number of them to constitute a decent sized serving. ;-)

    [By coincidence, “arboreal rat” is also the Chinese way of describing this critter.]

  4. BobP says:

    Every time I read something like this, I’m tempted to throw the squirrels some extra peanuts. [To …. fatten them.]

    De gustibus non est disputandum.

    [Peanut fed… I wonder what they will taste like.]

  5. mamajen says:

    I don’t feed birds, but we have had a wide variety of critters seeking refuge from cats and foxes in our fenced yard. I tried to nurse a baby blue jay back to health after its parents chucked it from their nest, and enjoyed watching a mother mourning dove giving her baby flight lessons. You can send them my way! [Perhaps I could send a…. sack or two?]

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  7. Maxiemom says:

    A few years ago, on a Sunday morning, while getting ready for mass, a hawk grabbed a dove from our deck, smothered it in the snow, and proceeded to chow down. All that was left was a few feathers and a few drops of blood in the snow.

    Last year, I looked out my window to see a hawk sitting on a decorative piece of split rail fence in our yard chowing down on a bird. Here’s a blog entry, with photos, if you or any readers are so inclined:

    I love feeding the birds. I know that hawks eating birds is part of the circle of life. But it tis a bit gross.

  8. NoraLee9 says:

    A few years ago I lived in Stuyvesant Town in NYC, what was then a middle income housing complex. I was on the East River side, facing the Wiily B and Manhattan Bridges. One or both of those bridges have hawks. Working for the Dept of Ed insured an early wake-up for me, so I was able to enjoy watching the hawks pick off the precious Stuyvesant Town Black Squirrels as they scampered across the playground.

    I love nature.

    And holy cow, those hawks were BIG!

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