ACTION ITEM! The “Soap Sisters” have a new Store: The Cloister Shoppe

The Dominican Nuns in Summit, NJ, the “Soap Sisters” (they have a lot more than just soap) have set up a new store.

They depend in great part in the sales of their products.  Therefore, when you buy soap and other things from them, you are helping them.

Click the image below to go to their new store.

Dominican Nuns Store

They have samplers, books, postcards and prints, and – this could be pretty useful – gift certificates.

Furthermore, they now have an affiliate program. When you help the nuns by buying their stuff, you are also helping me. This is a similar model to that used by the Carmelite men in Wyoming, with their Mystic Monk Coffee.

I had a note from Sister after I posted here their classy note to me (here).  Sister wrote:

Dear Fr. Z,

Pax Christi!

When our little store suddenly gets a lot of orders I get suspicious.
I know this is hard to take but I don’t read your blog everyday! [REPENT!]
(There are quite a few OP Nun followers, btw!) Sure enough you posted a really lovely entry about our soap and more importantly about our life. THANK YOU!
It was posted for all the Sisters to read! It encouraged the novices who are the soap nuns and gave a little “push” to our prayer for you!

Bottom line… when you have gifts to give or hands to wash or faces to be shaved, remember the Dominican Nuns in Summit, NJ who need your help.

Encourage them in their new initiative by a sudden influx of orders!  Boost their moral!

I am going to send something to my mother.

UPDATE: 17:27 GMT:

I completed an order.  It is a tiny bit clunky if you are using paypal.  If you get into a jam, just clear everything, add  it again, and take another run at it.  It’ll work.  If you have any comments or questions in the order process, there is a comment box.

Also, I see that their top seller is “Caribbean Coconut Shea Butter & Glycerin Soap”… though that is not what I bought my mother.

UPDATE 14 Jan 01:28 GMT:

As a commentator added below,

“And they’re quick!”

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  1. benedetta says:

    Lovely! Looking forward to receiving my order! Thanks for passing this on, Fr. Z.

  2. Thanks for participating!

  3. NoTambourines says:

    And they’re quick! I just got my order today, and they enclosed a pamphlet on the Rosary meditations of Bl. John Henry Newman. I’m on kind of a Newman kick right now, so… double win!

    Both soaps I ordered (vanilla, and Star of the Sea) smell amazing.

  4. Sofia Guerra says:

    How much do I love shopping? Never mind…I used to bring these sisters goodies when I lived in Jersey. so happy you are sponsoring them Father…Just spent…oh Mystic Monk order….
    You know Father, if I keep this up you will have your whole wish list!

    God love you and thanks for generosity in teaching us about our Faith,


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