Fox News show “Huckabee” has two powerful pro-life segments

I caught Mike Huckabee’s weekend show tonight.

After he interviews three of the four presidential candidates (ho hum), in the second part of the show, he interviewed a woman named Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived during a rape.  A conversation with her helped Gov. Perry change his mind about the “rape and incest” exception.  Her story was pretty powerful.

And then there was Carol Everett, who ran abortion mills as a business because she wanted to be a millionaire.  She knew that, because of her cut from every abortion performed, she had to get 40,000 abortions performed.  Therefore, she needed repeat customers.  She described the strategy of getting young women to start using abortion as their strategy for all of their pregnancies.  She distributed low does contraceptives and defective condoms which would fail.  She eventually had a conversion experience, which she described during the interview.

I sure hope that Huckabee posts video clips of these brief interviews.

Finally, it is important to remember that there is no sin that any of us little humans can commit that the infinitive power of our loving God will not forgive provided we confess our sins and receive absolution.  And when we receive absolution, the sin is gone, removed, taken away, it is no more.  It isn’t covered over or ignored.  It is gone, removed by Christ, through the actions of the priest, and it will not be held against you at your judgement.

You may have the memory of the sin and you will have to do penance.  It may be very hard for a long time, but the guilt of the sin will have been taken away from you.

There is nothing we can do that is so bad that God cannot forgive.  Never forget that.

What a magnificent gift we have from Our Lord: the Sacrament of Penance.

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  1. LisaP. says:

    He’d have made a good president.

  2. Joseph-Mary says:

    A company called Citizens United produced a film called “The Gift of Life” that Gov. Huckabee narrates. Carol Evert, Rebecca, Lila Rose and others are featured.

    We showed it as a preliminary event for the upcoming 40 Days for Life just last night. It is one that even the youth can see–not gross.

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