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Pres. Obama appoints architect of Roe v Wade to the bench.

Some people write to me with a lament that they don’t like GOP candidates.  I sometimes write back with one word: judges. From Life Site comes the news that Pres. Obama has appointed one of the architects of Roe v … Read More

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Worthy of public office, or not?

With a tip of the biretta to Catholic Fire, this quote is from His Excellency Most Reverend Robert Vasa, Bishop of Santa Rosa in California. “Any government leader, particularly those who claim to be Christian, who claims to be pro-choice, … Read More

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Fox News show “Huckabee” has two powerful pro-life segments

I caught Mike Huckabee’s weekend show tonight. After he interviews three of the four presidential candidates (ho hum), in the second part of the show, he interviewed a woman named Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived during a rape.  A conversation … Read More

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TONIGHT: LIVE streamed Presidential ProLife Forum in SC with candidates

Tonight, 18 January, there will be a LIVE Presidential ProLife Forum presented by Personhood USA in partnership with other national pro-life organizations 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm EST. All Presidential candidates have been invited to participate, and, as of this … Read More

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“’cause I get a … kick.. outta you” – unborn baby saves father’s life.

Who knows what quite bonds there are within the family? Here is a Just Too Cool story right in the face of the emanations and penumbras crowd. From Life Site: January 16, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Sara McDonald is 7 ½ … Read More

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When we are detained, at least we’ll be held “on common ground”.

Are you making a list of what is at stake in the upcoming presidential election cycle? This comes from Life Site with my emphases: Constitutional experts: pro-life ‘terrorists’ could be permanently detained without trial under law by Ben Johnson Wed … Read More

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Fr. Z about, and to, Mr. Gingrich. Implantation? Not conception?

How many times have we heard that presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is smart? I would pay money to watch a debate between Mr. Gingrich and Pres. Obama. People can convert, grow, change, mature, etc. … Read More

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Not “your” body? Not your “choice”!

I found this on Fallible Blogma. I want to add a note. One of the things we were reminded of during the pontificate of Bl. John Paul II was that we are our bodies. His “theology of the body” served … Read More

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Fr. Z in WaPo on John Paul II’s beatification

I have a piece in the Washington Post today at their invitation.  The typo, rather omission, in the second paragraph (as it appears in the online version as I write) is good for my humility. Many argue that John Paul … Read More

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A study in contrasts

From one side…. And from the evil side….

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