The Feeder Feed: Slow News Day Edition

It seems to me such a slow news day that I should… I dunno… tell jokes or maybe post a picture of some birds.

angry birds

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  1. ShadesFSC says:

    Those birds look far to angry to be on such a good blog.

  2. APX says:

    Ah yes, angry birds. The answer to all life’s slow days and boredom.

  3. NoTambourines says:

    This just completely made my day.

  4. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    Ahahahaha! Unlike some of your other bird posts I have definately seen these birds around my house.

  5. tealady24 says:

    The angry birds. The only reason I know this is because they make little angry-birds dog toys and my two dogs love their toys!
    Can’t we just transport all things political into an alternate universe and pick it up on Nov. 7th??

  6. Veronica says:

    Oh, Angry Birds! Something I will have to fast from next Lent! LOL!

    Maybe to spice things up we can comment about our theories of what do we think the Vatican’s three-year study on women religious report contains. I wonder if the decision not to use habits from some progressive-ultra-mega-ubberliberal congregations will be mentioned…

  7. wanda says:

    Ha, ha! Angry Birds are new to our household. Lots of fun, I like the black ones best, you can bomb stuff!

  8. irishgirl says:

    ‘Angry Birds’-Ha! I don’t understand anything about it, but I see a lot of stuff connected with them at a local well-known bookstore.
    ‘Can’t we just transport all things political into an alternate universe and pick it up on Nov. 7th?’-oh, you are so right, tealady24! I am so tired of the politics and the primaries!
    I wish that we could take a hint from the countries that have parliaments and have a fixed, limited time for campaigning! It seems that the last couple of presidential election years have been so long and dragged out!
    One reason why I don’t have TV…..

  9. Rich says:

    Now, if only we had an Angry Birds slingshot for those mourning doves…

  10. Supertradmum says:

    and I love birds
    is there a cat hidden somewhere in the next frame

  11. Mary Jane says:

    Ga!! I love that game! My brother’s got it on his tablet … it’s SO addicting!

  12. pm125 says:

    I don’t know these cartoons, but the slingshot ‘fun’ reminds me of liberals responding to recent debates.

  13. Charles E Flynn says:

    Some of you may have noticed the comments at other blogs are not always as polite as the ones posted here. So, for this slow news day:

    Commentary: A Higher Standard for Blog Comments?, by Kerry Trotter, the newest member of the Word on Fire team.

  14. Random Friar says:

    @Supertradmom: No, it’s pigs. Bad, evil pigs, who try to steal the birds’ eggs to make fried eggs.

    Which, come to think of it, would go great with bacon and/or ham.

  15. Denita says:

    I’ve never played Angry Birds. Is it worth it to play?

  16. Random Friar says:

    @Denita: It’s like crack cocaine. It’s probably best not to try it “just once.”

  17. MominTexas says:

    Who made the Cardinals angry?

    see what I did there? hahaha….

  18. APX says:

    @Random Friar
    @Denita: It’s like crack cocaine. It’s probably best not to try it “just once.”

    Or when you have school work to do. Gaaah!! It’s really more one of those things you do during physio to pass the time while you’re stuck with needles hooked up to an electrical current shocking you intermittently for 20+ minutes. I almost had 3 stars in every level, until I upgraded my phone and had to start all over again. :(

  19. Matthew K says:

    Angry Birds does encourage a longer period of diversion than the player may have intended. But not all this time is necessarily wasted.

    I try to use the game as a way to teach my sons about problem solving. The best way to pass a level is often to avoid a direct approach. It is wise to look for the weakness in the protective structures before flinging a bird headlong. This is a good lesson in using reason and logic over might and brute force.

    It also can teach us about perseverance. It is relatively easy to pass all levels on all episodes with one star, but to unlock more satisfaction one should attempt to improve one’s score to three stars on all levels. This teaches a youngster to go back and see if he could do a better job by improving his first revision. It is not satisfying to do “enough to get by.”

    Also, it is fun to say ‘Kablooie!” when you hit the TNT.

  20. APX says:

    @Matthew K
    Angry Birds does encourage a longer period of diversion than the player may have intended. But not all this time is necessarily wasted.

    It is when you’re a student “taking a quick break” from paper writing. Maybe if you’re a kid with no real concerns in life, or have nothing else that could really be done during that time, but Lord help you if procrastination is already a weak point for you.

    Personally, I find the best lesson in problem solving is driving in rush hour traffic. If you’re the type of person who isn’t accustomed to having to wait in traffic, it forces you into problem solving mode, and having to have foresight and prudence to determine potential issues that may arise while driving, thus forcing you to choose your move wisely and intellectually rather than using might and brute force.

  21. Mariana says:

    “It’s like crack cocaine.”

    This blog is like that!

  22. I don’t get it. I tried it on the PC a couple weeks back, and the graphics are cute. But it’s such a random game. You can’t see what you’re aiming at, and you can’t predict whether your trajectories will work. It’s a point and hope game.

  23. APX says:

    It works better if you play it on an iPhone.

    Btw: does anyone else shake their iPhone when a pig is slooowly rolling towards the edge in a false sense of hope that shaking will cause it to fall?

  24. irishgirl says:

    Badger Catholic-ah, the original ‘angry birds’, from the Hitchcock movie! Good one!

  25. ocds says:

    APX – I don’t shake my tablet, but I do tilt it in the direction I’m hoping the pig will roll.

    I think sometimes my husband despairs of my sanity.

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