The Feeder Feed: subdued by cold edition

The feeder is busy right now, since there has been a cold snap.

This year I have Redpolls.

Common Redpoll

Common Redpoll

This cold fellow is a Junco. They are mostly ground feeders. Here is one sitting in a bush outside my kitchen window.  He has been surrounded by active Chickadees who are gobbling the little berries on the bush.

Help feed the birds.

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  1. wanda says:

    Oooh, poor little cold birds. They are wonders, puffing up to insulate themselves against the cold.
    The Juncos are nick-named ‘snowbirds’, yes? The Redpolls are very pretty with their bits of red against the gray and white. Thanks for the pictures and the lift, Fr. Z.

  2. philologus says:

    Nice photos, Fr!

  3. Finarfin says:

    The Junco reminds me of one of my pet birds, who is perpetually fluffed up, even in the summer.

  4. rodin says:

    Don’t forget the Great Backyard Bird Count February 17-20.

  5. Patti Day says:

    My junco visitors eat thistle seeds from the goldfinch feeder and anything that falls from the tray feeder onto the patio. They’re great little cleaner uppers.

  6. irishgirl says:

    Wow, what a ‘chunko junco’!
    It looks so funny when the birdies are puffed-up like that!
    Thanks for the pics, Father Z!

  7. JonPatrick says:

    The pattern here is that the chickadees and titmice eat at the feeders dropping about half the seed on the ground and the juncos swoop in and clean up. We also have nuthatches and hairy and downy woodpeckers which favor the suet. Yesterday after our recent snowfall it was like O’Hare airport at 5 PM Friday out there, everyone jostling for landing slots.

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