The Grind of Cleaning Chores on Saturdays

It is Saturday and I am doing computer maintenance.  I try to do backups and tidy things up on Saturdays.

You should do this regularly.

You should also get your own hard disk, drivers and memory cleaned up with a regular confession of all your mortal sins.

Saturday is a great day to go to confession!

Fathers, Saturday is a great day to hear confessions.

It is also a great day to refresh your coffee supply!

BTW… need a grinder?  The Wyoming Carmelites will send you one.  Click HERE.


Did you know that the Monk’s Four Favorites pack as also a smaller sampler and free shipping?


If you have to shovel some snow, you can do your examination of conscience while you shovel.

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  1. NoTambourines says:

    I like the hard drive analogy. So, speaking of analogies: the confessionals at my home parish for years had heavy red curtains on the outside. They reminded me of the giant red things in the drive-through car wash that flop down and clean the car. Kind of fitting, I suppose: when you haven’t been to the car wash in a while, you forget what your car looks like when it’s clean.

    Ergo, in a roundabout way, Rose Royce’s song “Car Wash” is inextricably linked in my mind with going to confession.

  2. Sean Bannion says:

    The Mystic Monk coffee (purchased through the link here) came in yesterday and I’ll be at Confession at our 7 pm session today. Does this qualify me for a plenary indulgence?

    (Kidding! I’m a kidder…)

    [This entitles you to a good cup of coffee and a clear conscience. Had you bought also a WDTPRS coffee mug, you would get my indulgent smile!]

  3. mamajen says:

    It’s amazing what a thick layer of dust can do to a computer. Yesterday my video card stopped working properly–it couldn’t find its driver, and there were weird striped patterns on my monitor. I tried reinstalling the driver several times, using system restore, virus scans, check disk, etc. etc. In the end it was a good old fashioned vacuuming that did the trick. I suppose that makes for a good analogy, too. How many of the problems that we try to mend with various cures all come down to a dusty, neglected soul?

  4. lux_perpetua says:

    i used the opportunity of this first snowfall to clean my bedroom and bathroom from top to bottom, with a giant mug of mystic monk by my side [sweetened with pure maple syrup!] and country music blaring, i hardly noticed half my day fly by! saturday’s like this were made for cleaning, i think, and confessing.

  5. kelleyb says:

    I think you covered all the bases, Father Z.

  6. Andy Lucy says:

    For some reason, the mention of grind brought to mind the sound of holystones and prayerbooks grinding at the deck. So, if you’ll pardon the Yankeeism, “Sweepers, sweepers man your brooms. Make a clean sweep down fore and aft.”

    [You know, of course, that the big holystones were called “bears”. As Preserved Killick tells Dr. Maturin, “a bear, at sea, is only a holystone writ large”. And making a “clean sweep fore and aft”, was in the Royal Navy to remove all the bulkheads and walls etc on the gun deck. Which it’s in the Aubrey/Maturin books, ain’t it!]

  7. Shoshana says:

    This post seems to assume readers not only commit mortal sins, but commit them regularly. I wonder how many readers feel insulted by this assumption.

    The Bitter Fruit Award

    [Thank you for being you. Please pray for us poor sinners.]

  8. lizaanne says:

    Ahhh, dear Shoshana – I love it that I am reminded that I AM a horrible sinner – for what I have done, and what I have failed to do, on a daily basis. I’m not kicking kittens and pushing over old ladies or committing murder – but ya know, I’m not perfect either. I think that finally accepting this reality in my life has been one of the biggest growing points for me spiritually. I’m no longer embarrassed or ashamed to admit it…

    “hello, my name is lizaanne, and I’m a sinner” [Hi, Liz!]

    Thank you, Father, it’s good to be reminded that EVERYONE needs basic maintenance. :-)

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