ACTION ITEM! White House PETITION to rescind the anti-Catholic HHS Mandate.

On the site of the White House a petition was initiated requesting that the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate be rescinded.

You have to create an account and sign in.

Click HERE.

The real resistance against Pres. Obama’s war on the Catholic Church will be fought elsewhere. Nevertheless, we can use all the tools at our disposal. This is one of them.

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  1. JillOfTheAmazingWolverineTribe says:

    I wouldn’t trust those ***s of ******* NOT to use the saved data of the people who sign against them a la digging up their backsides with a microscope. I don’t trust toadBama as far as I can throw him or his porkrib eating wife.

  2. wmeyer says:

    Done, yesterday. As a matter of interest, when I signed, the number of signatories was less than 4,400, if I remember correctly. It now sits at 11,885.

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  4. HeatherPA says:

    I signed it yesterday, and a number of people I know were trying to sign it as well, but kept getting a “site maintenance” message. My husband also tried numerous times… hopefully, everyone will keep trying.

  5. mike cliffson says:

    I may be more than a do-nothing this side the pond, whence I cannot participate, (but sure as heck Im a not-done-enough,) nevertheless, for somber encouragement to participate and protest:
    wherein Mundabor picks up a sermon point: the just man in Sodom < 5, Lot by name, chances are that the ranks of the UNjust there meriting the Lord's fire and brimstone were NOT made up of a TME, rapedesirous and hospitalitybreaking pervents, but RATHER, the "Vast/Silent Majority" were sinners by ommission: the let-sliders, the look-the-other-wayers, the "tolerant", the goers-along, and the timorous.
    A sobering reflection.

  6. Acanthaster says:

    Signed as well! And promoting! Nearly halfway! But, I now run into comments I’m not sure how to answer, however. The response of “So you want to be able to tell others what to do, but you don’t like it when someone tells you what to do.” It seems to me to be an immature response, just wondering how others handle that…

  7. Joshua08 says:

    wmeyer, I think you are misremembering. There were over 6,000 when I signed on Jan 31. And almost 8,000 yesterday when I checked. Just checked. Yeah, my signature was 6,026th and on Jan 31st

    It seems to merely be a steady consistent grow each day. As long as it gets to 25,000 so some White House staffer can write a non-responsive response but how great their policies are, ignoring the petition’s actual request. I have noted that they give responses to petitions at less signatures than this one has, and that most they are just, look how great our policies are, responses. Though sometimes the petitions are quite stupid and the only response is basically, we cannot do that.

    I am very optmistic about this having a positive efect, no?

  8. Supertradmum says:

    signed in and have not received email reply back and it has been an hour ago

  9. Lori Pieper says:

    It may seem discouraging, like an uphill battle, but maybe if we get more than 150,000 signatures, they will have to pay attention.

    I signed up early – no. 150!

    (For what it’s worth, I tried some months ago to sign another petition but was unable even to register – the registration form would always be positioned weirdly so that the actual “Register” button was offscreen, so I couldn’t do anything. This time it worked like a charm)

  10. Johnno says:

    “So you want to be able to tell others what to do, but you don’t like it when someone tells you what to do.”

    More like this time we are being FORCED to do what someone is FORCING us to do, not simply telling. And what we are being forced to do is to cooperate with immorality and murder.

  11. wmeyer says:

    Joshua08, I am old, so may easily be in error. ;) Thanks

  12. PMK says:

    Did this on Tuesday evening, 6:30pm. At that time the number was about 4500. Have also contacted my senators.

  13. Theodore says:

    Done, but I have the suspicion that I have done nothing more as far as this Administration is concerned than reserved my spot in the re-education camp.

  14. HyacinthClare says:

    Creepy, giving “The White House” my name, email address and zip code, but I did. There are over 12,700 of them now.

  15. Supertradmum says:

    Just in case anyone needs more reason to sign, this is on the Acton Institute site now

    “There is some tragic irony to all this. We should not forget that many religious leaders have long-supported increasing the role of the state in health care and the economy at-large, perhaps thinking that conscience clauses would protect their institutions against any undue interference. Well, they were wrong; what the state giveth, the state taketh away. If you invite the state to “assist” more and more of your activities, it will eventually start telling you how to do things. Encouraging the Democratic Party’s efforts from Harry Truman on to socialize the health care system of the United States is likely to have dire consequences for Catholic and other religious-based social service providers. Economic ignorance among religious leaders comes at a very high cost to their own good works.”

  16. Elizabeth M says:

    Glad to say I was number 500 on the petition. Every battle is worth fighting since we’ll be held accountable for whether we’ve done good or not.

  17. perhaps the time has come to organize a march on Washington mad up of traditional Christians of every sort to let our voices be heard.

  18. wanda says:

    Signed the other day. It gave me the creeps signing on to the WH. I’m sure well be on the watch list.

  19. keithp says:

    It is truly unfortunate that some citizens may find it “creepy” or concerning to have their names and contact info in w White House data base. Unfortunate in that citizens worry about their gov’t coming after them.

    Believe me, if they want to know where you are living or working, they will find a way to you. Better to have your name prominently displayed (ala John Hancock) on a document intended to promote liberty thru the First Amendment.

    Put your trust only in the Lord.

  20. wmeyer says:

    wanda, I am proud to be on the watch list, if it is for my faith.

  21. MaryW says:

    Signed the petition on Tuesday.

    wmeyer – Agree. It’s for my faith, too, and if I let a thing like being on a Govt watch list stop me from speaking up then I’m not only a coward but a denier of my faith.

  22. wmeyer says:

    MaryW, I have a larger target on my back in years gone by. ;) And for a less noble, but important, cause.

  23. Jaybirdnbham says:

    Petition signed, and I’ve nothing to lose by being on any govt. watchlist. But it did give me the creeps to give the Obama regime my email address. (not my main email address, and in fact they didn’t exactly get my real name either.) :-)

  24. Jeffrey Morse says:

    I tried to sign the petition but was unable. I created an account and password, logged in, found the petition again, but nothing happens when I click on the “Sign the petition button”. I was however able to click the “share on FB” button and that worked. Hmmmm…. Any ideas?

  25. Centristian says:


    Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Obama Administration hosts a petition against its own initiative on its own website?

    This whole thing just gets stranger and stranger by the day. None of it makes any sense at all.

  26. Supertradmum says:


    The man is so egotistical and narcissistic, that he wants the Catholics to like him. So, he pretends that he is listening to us. Eyewash and hogwash.

  27. Kathleen10 says:

    The best chance we have of getting rid of this horrible legislation and all that came before and are to come, is to vote Republican this November, and vote Obama OUT. He cares nothing for our opinion, as he proved only too well during the Tea Party days, when he arrogantly dismissed Tea Party concerns as people who were “radicals” or “potential terrorists”. Whatever this man has floating around in his mind, he’s going to try to get it in place regardless of what you or I say, or what hundreds of thousands of us say.
    Let’s make sure we get behind whomever is best aligned in the GOP party in say, June, and get as many people as we can to vote for that Republican. Otherwise, we have many more hostile attacks waiting for us from this administration. Please God, not four more years of him, or persecution from our own government is what we will have to get used to.

  28. Kathleen10 says:

    Personally, I don’t trust the website. This administration is odd. There are other ways to be heard besides signing your name on a White House list. I am active all the time online, but with this administration I would not go to their site and sign. Who knows what they are doing with that list.
    Just sayin…

  29. Tom Piatak says:


    The presence of petitions on the White House website is part of Obama’s pledge of “transparency and accountability.” As I understand it, anyone can start a petition, and if it reaches 25,000 signatures in a specified period of time, the White House will take same action. Of course, we know the action here will simply be issuing a statment telling us we have it all wrong, but it is still important, as Fr. Zuhlsdorf says, for Catholics to stand up and be counted. At least the number os signers is growing quickly: some 2000 people have signed the petition since I signed it this afternoon.

    A word of advice: it may take a number of attempts before you are actually able to sign. I needed to log in four or five times before the “sign the petition” button was working.

  30. JayDeee says:

    Signed it. Over 14,700 have signed now.

  31. pm125 says:

    Done – felt like part of a study.

  32. patergary says:

    How can I link this to my Facebook account?

  33. The Sicilian Woman says:

    On first read, I thought this post’s headline was that the HHS rescinded the mandate. Oh, wishful thinking.

    Might I ask all of your prayers for something related to this? I just had a very deep, surprising, and emotional talk with a long-distance friend. It was highly unusual in that we don’t talk religion and politics, although I know she identifies as a Christian and I figured out that she’s liberal and of course an Obama supporter, which describes almost all of my friends.

    In our discussion, I admitted to being conservative (most people assume I’m a liberal Democrat) and completely disliking Obama (although my words were much harsher). She asked me the reason(s) why and I gave her an example of the HHS mandate. She hadn’t heard of it and simply could not believe that his administration (or any administration) would mandate something so clearly against the US Constitution. So I told her I would email in the next day or so links to the mandate and an article by one of the liberal writers out there who is siding with the Church and Her allies.

    I’m one of the worst apologists out there (see: 70s and 80s catechesis), but being one of only two Catholics whom she knows (hard to believe, but she swears it), and one who struggles with her faith, I want to do the best job I can in explaining the Church’s position, the present and future dangers imposed on Constitutional rights if this mandate is upheld, and, if at all possible, inspire her to be welcoming in learning about and understanding the Faith. Especially being one of only two Catholics whom she knows, I also need to be a good example. Any and all prayers to accomplish these tasks are greatly appreciated.

  34. cowboy says:

    Might I suggest that, even more important than contacting the White House (who will do nothing), would be contacting our congress members? The NCHLA has a great action center, which automatically sends off an already composed letter to your representative. The link is here: Just a suggestion, but I think this might be more helpful in the end. God bless you all!

  35. cowboy says:

    To be clear: the above link is asking for support for the “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act,” which will hopefully counteract the HHS mandate. Also, another petition is also being run by–might not hurt to sign that either. ;)

  36. wanda says:

    I am absolutely proud to be on a watch list for my faith and my Church. The creeps I got was from having anything to do with the WH and resident.

  37. Gregg the Obscure says:

    #15680 at 0540 MST on 20120203.

    I’d rather be a martyr than let my inaction cause someone else to become one.

  38. chantgirl says:

    Signed this a couple of days ago, and yes, it creeped me out to have to register, but the HHS has really drawn a line in the sand with this one. At some point, speaking up is going to start costing us, but temporal costs are temporal, and eternal costs are eternal. The Obama administration is not going to respond positively, if at all, to this, but we may as well get as many signatures as possible to let him know how many people are seriously ticked off with him and his bullying. It might even be nice if the site had so much traffic that it shut down. Sadly, even if this mandate is rescinded, the majority of us do not get our healthcare through the Church, and we will still be paying for these services through our premiums. I am trying to figure out a way to avoid this as a private citizen, but with six kids already and a good 17 or so fertile years left, the financial price would be staggering if I had to forego health insurance and pay out-of-pocket. I don’t know how us traditional families who are open to life would be able to pay for that.

  39. chantgirl says:

    Oh, and if you can’t get through on the longer link, you can use this one.

  40. wmeyer says:

    17,000 at 1720 EST

  41. Aspie says:

    If you can’t get to the register button on the bottom maybe it would work if you change the magnification/zoom level of the webpage from 100% to something lower.
    I didn’t have the problem though so I’m not sure it will work. On my computer I can change the zoom by clicking on the downward arrow to the left of the magnifying glass with the plus sign or from the menu bar: View then Zoom then pick a smaller number.

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