Head of SNAP suggested that Card. Bevilacqua was faking it to avoid testifying

I just an interesting item on the site The Media Report.  Apparently the head of SNAP, Mr. David Clohessy, was suggesting that Card. Bevilacqua was faking an illness to avoid testifying.

Less than 36 hours before Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua passed away from lengthy battles with cancer and dementia (he was 88 years old), David Clohessy, the national president of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), suggested that the former archbishop of Philadelphia was faking his illnesses.

On Monday afternoon (1/30/12), Clohessy issued a media statement saluting Philadelphia Judge M. Teresa Sarmina for ruling that the frail and ailing cleric was “competent” to appear and testify at the upcoming clergy abuse trials in March. (More on that here.)

Clohessy wrote:

“We are grateful this judge is standing by her conviction that Bevilacqua will have to testify. For far too long, too many Catholic officials have feigned illnesses and memory lapses’ (sic) to avoid facing tough questions, in open court, under oath, about their role …”


The Media Report goes on to say some pretty scathing things, but what I excerpted seems to convey the basic facts of the matter.  That site also has something to say about the judge mentioned in the excerpt, above.

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  1. Liz says:

    This is so sickening! People should buy David F. Pierre’s books: Catholic Priests Falsely Accused: The Facts, The Fraud, The Stories and Double Standard: Abuse Scandals and the Attack on the Catholic Church and give them to friends, family, your pastor etc. (You can even use Fr. Z’s amazon button!) These books are excellent, well-researched and help you dispute such evil lies with facts. I just brought one to my parents and they had a friend over who said she wanted to buy them both. It is so important to get the word out about this. Also, please read about Fr. Gordon MacRae:http://www.thesestonewalls.com/ Joining Catholic League is a good way to fight this too. We must fight this. God bless you all!

    [Pierre’s book is good.]

  2. r.j.sciurus says:

    How sick. This is coming from the same two-face who went whining to his friends in the media when the Missouri courts ordered him to “face tough questions.”

  3. My thought, during this continued period of purgation for the Church, is that we Catholics need to be praying for the Pope and bishops, and the Church as a whole, with all our strength. We need to undertake penance to atone for the very real sins that occurred, but we also need to be praying the St. Michael Prayer multiple times every day for defense from the power of Satan and all the evil spirits. The Church is not only under attack from SNAP and courts and the Obama Administration, but as St. Paul says, the Church is under attack from “powers and principalities”. This is as much a spiritual battle as it is political and legal.

    Catholics, the Church will survive all this. She may be a much smaller Church that has to go underground, but She will survive. Pray with all your strength that we may remain faithful to Her. “St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle…” Oh, and make sure to add a Memorare as well for Our Lady’s intercession.

  4. NoTambourines says:

    He’ll have to take his foot out of his mouth to apologize.

  5. S. Murphy says:

    “…For far too long, too many Catholic officials have feigned illnesses and memory lapses’ (sic) to avoid facing tough questions, in open court, under oath, about their role …”

    Wow. Is that sweeping accusation even remotely documentable? I mean, is there any evidence of anyone having feigned illness or memoyr loss? As opposed to really not being able to remember exactly what happened 20,30, 50 years ago? Really?

  6. disco says:

    Cardinal Bevilacqua was feigning his illness in much the same way that SNAP feigns concern for the victims of child abuse.

  7. disco says:

    Not sure I was clear just then. SNAP is full of crap is the general idea.

  8. jilly4ski says:

    I suppose, instead of an apology we can expect SNAP to come out and say he is feigning his death too, so he can avoid tough questions in open court, right? You know the court did just rule him competent, so he had to get out of testifying somehow, what a better way than to be dead.
    Gesh. Really SNAP, that is low.

    Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord
    and let perpetual light shine upon him.
    May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
    through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  9. This is just low…St Michael, defend us…Someone in their late 80’s faking, laughable. I remember seeing him at Mass 2 years ago. I’m amazed he made it this far. Requiescat in Pace, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

  10. irishgirl says:

    This attack on the late Cardinal Bevilacqua is sickening!
    Clohessy should get a good stiff kick in the pants!
    One of many reasons why I detest SNAP….

  11. Jayna says:

    SNAP was handing out flyers last Sunday before Mass at the cathedral here in Chicago. I was literally on the top step going up to the door when one of them followed me and shoved a flyer in my hand. They weren’t there after Mass, so I assume someone shooed them away (seeing as I was at an earlier Mass and far more people go to the following one, they would have been there if no one had done anything). Suffice it to say, that went into the trash as soon as I got home.

  12. Iowa Mike says:

    David Clohessy has zero credibility. He considers all Catholic priests as abusers but he protected his abusive priest brother. He wants complete transparancy from the Catholic Church but will not provide it with respect SNAP. He runs around trying to find victims by handing out flyers in front of churches but pays no attention to the children who are abused at the hands of public school teachers, other faiths etc. Why? ‘Cause there ain’t no money in it outside the Catholic Church or he is obsessed. I think David Clohessy is a sick man and we need to lay down some prayers for the guy.

  13. Rosemary says:

    For those who would like an alternative to SNAP, there is a refreshingly reverent viewpoint on the pedophilia crisis. T. Pitt Green writes as an abuse survivor who remains in the church. She was interviewed by Drew Mariani at Relevant Radio on January 4 and has written the book “Restoring Sanctuary.” It’s an astonishingly good read, and was very helpful to me.

  14. irishsmile says:

    Clohessy promotes the Guilt by Association’ mentality that causes so much pain to good priests like my son. Bitter Catholics and hustlers for money who accuise good priests wrongly are wounding the church deeply. More tha 98% of priests are clean and innocent yet the anti-Catholic crowd and media paint virtually all priests with the same broad, hateful brush.

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