Priest receives severed pig’s head as a threat

From the Daily Mail comes this.

I have some sympathy for this fellow.

Severed pig’s head dumped on doorstep of crime fighting Italian priest after he condemned Mafia

Mobsters have dumped the severed head of a pig on the doorstep of a brave crime fighting priest, it emerged yesterday.
Father Ennio Stamile made the grim discovery as he left his house for morning Mass and it was the second time he had been targeted after his car was vandalised last week.
Detectives are convinced he is being singled out after he started to regularly condemn the criminal activities of the local mafia known as the ‘Ndrangheta during his weekly parish sermons.

The bloodied animal head was found with a piece of cloth stuffed in its mouth outside Father Stamile’s home in Cetraro near Cosenza in southern Italy and it is the mob’s trademark way of intimidation and convincing people to stop talking.


I have received some pretty ugly and threatening things over the past years. Nothing this ugly, of course! But this is the sort of thing, kicked up a few notches, that the left and liberals do. They might not send severed pig heads or horse heads or dead fish wrapped in newsprint, but their tactics are much the same. And you what and whom I am talking about.

We cannot give ground to bullies.

In any event, pray for this priest, and all priests and bishops to have strength in the time to come, and for our guardian angels to work on the spiritual plane.

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  1. wmeyer says:

    As someone who was raised to respect priests, and despite the fashion in my parish, cannot refer to a priest without using his title, I find it incomprehensible that people would send any sort of rude message to a priest.

  2. Y2Y says:

    Can’t we do a bit of our own intimidating? Just a little?

  3. lh says:

    Not just disrespectful but evil. Praying.

  4. JordanH says:

    HT: Fr. Longenecker on The Anchoress blog today.

    I’ll bet Fr. Jay Scott Newman received some threats every bit as clear as this Italian priest.


    “Some letters were simply full of hatred and blasphemy for Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother and his holy church. Others were long rants about how wonderful Obama was. The vast majority were crude, violent and some of them so irrationally hateful as to be virtually demonic.”

  5. APX says:

    Can’t we do a bit of our own intimidating? Just a little?
    I don’t believe so. Why bother anyway? They’re going to get it in the end at the General Judgement (though, so will we. I don’t think we should forget that.). I used to get upset over the things people did to me, but now I just let God deal with it how he sees fit.

  6. r.j.sciurus says:

    Anyone who questions the existence of Satan need only read some off the comm box comments around Kansas City whenever a story runs in the Star about Bishop Finn or the Diocese.

  7. chcrix says:

    “But this is the sort of thing, kicked up a few notches, that the left and liberals do. ”

    Here I’ll disagree.

    What the left and liberals do is to cut off the pig’s head, put it on their OWN step, and then call the news media to say that THEY are the target of harassment.

  8. Dr Guinness says:

    What this priest obviously knows is that he has nothing to be afraid of from the mafia.
    The only fear he holds is the fear of Hell and Eternal Damnation if he were to stop instructing his flock in the way of the Truth and to avoid sin at all costs, even physical harm.

  9. Supertradmum says:

    The severed pig’s head always reminds me of The Lord of the Flies (the translation of Beelzebub) by William Golding. Yesterday, for a post on my blog, I had to study and look at photos of Black Masses, and most had a severed pigs’s head somewhere. That the mafia chooses the sign of Satan is not an accident. St. Michael, who overcame Satan and his devils, protect this good priest.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    For the perfectionists, please excuse my many typos this week. I have a sprained hand and wrist.

  11. PostCatholic says:

    I had no idea the Mafia were liberals. I mean, I did know they were Catholics of a not particularly faithful sort, but I didn’t realize that such issued from a liberal praxis.

  12. Thomas in MD says:

    Not trying to make light of this horrific threat, just finding humor where it can be found: If anyone ever puts a severed pig’s head on your doorstep Father, you could always try your hand at making Soused Hog’s Face!

  13. inara says:

    I actually have a severed boar’s head sitting on my cutting board right now! (the rest of Mr. Pig just went into the freezer) Maybe I should send it to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, where they are set to run “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” (billed as a “gleefully outrageous reinterpretation of the creation story” featuring, of course, Adam & Steve).
    Our bishop has sent a letter of protest & local Catholics are organizing holy hours of reparation, if anyone nearby is interested:

  14. leonugent2005 says:

    Can’t we do a bit of our own intimidating? Just a little” ……..Not yet, keep praying for vocations!

  15. Bea says:

    Yes, Prayers going up for all persecuted priests.
    They are, indeed, a sign of the One True Church for they persecuted HIM so, they will persecute His Followers.

  16. ContraMundum says:

    Not a bad idea, really. I’ve a mind to drop off a honey cured ham at the doorstep of a priest now.

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