The webcam pointed at St. Peter’s Square in Rome shows something I only saw a couple times in all my years in Rome.

San Pietro

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  1. Tom in NY says:

    Rome in snow! Save that picture.

    Salutationes omnibus.

  2. FranzJosf says:

    Sometime in the early 90’s I happened to be in Rome for Carnivale (Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras) when it snowed. I remember walking through the Piazza Navona, seeing the little children in their costumes running around having a blast while the older kids were having snowball fights. A wonderful memory. That year, Ash Wednesday having fallen near the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I was fortunate to assist at the Papal Mass where they turned out all of the electric lights and where everyone had a candle for singing the Lourdes Hymn. St. Peter’s lit with thousands of candles! What a memorable first visit to Rome!

  3. filioque says:

    It snowed all night and today the webcam is almost snowed in, only a few cracks allowing an image of the piazza filled with snow. I know it’s Saturday, but they used to work at the CDF on Saturday morning, so someone should get out there and clear the lens for us!

  4. Mundabor says:

    Rome under a blanket of snow is one of my dearest childhood remembrances, and a cherished image of my young age.

    It happens, literally, “a ogni morte di Papa….”; if the Pope is very healthy, that is…

    My relatives down there are all extremely excited.


  5. GOR says:

    We did have it once when I was there in the 60s. No one could remember having seen it before. Of course we were all younger then…

  6. mamajen says:

    Yet here in Central NY where we are accustomed to a great deal of snow, we have had almost none. (I may or may not have prayed for that, though, on account of my ice dam-prone roof.)

  7. shane says:

    That would make a beautiful postcard.

  8. Father K says:

    How lovely – a real treat. When I was a student in Rome we did have some light sprinklings but nothing like this. I love the nativity scene covered in snow.

  9. jflare says:

    *coughs delicately*
    I actually had to read a few comments before I noticed anything unusual….
    ‘Course a fair chunk of the picture has concrete that looks relatively white even without snow, so I had to look at less obvious areas to notice.
    Even then,, well, snow-covered grassy areas aren’t precisely unusual for what I’m most accustomed to…. I had to consider the latitude and the location close to the Med before it seemed even a little out of place.

  10. Matthew says:

    imagine what a few inches of snow must do to all the scooter and toy car traffic! shut down

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