Meanwhile… back in my native place Minnesota…

I hope by now you have watched the Catholic News Service videos about the SSPX.

Meanwhile, in my native place of Minnesota – ground zero for defense of true marriage – comes this!

WARNING! The light reflected from all that gray hair may cause temporary blindness.


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  1. BillyHW says:

    Someday all the hippies will be dead.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m not sure how seeing a woman walk up the aisle in vestments would make me think I was at a Catholic Mass. How stupid are these people? Not to mention the music sounds like something that even the Protestants would laugh at.

  3. Cathy says:

    Is that a voodoo stick she’s holding?

  4. Cincinnati Priest says:

    “It’s just too threatening for old school. That’s the closest explanation I have for why they don’t want to come along with where the rest of the human race is.” — “Reverend” Colleen, or whatever her name is.

    Wow! Just wow! It would be hard to even begin to parse the ignorance of this, on so many levels. She obviously has a pretty narrow view of the “whole human race” (consisting, apparently, of her own grey-haired, modernist, western, secular, conference-attending friends who have decided to jettison a practice universally held by virtually every culture in every time until very recently).

  5. off2 says:

    May God have mercy on the souls of the priests and bishops who catechized these folk!

  6. ejcmartin says:

    I find it ironic with the one comment that marriage is how “society has chosen to recognize relationships that are built on love and commitment.” Yet on the other hand people today feel, as evidence by the enormous increase in people living together, that you can have a loving commited relationship without being married. Which is it people?

  7. ivan_the_mad says:

    @BillyHW: As will those orthodox and loyal to the Magisterium and the Pope, and the heathen ;)

    @off2: It may or may not be the fault of the priests and bishops. Perhaps they were well catechized and rejected some or all of the teachings. Regardless, may God indeed have mercy on their souls, and yours and mine too!

  8. jbas says:

    It’s getting to the point that we need to tell dissenters such as these that they need to take an undergraduate level course in logic (philosophical, not computer) before we can have a discussion with them.

  9. Mrs. O says:

    The problem is most have been taught and have degrees and have taken various philosophical courses in college which departed from truth and common sense long time ago. This is what is taught at most secular, some Catholic, universities.

  10. wmeyer says:

    What part of “condemned by the bishops” requires a logic course to comprehend?

  11. rcg says:

    Revrand Woodley almost wandered onto dangerous ground listing the various sinners Christ visited. She had to catch herself from listing prostitutes. And of course the admonition to go forth and sin no more. These folks need help and they are being exploited by the people they think are helping them. That is where the sin is.

  12. EucharistLove says:

    Thank you for posting this video, Fr. Z. Now I have been shown the truth and I am converting to the Episcopal ecclesial community. The theological arguments in this video are simply too compelling and cogent and cannot be overcome by 2,000 years of Church wisdom. Jesus built His Church on the sand of “get with the times” philosophy. Sts. Ambrose, Augustine, Aquinas, Athanasius, Therese, etc., ain’t got nothing on these scholars. Who can argue with the time tested maxim of “you’re okay, I’m okay.” Thanks again for leading me to the [t]ruth. Best of luck with this whole Catholic Truth thing, Fr. Z.

  13. ghp95134 says:

    @Cathy … Is that a voodoo stick she’s holding?

    Naw … it’s a Native American flute. Sheesh!

    Wiki: “…The Native American flute has achieved some measure of fame for its distinctive sound, used in a variety of New Age and world music recordings. The instrument was originally very personal; its music was played without accompaniment in courtship, healing, meditation, and spiritual rituals….”


  14. Denis says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the singer/sha(wo)man in the video is Donna Pena, composer of the Gather Hymnal ‘classic’ “I say ‘yes’ My Lord”:

  15. Mrs. O says:

    It does look like it is Donna Pena.

  16. Tina in Ashburn says:

    rcg : I was thinking the same thing.

    “Christ hung out with everybody” mmmm, yea, but that was so He could bring them to the Truth. He also said “go and sin no more” and had no patience with hypocrites who chose to ignore the laws of God as a way of life.

    Yea its hard to comprehend where the Church and the bishops are coming from if you don’t try to understand and delve into Church teaching. These are people that only talk amongst themselves and won’t even consider what the Church actually teaches, I’m guessing. Its easy to believe you are right if you only listen to yourself.

    The sense of sin seems weak, Obi Wan.

  17. RichardC says:

    They are so clean in public.

  18. Supertradmum says:

    Who are these people? Are they theology wannabees? They all look like Lutherans from Lake Wobegon.

    (Father Z, I have grey hairs…)

  19. BARF! I can just hear the big GULP when these poor misguided people close their eyes to this life.

    It is Pena; her name flashed across the screen.

  20. ArtND76 says:

    So it sounds like they are on their own road based on their version of “sola scriptura”, since they reject the teaching and scriptural interpretations of the Pope and bishops.

  21. AnAmericanMother says:

    It appears to be an American-Indian style “Talking Stick”, with a fetish lashed to it – these have been adopted by various “new age” groups because they think they’re cool. Of course, the likelihood of an old-style Indian woman taking the “talking stick” in council is pretty slim — which may be the funniest thing about the enthusiasm of these kooky new age feminists for old American-Indian customs.

  22. Clinton R. says:

    Hard to believe how the Catholic Church has lasted for two millenia before these brilliant theologians came about. Couldn’t the Lord have saved Himself the pain and suffering of the Cross since according to these folks, “You’re OK, I’m OK”? Maybe Hans Kung can join them at their next get together.

  23. poohbear says:

    Why can’t these people just leave and start their own church like people have been doing for years?

    And when will our Bishops get together and start refuting these people and kick them out of the Church? Why can’t the Bishops step up to the plate and start teaching the truth always, not just once in a while when something hits home. Why not use all the money collected by the Bishop’s campaigns to advertise the truth, host seminars, make videos, actually TEACH THE FAITH. Please, dear Bishops, help.

  24. Chick says:

    they may be sad, but at least they are shallow!!
    Reminds me of a line in the piece “Deteriorata” popular in the ’70’s as a send up of Desiderata:
    “Be assured that a walk through the ocean of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet.”
    I thought it was humorously cynical at the time… I may need to reconsider.

  25. Jim Dorchak says:

    You could have placed a warning that the video could cause sevier nausia followed by vomiting, bleeding of the eyes, possible seizures from the pain of nasuia, loss of visual acuity, dizzyness and possible rining in the ears from hearing repeated whining and lies…….

    [Where’s the sport in that? Besides, I did say it was Call To Action. Right?]

  26. shes covering her head in church lol

  27. ScholaLady says:

    Does anyone else find this elderly woman talking about the “old school” to be highly ironic?

  28. The “NEW CHURCH” is quite a thing to behold. It really takes one’s breath away along with ones’s lunch!

  29. doozer125 says:

    Wow, Father! You weren’t kidding about being blinded by the grey hair!

  30. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the info on the stick thingy. Judging from the age of these people, it seems “NEW CHURCH” may be an endangered species! In contrast, the videos of the SSPX seem to present a course direction of young Church, that is indeed Old School.

  31. ghp95134 says:

    @AnAmericanMother: It appears to be an American-Indian style “Talking Stick”, with a fetish lashed to it

    Native American flute:


  32. wmeyer says:

    Hey, let’s not be casting aspersions on the color of my hair! And no, I wasn’t in that mob. ;)

  33. APX says:

    I can’t believe my mom supports this nonsense! Whenever in go home and religion is involved, it’s like we’re two different religions!

  34. AnAmericanMother says:

    That was my first thought, but the diameter looks way too large for the length, and I couldn’t see any holes. The moveable block isn’t something I’m familiar with, this is the website I go to for all my pow-wow/rendezvous supplies and so of course that’s where I went to look at Native American flutes – and none of theirs look like that. Anyhow,I wouldn’t know one if she whacked me up side the head with it (although she would be ill-advised to try it). My only wind instrument is the Great Highland Bagpipe.
    And she never does actually play it or hold it like she’s going to.

  35. akp1 says:

    So Jesus mixed with poor people, etc – notice she doesn’t say ‘sinners’ !

  36. aladextra says:

    Mrs. O: thanks for that link. The flier is really illuminating. I found this hilarious:

    The Minnesota Marriage Amendment:
    Can Faithful Catholics Vote “No”?
    Gloria Dei Lutheran Church – Snelling Ave – St Paul

    Hmmm… at a Lutheran church.

  37. contrarian says:

    Let’s be nicer to the Lutherans. I have a feeling most Lutherans would think rather low of these Call to Action folks, even if they were all passive aggressive smiles to their faces. It’s Minnesota, after all. :)
    And anyway, my Lutheran friends only make fun of me for being Catholic, as they associate Catholicism with this sort of hippie nonsense. (Can’t blame my friends for forming this opinion…)

    Here’s my question: during the little play, do you think those actors were part of the Call to Action group, or did the Call to Action people hire them? Same thing for the young man who took questions…


  38. yatzer says:

    I quite agree with Fr. Z’s comments, but I have grey hair also. I just shine it in my local Catholic parish.

  39. heway says:

    I would never have recognized Donna Pena. Years ago I sang ‘On Holy Ground’ accompanied by full choir- great music!
    The stick is indeed a flute. First time I heard it in Catholic church was Bishop CA. The cantor, who also worked for the Forest Service, played the meditation after communion. Here in the Diocese of Gallup -which Pius XII founded for Native Americans, you would expect the flute and drums if in an Apache or Navajo Catholic church. The Apaches use the eagle feather to spread the incense around the congregation. Sorry if this doesn’t meet with your reglations.

  40. ghp95134 says:


    I love Crazy Crow! Back to the flute … perhaps she was using it as a flute-cum-talking stick. All the talking sticks I’ve seen look natural with the addition of drops, feathers, etc. The object under review has all the earmarks of a flute to me.

    And to keep on-topic: I also have grey hair …. where I’m not bald.


  41. APX says:

    With regards to the flute everyone is trying to identify. It’s a Metis flute, and that woman is Metis (you can tell by the shirt she’s wearing. It’s design is clearly métis. Yes, I paid attention in grade 5 social studies when learning all about the Metis and Riel Rebellion).

  42. ghp95134 says:


    It is a flute — I opened the video on YouTube and took a high-“rez” (sorry!) screenshot where you can see the finger holes:
    The original image was 35″x22″ and you could see the fingerholes really clearly, but Imageshack shrunk it down … still, you can still see the finger holes.


  43. ghp95134 says:

    Donna Peña
    Donna Peña is a composer and performer, residing in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Speaking strongly to and for the Hispanic community in the Midwestern church, she provides a leadership founded strongly on her Mexican and Cherokee heritage. While at the University of Minnesota, she took part in the Chicano Studies program. As she unites formal education with top-notch communication skills, she is able to produce music that serves well the needs for multilingual worship. In addition to her incredibly popular song “Digo Si, Señor/I Say Yes, Lord,” her recorded collections Alma Mia and Against the Grain as well as A New Heaven, A New Earth, Mass of the Nations or the collaboration with Marty Haugen We Come Dancing, provide a broad range of music and texts for inclusive worship. “El Amanecar,” which is the first cut on La Tierra, La Gente, is a masterpiece of Hispanic rhythms and instrumentation. When one sings it, one dances it. Her setting of Psalm 25, “Levanto Mi Alma/I Lift Up My Soul,” has become a staple in the Advent repertory for many parishes. Peña’s compositions have been featured on the recording Cross Culture and also in the collection Music for Small Christian Communities. She stands at the forefront of composers who are able to express ethnic richness through accessible music.
    I suppose that just as every Englishman has a “Scotch” granny or great-granny in his family, we Americans all have a “Cherokee” granny. Mine was Choctaw.

  44. The marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution has my vote, I’ll just have to stay informed on when all of this is going down :) Thanks for all the focus on Minnesota, Father Z, it helps to stir people to remember to get out there and vote, just as it helps to stir them to Confession.

  45. AnAmericanMother says:

    Thanks for clearing that up! I stand corrected, and I’ll try to remember what I’ve learned!
    I don’t know what I’d do without Crazy Crow. They are very helpful with advice — in my Cowboy Action Shooting persona I’m an Apsaroka woman from 1876 (all the good historical cowgirl names were taken). Given the back story I needed to make an authentic old-style war shirt (with the half sleeves and the leg hide still on). Their on-staff expert was extremely helpful with advice, helped me select the best hides, etc. Wound up stitching over 40,000 no.11 seed beads to that shirt (my husband calculated the number by area, no way I was going to COUNT them). It looks fantastic, but the scalp locks and ermine tails (faked from rabbit fur w/ india ink) make it very hard to shoot in. Now . . . on to moccasins!
    Reputedly one of my 5x-great grannies was an Eastern Band Cherokee, but any hard information is lost long ago. I do know for a fact, however, that another 5x great was a MacGregor, one of the Mafia of Scotland, who left Balquidder one jump ahead of the sheriff. It’s embarrassing when it’s your brother . . . but when it’s your 5x great, it’s kinda romantic and interesting.
    I would have gray hair, but it came in in patches like a badger, so “only my hairdresser knows for sure.”

  46. Jackie L says:

    “It’s just too threatening for old school. That’s the closest explanation I have for why they don’t want to come along with where the rest of the human race is.”

    Amazing, no matter their average age, they always see themselves as young and cutting edge. How sadly delusional.

  47. Bryan Boyle says:

    Why do these people never look happy? I’m serious. It must be terrible to go through life always feeling as if you are being put upon and misunderstood.

    They must have REALLY participated in the 60s…and miss the numbness of whatever they were smoking.

  48. Robbie J says:

    I watched the video for about 45 seconds – and I just couldn’t go on. I just couldn’t. Or maybe: I SHOULD watch it in its entirety… as penance for my sins!

  49. heway says:

    Back to the ‘flute. I just remembered that I have a ‘rain’ stick and this looks like it. Is about 4-5 inches in diameter and filled with rice, beans, seeds, whatever. Of course if it has holes, it must be flute.
    I purchased an Apache flute for a friedn cantor and she later purchased the rain stick for me. Both are Apache made.

  50. heway says:

    sorry about spelling – friend

  51. Kerry says:

    John Cleese shakes his head, screws up his faces, pauses and says, “You people are looney!”

  52. Kerry says:

    By the way, the exterior at least, of Gloria Dei Lutheran is stunning Colonial.

  53. Linus says:

    Good Heavens! I thought Call to Action died in the 80’s. Looks like these folks are all the hippy left overs trying to start their own church. At least the Bishops had sense enough to outlaw them.

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