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Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.  We should support each other in works of mercy.


If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Finally, I have three serious personal petitions.  I sense movement on one of them, but I am still working earnestly on the other two.

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  1. JohnE says:

    Please pray for Mark (and his wife) who went into the hospital on Ash Wednesday with a blood clot on the liver and has since had other complications, is being tested for cancer, and is expected to be in the hospital for at least another 6 weeks.

  2. Liz says:

    For a friend whose parent is dying.

  3. alexandra88 says:

    Urgent prayers needed for a close friend of mine.

  4. Ellen says:

    Please pray for a friend of mine who is in the hospital with a knee infection in a replacement joint. She also has diabetes, and has had a stroke. Pray for my parents, both of them have had a stroke, and for me. I am taking care of my father and working full time as well.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    Please pray for me, as I may have a serious job offer and if it comes through, will need to leave and go to America while the paper work is going through. I have no place to stay in the States. The visa status could take months. Thanks.

  6. akp1 says:

    For a young woman whose unborn baby died in utero two weeks ago. Although this baby was an unexpected pregnancy, the mother chose life for her baby and was finally looking forward to becoming a mum. She is now devastated and in much need of prayer. Thanks

  7. liebemama says:

    For Lee, who died suddenly Friday morning. For his wife, Jacque and children and grandchildren. Today is the burial, which my parents will be attending. Jacque and Lee are my parents very best friends more than 50 years now. This really hits close.
    Thank you.

  8. I am embarrassed to post this, having read the requests that precede mine. My husband had been laid off unexpectedly 18 months ago and was offered employment which necessitated a move to another state. We basicallly cleaned out his 401 K to pay for the move and seven months later our house in Ohio remians unsold and we are under the burden of paying expenses for tow ouseholds due to that- rent and utilities here in Missouri, mortgage and utilities and maintenance in Ohio. Please pray that our home in Ohio sells quickly so that we can get out from under this burden and find a new home here in Misouri to call our own. (when he took the job in 2007 from which he was laid off in 2011, it took over two years to sell our home in NJ and we are afraid that that may happen again- we are simply exhausted by this situation)

  9. SKAY says:

    A friend’s son-in-law, Dale, is dying of cancer. He is the much beloved father of two young teen age daughters. Please pray for him, his wife and family.
    Thank you

  10. iPadre says:

    Special intention!

  11. Gemma says:

    We need prayer for (2) jobs and light to know what to do. My husband’s unemployment has run out and so have all our resources. Our friends have left us a long time ago and our family has nothing to do with us because are practicing homeschooling, Catholics.

  12. StJude says:

    Praying for you all.
    For Ty, Larry and Steve all in the hospital. For Linda’s hip. and for my personal intention.

  13. chantgirl says:

    Daschsies- Your story could be mine! We also reside in St. Louis and have an unsold house in Ohio. We moved here in 2006 (height of the housing bubble) to look for work for my husband that would actually support his family. Well, thanks to St. Joseph he found a good job, but the house in Ohio has been an albatross ever since. I will definitely pray for you as I know the severe stress of trying to pay for two households and take care of responsibilities!

    Please pray for my little son, JP, who will most likely need eye surgery this spring.

    Please pray for a friend, M, who is a fallen-away Catholic. I had dinner with her the other night and she explained that the abuse scandals had traumatized her to the point that she is now attending a non-denominational church. However, she asked some questions about Pope Benedict trying to clean up the filth, and seemed open to coming back. I think she is fertile ground if enough prayers support her.

    For my many relatives who are far from the faith.

  14. Philangelus says:

    A friend of mine is in RCIA and still discerning whether to become Catholic this Easter. Please pray for spiritual protection for her as she decides, and for the guidance and consolation of the Holy Spirit for her.

  15. Chantgirl- maybe we could email each other and get together since we live her in STL!

    My email is DachsiesWithMoxieMama AT gmail DOT com

  16. VexillaRegis says:

    For all fallen away catholics, that they return to their faith
    For Fr. M and all priests, that they stay close to the Lord
    For me and my family, three personal intentions.

    I will pray for all of you!

    Thank you.

  17. steph8kids says:

    For the comfort of a family who is dear to my own. They lost their 20yr. old son to a sudden illness on Sunday.
    For help for my family with an overwhelming financial burden.
    For those of my family who have fallen away from Holy Mother Church.

    Many thanks and prayers to all!

  18. aragonjohn7 says:

    For priests

    God bless You all

  19. amsjj1002 says:

    For a child injured in an accident tonight, and for his family, especially his sister.

  20. Marthakur says:

    For the gift of discernment in these troubling times that my family (and myself) will not be led astray by false statements, false prophets or those not loyal to our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

  21. atulrobin says:

    I need prayer for immediate job for myself and light to know what to do. I lost my job since October last year and since then my unemployment of continuation is running till date and so have all our resources. I am a self esteemed guy and presently i don’t have any resource to leave of my own. I know Jesus is with me but the strength is not with me, mentally disturb and not getting any path to move forward. Please, please do pray for me and also for my friend (Chinky Das) as she’s also suffering from the same pain.

  22. Torpedo1 says:

    Praying for all requests and intentions here. lease pray for a friend of mine. Her boyfriend is unstable and there are 3 children in the home. She is moving out with the kids and is very afraid. Also, please pray for my parents and their crumbling marriage, for my mother and her adictions and for my fiance and myself, that our marriage preparations go as smoothly as possible.

  23. sciencemom says:

    Please pray for my father, who is in the hospital with a lung infection. He is quite old and sick with many medical problems. It is not clear whether this is just another (though big) bump in the road or his final illness. He is also a non-Christian, and I would ask for your prayers for his spiritual welfare first of all.
    I will be traveling down today to be with him and my mom and help where I can. A little prayer for safe travels would also be welcome.
    I am lifting up all the above intentions to our Heavenly Father.

  24. sciencemom says:

    PS In praying for the conclave, there is a cool site you can use to spiritually “adopt” a cardinal:

  25. charismatictrad says:

    My husband and I have been married for almost two years and were struggling with infertility. After praying to Sts. Anne and Joachim on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we conceived. I am at 8 weeks and we had a scare yesterday. We are so afraid that we will lose our little one. Please pray that, if it is the Lord’s Will, the baby will make it to full term and be healthy. Thank you in advance!

  26. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear charismatictrad, prayers are coming your way!

  27. Matt R says:

    For my family, relating to my father’s job…we might be facing a very logistically-complicated and emotionally-difficult move. If it is the Lord’s will, we want to stay in Louisville…

  28. Anne C. says:

    Please pray that my hip replacement tomorrow will be successful, and for the best rehabilitation for my situation (the insurance is up in the air).

    Thank you, God, for doctors and replacement joints! (I already have two artificial knees, and I’m scheduled for a new shoulder in November!) ; )

  29. laurazim says:

    Please pray for the Hackl family who will be burying their wife and Mama on Thursday. The five children range in age from 7 down to 4 months. Jesus, I trust in You. +JMJ+

  30. Micah Murphy says:

    Please pray for my family, as we have spent a year and a half discerning and struggling over a very complicated issue and now have several very difficult opportunities and decisions coming up. We are at the end of our rope. We need prudence, courage, patience, and we desperately need God to open up something for us.

  31. anniemw says:

    My son, who has just recently started a whole new phase of intensive military training, found out that they have lost his medical records. This could seriously impact his ability to proceed. I ask for your prayers and for Saint Anthony’s intercession in finding these records [and those of another soldier whose records were also lost]. Thank you.

  32. Bea says:

    Saying prayers especially for you to St. Gerard. (and all other above intentions)
    He came through for me on 2 occasions.
    Madonna del Parto (Our Lady of Childbirth) , This sculpture is reputed by tradition to work miracles. Her statue is at Basilica San Agostino in Rome. Oct 11 (I believe) is her feast day (close to your due date?)
    God Bless. Keep us posted.

  33. Prayers for all the above – I will add them to my rosary intention. Prayers especially for charismatictrad’s baby and the people struggling with job issues. May I please ask your prayers for someone who is struggling with binge eating; and someone whose heart’s desire is to become a nun. Thank you.

  34. ocleirbj says:

    Please pray that God’s compassionate love would embrace an elderly woman, unbelieving and nearly friendless, full of anger and bitterness, unaware (or denying) that her death is near, with her only family an adult son so disabled by mental illness that he cannot console or even visit her.

  35. Liz says:

    Please pray for a special intention for a friend in need.

  36. anniemw says:

    Last night [5 March, 9:31pm] I asked for prayers that my son’s and another soldier’s medical records be found, and thank God they were!! He just texted me the good news.

    Thanks, everyone, for your prayers!!

  37. Theodore says:

    For me to recover quickly from serious abdominal surgery and for my daughter, son-in-law and grandson who have put their dives on hold to take care of me. Lift them up give them the spiritual and emotional piece to help me deal with this.

  38. Marg says:

    Please pray for my sons. One is having health problems that have been difficult to diagnose. The other is looking for a good Catholic to marry. The girl he is dating now seems insincere about the Faith and avoids his father and me.

  39. The Masked Chicken says:

    May I ask for prayers for my twin brother whom I just found out had to have an emergency angioplasty, this morning. For his recovery.

    The Chicken

  40. VexillaRegis says:


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