@Pontifex Project: Week 8 – The last for Benedict as Pope

Benedict XVI is STILL POPE, until 20:00 Rome Time on 28 February.

Have you worked out where you will be?

I suggested a project using Twitter HERE.

Let’s create a “stack” of tweets during the day.  Concentrate your effort on a Tuesday (when the Roman Curia is working) and on a single theme instead of various scatterings over days when they might not be noticed.

Here is the collective tweet for TUESDAY, 26 February 2013.  Copy. Paste. Repost. Retweet.

@Pontifex Holy Father, thank you for your years of labor in Christ’s vineyard. We will always be your “co-workers of the truth” #catholic

As you may recall, “Co-workers of the Truth” has been his motto for decades.

I often use Echofon to tweet, a plugin for Firefox.  I also use Tweetdeck.  Makes it easier.

If some of you want to offer other language versions, post below.

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  1. JacobWall says:

    If I did my calculations right, 8 pm in Rome is 2 pm EST, right? I’ll be at home, so I’ll make it a special time of prayer. Any suggestions for prayers?

    I’ll send the tweet tomorrow.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    11am on the west coast. I believe CTV (Vatican TV) is going to be showing live coverage up until and including the Holy Father’s departure from the Vatican 3 hours prior. I will watch this online, if EWTN won’t be covering it.

    It seems this will be the prayer to say for the future Bishop Emeritus of Rome:


  3. Navarricano says:

    Spanish translation: @Pontifex Santo Padre, gracias por sus años de trabajo en la viña de Cristo. Siempre seremos sus “colaboradores en la verdad” # católica

    I’ve already sent out my tweet in English and Spanish.

  4. anthtan says:


  5. OrthodoxChick says:

    Final tweet sent to the Holy Father. Sniff, sniff.

  6. monmir says:

    Tres Saint Pere, nous vous remercions pour vos annees de labeur dans la vigne du signeur. Nous serons toujours vos “compagnons de labeur dans la verite”. #catholic

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  8. Gregg the Obscure says:

    In the Mile High City, the transition occurs at high noon. I am likely to be in transit between a morning meeting offsite and an afternoon meeting in my boss’ office. Coincidentally the day that HH BXVI was elected as Pontiff was the day of the groundbreaking for the building my boss and I now work in.

    Attention Denver-area readers, on Thursday the light is on for you – confessions available in all parishes from 1630-1900. No excuses.

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