4-10 Aug: very cool summer “Church Latin” workshop – Veterum Sapientia 2013

I bring to your attention a summer Latin workshop from 4-10 August at Belmont Abbey College, Charlotte, NC.

Veterum Sapientia 2013

The teaching faculty includes the legendary Fr. Reginald Foster, Fr. Daniel Gallagher (Foster’s successor at the office of Latin Letters in the Secretariat of State), Dr. Gerald Malsbary of BAC, and Prof. Nancy Llewellyn of WCC.  Outstanding!

Enrollment is not for clergy and religious only, but they are the target students.

You can register online and there are suggestions for lodging. The website has lots of details.

Check it out!   I’d love to do this, but I don’t see how I can this year.

I must get that bilocation thing down again.

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  1. Therese says:

    Very cool. “I must get that bilocation thing down again.” Are you saying that once upon a time, you had this figured out? ;-)

  2. KevinSymonds says:

    I really, really wish these opportunities took place earlier in the summer….

  3. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    The Family of St. Jerome is meeting late July to early August in Puebla, Mexico. I and a daughter are going this summer. Hmmm. Wonder if I can make two of these?

  4. APX says:

    I really wish these types of things took place in Canada.

  5. Panterina says:

    I’m glad to hear that Fr. Foster is feeling well enough to travel. I’ve been listening to his “Latin Lover” recordings on Vatican Radio, and he’s inspired me to refresh my high school Latin. Who knows, I might want to volunteer to teach Latin at my son’s school.

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