What is your good news?

Do you have some good news to share with the readers?

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  1. Lucas Whittaker says:

    My aunt and uncle are signing the papers on their new house today and moving tomorrow. They have been looking for a one-level home for some time now and everything finally fell into place for them. May God be praised!

  2. Jeannie_C says:

    Adult daughter finally feeling better from post-surgical infection. Antibiotics and prayers did the trick, thank God. Also, looks like it was a profitable clean sweep at our church’s garage/rummage sale this past weekend, money goes to charities.. More snow has melted in our part of the world, though flurries now swirling but not sticking to the ground.

  3. BLB Oregon says:

    A young man (4th or 5th grade) who was just received into the Church at Easter Vigil is going to train to become an altar server in our parish, and he’s very excited about it!

  4. JoAnna says:

    I got to see our new baby via 3D ultrasound last week (16 weeks pregnant). S/he looks healthy and beautiful!

    Also, my best friend found out that her new baby is a boy. His four older sisters are thrilled!

  5. I’m going on a come and see at the end of the month with some religious sisters in Leeds!! Taken a year of writing and speaking on the phone with the sisters to get to this point. Very excited.

  6. Visited the parish I attended while I was in law school and saw many excellent changes: a beautiful crucifix over the altar; a beautiful new tabernacle; a redone sanctuary (with more changes to come); and Vatican II Hymnals.

  7. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Yesterday’s Sunday homily (not usual parish for reasons not worth recounting here, but a run-of-the-mill diocesan parish) mentioned that we need to be in the state of grace so the Holy Spirit can sanctify us and the need for the Eucharist so that Our Lord can counter the effects of venial sin in our lives.

    Today I had the opportunity to confess and Eucharistic adoration.

  8. Stephen Matthew says:

    I have seen 11 seminarians ordained deacons thus far this paschal season, and I think all will do good service to Christ and His Church.

    Two family members have in recent months seen improvement and stabilization in health situations. One friend is progressing well in the long road to recovery from injuries.

    Spring seems to finally be arriving and the dreary, rainy late winter seems to finally be fading to memory.

    The ever (diminishing post-Easter) parish choir sang well yesterday, perhaps not great, and certainly not the greatest music of the Roman-rite, but good enough to enhance the celebration of the Eucharist; which was a worthy and necessary task given that a number of children received their first Holy Communion at the mass.

  9. future_sister says:

    My best friend receives the Carmelite habit tomorrow!!! He is a really holy man and I’m so happy for him. :) Please keep him, Frank (for now… IDK if he will take a new name) in your prayers.

  10. Took my family to the 1:30 PM MEF yesterday and much to my amazement my wife – mega-catholic but not exactly a trad – said ” you know, I really am starting to like that mass. I still don’t know enough to follow it all, but I really do like it”.

    Now (to me at least) that’s good news!

  11. mamajen says:

    Baby will be classified as “full term” tomorrow, meaning if I have him a little early it will be just fine. At my 36 week appointment last week they estimated that he weighs almost 9 lbs already! That was a bit of a shock.

    My parents and husband, and even my little 4 year old have been so wonderfully helpful getting the house ready and doing all the chores I’m currently incapable of. I’m very blessed.

  12. TxBSonnier says:

    Thanks to receiving the second part of my husband’s enlistment bonus from the Army, we were able to completely pay off my student loans today!

  13. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    We have three pieces of good news in North Carolina, taken from my blog:

    1. The Bishop of Raleigh has extended to his official delegate for the Extraordinary Form, The Rev. Fr. Paul Parkerson, the faculty to Confirm 14 young people from around the diocese who have requested this Sacrament in the Extraordinary Form on Saturday, 04 May 13, at 10am, at Sacred Heart in Dunn. Immediately following the 10am ceremony for the conferral of the Sacrament of Confirmation, Fr. Parkerson will be offering a TLM (low) at which approximately 30 children will receive their 1st Holy Communion. At both of these ceremonies, Deacon Kevin Young, F.S.S.P. will be assisting.

    2. At Our Lady of Grace Church in Greensboro, on Sunday 02 June, following the 10am Ordinary Form Mass (c. 11am), there will be a the Corpus Christi Procession around the neighborhood of the church that will end with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. At 1:30pm there will be the usual Mass in the Extraordinary Form, Missa cantata. The priest will be the Pastor, The Rev. Fr. Eric Kowalski.

    3. The Superior General of the FSSP, The Very Reverend John Berg, on Thursday, 02 May 13, will offer a spiritual reflection, at St. Ann, Charlotte, beginning with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 6:30pm. On Friday, 03 May, he will offer the MEF at 10am. Those interested should call the church for registration.

    Three reasons among many for good news from our state!

  14. Matt R says:

    It’s the week of the Kentucky Derby. Even though I have to go in on Friday for an exam, I only have 4 class days, since Friday is the Oaks race for the fillies. Good times.

  15. Skeinster says:

    The lecture I gave at granddaughter’s elementary school went well.
    The rest of our First Communion class will receive their First Holy Communion on Sunday.
    The 26th was the 28th anniversary of my entrance into the Church.
    It’s warming up enough to chance hot weather veggies in the garden.
    Big things and little, but grateful for all.

  16. FloridaJoan says:

    I am up in the quiet mountains of North Georgia enjoying some great detective fiction : Father Brown The Essential Tales by ( you know who !) G.K. Chesterton

    Am also being fed with truth -filled and inspiring homilies of our pastor and deacon in the mountains. (Not to mention reverential masses and adoration) I never want to leave here. Do I have to leave here ! ?

    pax et bonum

  17. pinoytraddie says:

    Brought My Agnostic Dad(Alumni of a Liberal Jesuit University)to his First Missa Cantata after so many years. It was Presided by Msgr Patrick Horgan,who is the First Secretary of the Papal Nuncio in Manila. His Homily was about How the Church continues the Mission of Christ’s Gospel through the Holy Spirit. Dad(who went to a low mass last year) was complaining about the schola’s lack of proper training,for they sang too slowly and with screeching pitches of their respective voices.

  18. AndyCap says:

    Entering the Novitiate in just over 2 months!!!!

  19. MarrakeshEspresso says:

    I am just really happy, Father, and the best thing is that you asked about it. I think I’m recovering from my latest bout of unrequited love, I am road-testing a new spiritual director, I have a good job, and my health, and a shiny car, and a boss who is decent, and really I have nothing to complain about and everything for which to thank God. Te Deum Laudamus. Aaaaaaaa-men.

  20. LaxMom25 says:

    My oldest son will be inducted into the National *Latin* Honor Society next week. We are in the midst of lacrosse season with everyone happily playing, and my two eldest even on the same team. Blessings abound.

  21. LaxMom25 says:

    My oldest son will be inducted into the National *Latin* Honor Society next week. We are in the midst of lacrosse season with everyone happily playing, and my two eldest even on the same team. Blessings abound.

  22. Liam says:

    Today I passed with honors my colloquium (defense) for a D.Min. degree. My project (and 550+ page paper) was entitled “Open Wide Your Hearts: A Study of the Implementation of Summorum Pontificum in Several Parishes of the Diocese of Cleveland”. I will graduate a week from Thursday.

  23. Mrs. Bear says:

    Our family travelled to the neighbouring diocese on Sunday, to attend a Transitional Diaconate Ordination for a friend, now Deacon John Perdue. I travelled with his diocese to the Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City a few years ago and was so impressed with the seminarians on the bus. John was one of them. They studied in my archdiocese at St. Augustine’s seminary, Toronto.
    His sister, BTW, is a Sister of Our Lady Immaculate, SOLI, a newer religious order based out of Cambridge, Ontario.

    I also have to say we have lost touch with one of Dennis’ (my husband) schoolmates from Holy Apostles Seminary. And reading through these “What is your good News?” found out Fr. Eric K. has moved to Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro. It reminds us to give him a call!

  24. JGR says:

    Our whole family will be together this weekend for the first time since last September. Our second-oldest is coming home from a school-year in Rome, and our oldest and his wife and our two grandchildren are coming to welcome him home. Even better, all of us will be living on the same continent this year for the first time since 2008. More family gatherings are in the works. The four younger children, my husband, and I are brimming with happiness.

  25. Darren says:

    I start a new job tomorrow, May 1 the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, after 5 months unemployed.

    Making it even better… found an FSSP parish near one of the sites I will traveling to on a regular basis (Mater Dei in Irving, TX), and a Basilica near another that has a Sunday EF Mass.

  26. Supertradmum says:

    A priest who is a chaplain to a police department was asked to address the lgtb police group. He gave them a straight talk on the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. Most in the audience said it was logical for the Catholic Church to have these ideas, although they disagreed. Only one man was rude.

    A brave and holy priest..and he is young.

  27. Supertradmum says:

    Mamajen, prayers for you and your baby.

  28. tripudians says:

    I did report this already in December but it turned out be a bit premature. Well after 4 months of getting the wrenches out of the gears, it seems we are finally going to get weekly diocesan EF mass.
    Starting 5th of May, 1.15pm, Sint-Catharinakerk, Kruisbroedershof, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Missa cantata, 3 diocesan priests taking turns celebrating the mass, yours truly serving as cantor and organist.

  29. Thanks to everyone for sharing their good news. I have none at the minute but your stories warmed my heart, especially those re. religious life. Mamajen, “welcome” to your now-full-term baby!

  30. louist says:

    Watched a doctoral defense concerning the implementation of Summorum pontificum in the diocese, and the candidate passed with honors!

  31. ByzCath08 says:

    On 4/27, the canonical transfer to the Byzantine Catholic church was finally complete for my wife & I.

  32. Bea says:

    My husband’s eye surgery went very well.
    Thanks be to God.
    Glaucoma: His eye pressure had been “20” Doctor said it should be between “6-8”
    The day after the surgery it was “4” so the doctor was very pleased, and so were we, of course.

    1 son (maybe 2) will be visiting us this June.

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