JUST TOO COOL: Sisters and their prey!

A friend send this very cool link to these very cool sisters.

Meet the Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

First, I love the idea that there is a fairly new foundation interested in reparation for our sins. Women like this hold up the entire Church by their prayers and mortifications. THANK YOU, sisters.

And now…

Mother shot her first deer.

Cut ups, to a gal.

Putting food on the table.

“Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts….”

The sisters will be in good shape when TEOTWAWKI comes.

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  1. Jean Marie says:

    This is wonderful! When Sarah Palin had her show on television there was one episode when she shot a caribou and then brought it home to feed her family. The next day at work I had to listen to the Obama worshiping lefty loons who were horrified that she did this terrible thing to that poor animal. Wait until I show them this!

  2. Tradster says:

    Wow! Guess I’m lucky that when I was in grade school the sisters only toted near-lethal yardsticks.

  3. frjim4321 says:

    Nice weapon.

  4. frjim4321 says:

    Young animal, probably good eating.

  5. StJude says:

    You go girls!

  6. Priam1184 says:

    Thank you sisters and enjoy your venison.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    I guess I am the only one here who finds this just a little bit disturbing…

  8. pannw says:

    Good for them, and I’m sure it was good (tasty) for them! I’m afraid if I had to kill and gut my own food, my family would be mostly vegetarian, and eat eggs and cheese for protein. I can’t even gut a fish. Fortunately, my husband and son have no apparent squeamishness about that sort of thing. My son has never hunted yet, but he can watch Survivor Man skin a rabbit, while he’s (my son) eating without missing a chew. Ugh… I’ve told them that when TEOTWAWKI comes, I’ll be happy to cook anything they supply, so long as it is cleaned and I can pretend it came in a cellophane package! Yes, I’m a wimp.

  9. La Sandia says:

    Thanks for highlighting the Sisters of Reparation! A friend of mine from the university is a sister there, and they are a great little group of women religious–special devotion to the Divine Mercy and emphasis on Eucharistic Adoration. And if their website is any indication, it seems as though the only sister over 40 is the Mother Superior!

  10. JKnott says:

    The Sisters have a “nuisance permit” because of the number deer that keep coming onto their property which most likely has gardens for their sustenance. There’s is no doubt that they use it prudently for good reasons.

    I really enjoyed visiting their website and blog. These Sisters are devout and orthodox. God is really blessing them with holy vocations.

  11. celpar says:

    Geoffrey you are not alone! This is gross. But I’m English and we really don’t get the American love of shooting animals. Still, as Pope Francis says, we are ‘united in our differences’. Not sure what SAINT Francis might say.

    [The overpopulation of deer in some places is a real problem for safety on roads and for the deer themselves. Or would you prefer that deer starve to death in the winter? Natural predators are mostly gone. They multiply, we hit them with cars and trucks, and they starve to death.]

  12. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Re: “I’m English and we really don’t get the American love of shooting animals.”

    I’m American, and I really don’t understand the English objection to us peasants feeding ourselves on a freezer of harvested deer. The kings and lords don’t own our forests and our firewood, nor do we all live in cities where animals survive only in parks. And yes, deer love the suburbs so much that they would overrun us all if the states didn’t all have hunting seasons. Long, long hunting seasons.

    Look, celpar and Geoffrey. Near my old place, which was in the middle of an old developed suburb, there are two wooded golf courses, a tiny thread of park, and a wooded plat of houses. In that one neighborhood, there was a herd of 20 or 30 deer. They had to drive them out, round them up on the municipal golf course, and shoot the excess males, because it was getting to be a danger to cars and humans, and because the deer would have starved in the winter unless they succumbed to diseases first. (And diseases can spread to humans and pets, and hungry deer can get aggressive. Also deer overcrowding isn’t good for the food and habitats of other animals, and the coyotes were getting attracted to the area by the deer. And coyotes will kill all sorts of pets and even humans if they can.)

    So what would you rather have? The city and county governments conducting a mass slaughter every year? Coyotes and wolves in the middle of suburbia, the way English people have foxes but with more dead doggies and kitties? Or citizens going hunting and feeding their families?

    One deer a year, per American who bothers to get out there and is lucky and skilled enough to find and shoot a deer, is as nothing compared to the number of cows and chickens consumed per person per year in the developed world.

    And no, St. Francis didn’t condemn hunting. St. Hubert didn’t, either.

  13. Supertradmum says:

    These sisters are more “manly” in a good way than most men in Europe. When religion goes, real strength turns to sentimentality.

  14. capchoirgirl says:

    Deer in that part of the state are CRAZY. They’re everywhere and they have absolutely no fear of humans (or cars, for that matter). I live in Columbus, a few hours from the sisters in Steubenville, and we’re pretty overpopulated here. But out there, it’s beyond reason. Good for the sisters!
    Also, celpar: St. Francis is one of their patrons.

  15. jkm210 says:

    A young women from my archdiocese joined this order a few years ago after an anonymous donor paid off all of her outstanding student loan debt. It was a great story and I think a nice validation of this order. Looks like they continue to do well!

  16. jaykay says:

    “But I’m English and we really don’t get the American love of shooting animals.”

    Well indeed. Which is why the Royal family and practically the entire aristocracy and upper middle class (and wannabes) have traditionally maintained vast estates for grouse-shooting, deer-hunting, fox-hunting (ooops, I forgot the lefties banned that) etc etc???

  17. Imrahil says:

    A vegetarian leads a life that is not certainly healthy and certainly spoilsport (I’m not talking about fasting, by Church law or as free gift of abnegation here, even if somebody does the latter for his entire life)… but he is consistent.

    What is not consistent is to object to hunting – animals who live their natural lives (and taste good) – while agreeing to eat meal from the slaughterhouse.

    Don’t think that reasoning is limited by national borders.

    Though the dear @Geoffrey might have not meant “hunting at all”, but “women as hunters”, “clergy/religious as hunters”, and the combination.

  18. Imrahil says:

    For info, afaik, there used to be an actual prohibition of clergy hunting. That however had not any killing issue as a reason (which does not say there is not one there, it just played no role), but was along the line of “they should not exhibit lordly manners”.

  19. wmeyer says:

    And by the way, Geoffrey, lest you dismiss the safety issues inherent in an overpopulation of deer, consider the result when a car on the freeway hits a deer at 70MPH. A simple search on Google for images should make the point. In my youth, it was a fairly common occurrence in SW Michigan. And the usual result for the driver was death.

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