Your Sunday Sermon Notes

What there a good point or two from your Sunday sermon that you heard?

Let’s us know what it is!

Remember the sermon? o{];¬)

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  1. Ralph says:

    Father hit a home run. I was going to try and quote him, but I don’t think I can get it right. Basically he said if you want the Church to be more holy, work on being holy yourself.

    I can’t really convey well what he said, but trust me, it was awesome!

  2. majuscule says:

    New priest. First homily at our church. Mentioned hell and the importance of confession while pointing to the confessionals several times. This was only a small part of his wonderful homily. Like Ralph says above, “I can’t really convey well what he said, but trust me, it was awesome!”

  3. LeighAnna says:

    At the TLM, Father had a wonderful homily about papal authority and ex cathedra infallibility drawn from the Gospel about Christ teaching from Peter’s boat. I can’t remember quotes either, but it was great!

  4. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Precious example used in sermon, to illustrate a larger point: 3-yr old, as he watches his brothers shot in Africa by Muslims for singing Credo in unum Deum instead of committing apostasy, cries and cries; finally mother says “why are you crying so, since this isn’t how I taught you to behave?”; child replies, “I don’t know HOW to sing the Credo!”. Mom says “Ok., so say a Hail Mary instead.” Child stops crying.

    Priesthood is supernatural call, not natural one.

    Why did the net break? (EF) There weren’t enough fishermen.
    Question: What are you willing to sacrifice to help a young man hear the call to the priesthood? [Oooo!]

  5. Go To Confession!

    Don’t wait. Don’t be afraid. DON’T THINK YOU DON’T NEED IT!

    Just Go.

  6. Dcduo says:

    [You might review the part about “good” in the top entry. o{]:¬) ]

  7. Skeinster says:

    We had a detailed explanation of Acts of Perfect Contrition, how to make them and how, in the possible absence of a priest, we could help the dying make the same. With three subsets: the Catholic, the non-Catholic Christian and the non-Christian.
    It’s available on audiosancto, I think.
    Fr. also suggested our families stock up on hosts and wine, because the times. [Ahhhh…]

  8. deliberatejoy says:

    Real understanding and compassion takes real and great courage, and too, real and great humility.

  9. PhilipNeri says:

    The part of my homily that got the most reaction was a short rant right in the middle where I reminded folks that we are RATIONAL animals not EMOTIONAL animals. I tied this mini-rant to the the Sinful Woman’s great love for Christ and his absolution of her sins.

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  10. Random Friar says:

    When you say we are rational animals, how does that make you feel, Fr. Philip? Would you like to share with the group?

  11. bsjy says:

    Since I am in the formation program for the Permanent Diaconate in my diocese, I thought I should start writing proto-homilies. This past Sunday I focused on the woman weeping at the feet of Jesus.
    Why we weep

    Any comments on what worked and what did not would be greatly appreciated!

  12. Franciscus says:

    First, that a sense of sin is not only good to have, but necessary. Actually mentioned Hell abd Confession.
    Secondly, that forgiveness is an ongoing capacity we all need to cultivate, out of love of Christ and neighbor.

    What perturbs me is that usually Father’s homilies are… uninspiring. If only he preached like that all the time…

  13. In my homily, I asked each person present to consider, of the many people who were named in the various readings, which one s/he was. Then I went through and posed some questions that I hoped would help people both appreciate the Scripture texts more, and also reflect on their own lives.

    So: “Are you King David? Do you have power over others?” And I asked folks to consider how their sins harm others–something we don’t like to think about. I talked about the challenge of forgiving and the harm we do to ourselves if we refuse. I argued that one reason everyone, priests in particular, need to go to confession regularly is precisely so that we know what it is to be forgiven much.

  14. Chuck3030 says:

    Father, did you lose your sermon for this past Sunday? I swear our priest plagiarized you (no evidence) … Based the homliy around a need for confession, and a quote from JPII (the exact phrasing of which I have forgotten) which can be loosely paraphrased thusly: “Those who do not konw their sins cannot fully be aware of God’s Love and Mercy”. Great homily.

  15. ehbehb says:

    St. Thomas Aquinas in Charlottesville VA— We should try kneeling, even touch our heads to the floor, when in Adoration.

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