A note from a happy man about his first TLM experience

I am finally working through the waterfall of email that has been pouring into my inbox.

Here is a nice note:

I am 45 and I just attended my first Latin Mass. Wow! The only thing in my head was “I am so sorry Jesus for the disrespectful way you have been treated all these years.” I never want to go to Mass any other way. I am taking my wife and 6 daughters Sunday. Gotta get chapel veils!


Reason #4 for Summorum Pontificum.

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  1. A gem, which I had to post on my blog!

  2. BalmerCatholic says:

    SIX daughters?!? God Bless him! Of course, I’ve only got two, and that’s just a handful. Would have to suspect that his Mrs. should be on the fast track to sainthood! ;-)

  3. ladytatslace says:

    BalmerCatholic, it isn’t hard at all just time consuming. We have 7 children, the oldest was not yet 10 when the youngest was born. The first 6 are girls, the 7th a boy. Be sure to teach good manners, modesty, proper etiquette, and respect for others. That may not be what society teaches, but it is what works best in the long run. Respect for God and the 10 commandments goes without saying. They are now having their own children, and have told me thank you for how they were raised.

  4. Irene says:

    If funds are tight, it might be cheaper to make chapel veils. You should easily be able to get two veils to a yard. They won’t be as lacy as purchased veils and should be hemmed by hand — maybe some of the girls are old enough to sew their own. Hats or scarves are every bit as appropriate as veils, so don’t feel rushed to buy veils, and head coverings are no longer required in any case. (Before Vatican II, hats were the norm on Sundays, and any head covering was put on before entering the church for any purpose.)

  5. Gratias says:

    Do not worry about chapel veils/mantillas. At my Diocesan Latin Mass less than half the women wear them and it is not a problem.

    When you first go do not make a big effort to follow the missal. Just relax and enjoy the whole experience. As you go more frequently then try to follow the text. The Latin Mass does change your life. Later on, purchase a 1962 Roman Daily Missal (Angelus Press); it is a good idea to do the readings the day before the mass.

  6. Mariana2 says:

    Instructions for making a mantilla:


    The trick is to sew on the trim before cutting the lace.

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