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Now, some links, which have been scrolling off the front page pretty quickly of late.

A favor: I am nearly to 20K followers on Twitter.  Can you try to push that number up a little?

I have a couple new advertisers.  Check out the ad for altar cards on the side bar.  See also the ad for Real Estate for Life.  That’s an interesting initiative, which is helping some very good pro-life people.  The idea is this: if you need to do something about real estate, contact them first no matter where you are in these USA or Canada.  They find you a good pro-life agent with a big company who will help you.  That agent then gives a percentage of their fees to Real Estate for Life which in turn distributes money to pro-life causes.  Your fees are not higher and pro-life groups benefit.  An interesting model.  Every little bit helps.

Many thanks to the nice people who sent things from my wish list recently, including a gift card and a few books, and a spiffy steadying stand for a small back-packing stove.  Alas, amazon is not putting slips into the packages with the names of the people who brought and sent the items.  But your guardian angels and God know who you are and I am grateful all the same.  When the packages arrive, they are a shot in the arm.

Also, I cannot thank enough those of you who send donations using the donation button or who have “subscribed” for a recurring donation (go to the very bottom of the blog’s page to find a form for that).  You make this blog possible.  Alas, once again this month is way behind track.  If some of you out there regularly read here and benefit from this work, please consider pitching in.

Speaking of making this blog possible, I appreciate enormously the positive feedback I get in my email once in a while.  Especially helpful are the notes which say in what ways this blog has been useful or has made a difference.  For example, this came a while ago:

Thank you Father your email is timely in that, I planned on writing to you with thanks for your internet prayer specifically.

My 11 year old daughter and I said your [Internet] prayer together a few times when ___ got on the iPad to play games and socialize.

I want to share with you; I was running around the house doing chores (divorcing after __ years keeps me very busy) as I walked passed ___’s room I heard her conclude the prayer when she let out a sigh ” and please thank Fr. Z Jesus for his being so smart and sharing his prayer with us”

The tiny coal-like remnant of my beady-black heart warmed just a little bit with than one. Happily, these notes tend to show up on days when I am ready to pull the plug.

I also get stuff like:

Yor a sick conservative bastard.

In this case brevity was not the soul of wit. I could have put my own “sic” in there.  Had this only arrived on “Talk Like A Pirate Day”, Preserved Killick’s day would have been complete.

Another sample of love mail:

I must say that you are an outrageous liar. Francis’ statement clearly indicated that atheists can be saved. You are a heretical apostate who defends the heresies in Vatican II and the Counter Church. Those include the heresies that Protestants are in the Church, that false religions are to be esteemed, and more. Francis is a heretical antipope. You are not remotely Catholic, as you reject many dogmas of the faith. If you want to have a telephone debate about whether Francis is a Catholic or whether Vatican II is heretical, please let me know.

Right.  That’s gonna happen! LOL!

Folks, I have been doing this internet thing for over 20 years now. This sort of semi-literate pathology is more amusing to me than troubling.  What I derive the greatest amusement from is how rad-trads think I am a modernist liberal, and the modernist liberals think I am a rad-trad.  Both ends of the spectrum need to develop some reading the critical thinking skills.

Early next week I’ll be at our annual presbyteral assembly.  It is held at a place I have been before and the internet access is truly LOUSY.  FWI.

A reminder about registration: I need to be sure that your registration isn’t from a spammer.  I use that “about you” field to see, at a glance, that you are legit.  Put something in there that, at a glance, shows me that you are a real person (confirmation name, some obviously Catholic point… you get the idea).

I pray often for benefactors (always including DY, JS, and KA).  It is my pleasure and duty to do so.  I will say Holy Mass for the intention of benefactors (those who send donations and items) tomorrow, Ember Saturday, 21 September, probably around 3 pm CDT.  I’ll check for “newcomers” beforehand.

Finally, please remember me in your prayers.

UPDATE 21 Sept 16:19 GMT

I received a voice mail (see my skype numbers on the side bar) from a fellow who wants to set up a regular donation, but whose less-than-Catholic-friendly wife would have a fit were she to see something really Catholic looking on their monthly credit card statement.  He wanted to know how the donation appears on the statement.

First, friend, thanks for the wonderful sentiment.  However, don’t do anything that would cause discord in your home.  You can always pray for me and help me in that way.  I hope you will.

That said, this is how your donation comes through on the statement: “PAYPAL *FR Z-BLOG 402-935-7733 CA”  The phone number takes you to PayPal.


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