When I was in Rome recently I ran into the editor of a newish online magazine called


I was told that the magazine, available only in digital form, has a strongly traditional view and is especially geared to women.

Here is an example of an article, which features a priest friend, Fr. Keyes of St. Edward’s in Newark, CA.  HERE

He inherited a parish that had been “spiritized” by the “spirit of V2” crowd and has since made a lot of positive changes.

Friends, it is possible to shift things around with lots of helping hands and lots of grace and lots of elbow grease.

Now is not the time to set back and lament the times.  Now is the time to push forward!

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  1. Patrick-K says:

    Nice article. We can argue forever over what, exactly, caused the post-conciliar madness, or whether the current pope’s style or word choice makes sense, but ultimately what matters most is what actually happens at the parish level. And from the looks of it, it’s coming along, slowly but surely. I’ve seen many stories like this, a “liberal” or dying parish revitalized by rediscovering the riches of their own Catholic tradition. The “Pop Mass” was an experiment that has failed. It’s time to move on.

  2. lsclerkin says:

    Been reading Regina for a few months. Great magazine. Beautiful photos. Every issue has a theme.

  3. Fr_Sotelo says:

    What a refreshing and hopeful story of the painstaking work it takes to rebuild the Faith in a parish.

  4. restoration says:

    This magazine will soon do a story on Novus Ordo parishes that have introduced the Traditional Latin Mass and seen a great revival. They will highlight a parish in Tampa that I have begun attending. This parish had an amazing Solemn High TLM for the Feast of Christ the King! They had 120 people attend a pot luck supper after the Mass! A growing community with a legion of altar boys, a schola that sang Byrd and three terrific priests who help out to make it all come together. Here is the website!

  5. Cantor says:

    Having known Fr. Keyes for more decades than either of us would ever want to admit, I’m not the least surprised at the turnaround he has performed at St. Edward’s. The parish, with folks already speaking three languages, has been a prime candidate for the unification offered through Latin. And he is certainly the man to do it.

    Perhaps the one big surprise is that Fr. Keyes has been given the time by his bishop to introduce the changes slowly, over a long period. The six-year terms in many dioceses make it tough to make them initially, and recalcitrant parishioners can just “wait out” the pastor.

    Let’s hope this is a sign of hope for other places!

  6. cl00bie says:

    When someone is possessed by an evil spirit, isn’t the proper response an exorcism? Why is this not being used on those possessed by the spirit of Vatican II?

  7. benedetta says:

    Interesting article! Regina is an outstanding publication!!

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