REQUEST: Buy some Extraordinary Form learning materials for a “baby priest”

I was contacted by a priest:

Dear Fr. Z:  I am a baby priest (ordained 18 months ago) who would like to learn how to say the EF. I don’t have anybody to mentor me, so I need teach myself.  I noticed that the FSSP bookstore has a large kit with materials on how to say the EF along with an inexpensive altar missal. These materials are beyond my financial abilities at the moment. Do you know if there any societies or groups that help get these materials to priests for a discount or as a gift?

Please do not post my name or email should you publish this… Thanks for all you do!

I followed up with a couple questions about the materials he was considering.

This is a good project for this blog’s readership.

I will go ahead and get some things for this priest.  Perhaps some of you, in your goodness, will pitch in through donations?

Add as a comment on the donation: EF MATERIALS

Let’s change this priest’s life.

Through helping him learn the Extraordinary Form, we can also help the congregations for whom he says Mass for the rest of his priesthood.

Once a priest learns the older form of Mass, he ever after says also the Novus Ordo differently.

Learning the older form as a knock on effect that is long-lasting and far-reaching.


OKAY!  You are fantastic.  I have received more than enough to cover the expenses of the materials and their shipping.

I am not saying “Don’t send more money!”, but the original project is now completed.

You people are the best!

Contributors (I hope I didn’t miss anyone):

JF, WH, MB, DMacD, AKP, JJ, AL, RG, CAM, ES, RA,JF,RF,MW,EC,VbyL [Veils by Lily’s ad is on the sidebar!], KB,CK, DS, NW, VK, CK, CS, WG, BA, BK, MB, DM, CF, BJ, TR,JA, MS,W-CH


I also had a note from the nice folks who make the travel altar cards. See the ad on the side bar. She is going to send a set to the priest!

You are so good.

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  1. momoften says:
    This organization has LOTS of free online resources, an online tutorial and books and resources all in one website.

  2. trad catholic mom says:

    Done. Thank you Father for letting us help this priest!

  3. juventutemDC says:

    Thank you, thank you Fathers. Juventutem DC will see what we can do. We, the young Catholics who boldly and joyfully embrace and share the extraordinary form, are extremely thankful for all priests who seek to learn the EF. We are proud of you and we thank you!

  4. TrueLiturgy says:

    Knowing you will likely get quite a few donations, I would highly recommend having the Priest go to learn from the FSSP directly. I was in seminary with them for a couple years a while back and when I got back to my home area, I realized just how many Priests don’t know the rubrics well. I actually wouldn’t mind Bishops enforcing that part of SP. Some truly don’t know them and some dont understand the reasoning for certain ones and therefore… So for Father’s good and the benefit of the faithful, I strongly recommend him being trained by the FSSP. I believe they have 2 trainings a year at their seminary in Nebraska and I think the cost not including airfare is around $400. That price includes the giant kit that they sell I believe. The training website is: Actually $400 is the price and there is one this December! God bless you!

  5. Johnny Domer says:

    The FSSP also has put (I think?) their whole instructional DVD available online for free on their youtube channel. The dvd is broken down into 20-some youtube videos:

  6. VARoman says:

    Father Z, I just donated, but because I am on my phone, there was no option to include the memo EF MATERIALS. If it is useful for the young father, please include it.

    Thanks, and God bless you!

    [Got it.]

  7. Liz says:

    I’m so glad you did this, Father. I gets me so excited to think of the EF growing with these young priests. I could not contribute this time, but the young priest has my prayers. God bless him! Somebody should start some organization which provides things like this to priests who want to learn the EF. I would surely contribute to such an organization.

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