Gift ideas and a really swell way to get your caffeine fix!

Do you give little gifts for St. Nicholas Day (other than the lumps of coal to distribute)?  Do you have office parties or some gatherings wherein you are to give small gifts?

The Carmelites in Wyoming have just the thing for you.

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In this sampler pack you get 2 oz each of:

4 x Mystic Monk Blend
4 x Midnight Vigils Blend
4 x Hermits’ Bold Blend
3 x Cowboy Blend
3 x Medium Colombian
3 x Decaffeinated Arabica
3 x Hazelnut
3 x Royal Rum Pecan
3 x Carmel

After all, Advent is the time for wakefulness, right?

They have smaller sample packs too, such as the 9 Sampler.  If you haven’t tried Mystic Monk Coffee, or it has been a while.  Why not use one of these to find your favorite and then order about a ton of it? That would be only… let’s see… 32,000 samplers! Otherwise only… let’s see… only 400 of their 5 pound bags!

You can use these samplers as stocking stuffers, small gifts, and your own personal caffeine buzz. Take one with you to work and make some coffee for your colleagues. Then, convince the office manager to use MY LINK to order more coffee regularly for the whole office!

Also, you’ll be delighted to know that Jingle Bell Java is back!

The Monks say:

Jingle Bell Java is arguably our best flavor, with hints of white chocolate, festive spices and bourbon, which you are sure to enjoy!

Click to buy!

If you need a coffee grinder, they will sell you one.  Click HERE

Remember: They have K-Cups, which I hear are great.  Click HERE

They also have all kinds of teas, even the foofy flavored teas.  HERE

And they have, as you would expect, all sorts of religious gifts.  HERE

Hey!  It’s Cyber Monday, okay?  Monks gotta buy groceries too.

Help them. Get great coffee.


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  1. Beau says:

    One ton of delicious Mystic Monk coffee would actually only be 16,000 sample packs, or 400 of the 5 lb. bags.

    This has been a friendly reminder from your local math policeman. Remember kids, extreme amounts of coffee and math do not mix!

    Now get out there and show your support for Fr. Z and purchase 32,000 samplers (TWO tons), or better yet, 6,400 5 lb. bags (SIXTEEN tons)!


  2. Art says:

    If only they sold something like Nicaea Punch for St. Nicholas Day…

  3. Nan says:

    Art, I’m imagining a remake of the Hawaiian Punch commercial from the 70’s with the question “wouldn’t you like a Niceaean Punch?

  4. Netmilsmom says:

    You sold me. I needed a gift for the Catechism teacher I assist. She got one of those fancy schmancy K-Cup coffee makers last year from her husband. This year, she gets the Mystic Monk K-Cup variety pack and a cool Monk mug from me!

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