MSNBC attacks Little Sisters of the Poor as if they were the Sopranos

Via a friend who tipped me to LifeNews, I learned that the hysterico-liberal MSNBC – who feature racist bigots on their network – have this to say about the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Monday’s NOW with Alex Wagner on MSNBC started with some video footage of nuns singing songs to the elderly poor. But, judging by the discussion that ensued between Wagner and her two guests, you’d think the Little Sisters of the Poor were more intimidating than the Sopranos.

“The administration must now deal with this latest threat to the nation’s health care law: these ladies, the Little Sister of the Poor.

That was MSNBC’s Wagner, who also actually said: “It seems this administration has bent over backwards to ensure that people can exercise their religion” [which is a lie…] and, “Women’s lives are being saved by provisions in the Affordable Care Act. [?!?]

The host invited Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards [Who else?] and former Governor Howard Dean (D-VT) on her show to discuss Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s decision to delay Obamacare’s contraception mandate for the religious organization the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Denver-based group of Catholic nuns who run nursing homes for the poor. Wagner, Richards and Dean didn’t seem to be impressed by these nuns’ admirable work and made it seem like the Obama administration was the victim in this case.

While Richards avoided attacking the nuns directly and instead tried to insist Obamacare would do wonders for young women, Dean didn’t seem to have any problem calling out the Sisters.

“First of all, this is an argument about whether the Sisters of the Poor have the right to force their views of religion on all their employees. [?!?] They’re trying to make this an argument about whether they’re gonna sign a paper or not. If the court should decide they don’t have to sign the paper they essentially get to force their religion on all their employees.”


Read the rest of this rotting tripe over there.

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  1. KevinSymonds says:

    Let me guess, the scream heard ’round the world?

  2. Matt R says:

    I don’t know how anyone working for the Little Sisters or any other Catholic organization could be under the impression that they would pay for contraception or allow anyone else to pay. If these employees were under that impression, then that is because we have not preached the Gospel consistently when it comes to Love and life, a point made in a piece on the Fishwrap ( and about the only piece I think I’ll ever agree with. Humanae Vitae is a document of the Ordinary Magisterium reaffirming the constant teaching of the Church, rooted in Scripture and Tradition. Although, most of this grave situation is really about the government throwing the legality of contraception on its head, namely by making public something that is legal only because it’s a private affair, knowing what the Church really teaches and at the end of the day we do indeed believe in her teaching.

  3. Therese says:

    “The administration must now deal with this latest threat to the nation’s health care law: these ladies, the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

    That roar you hear is the sound of the angels laughing!

  4. They’re right. These ladies ARE a threat to the new health care law, which is a threat to the survival of the First Amendment.

    Some people in my immediate circle have commented on what a bad P.R. move it is for the Obamacare juggernaut to pit itself against a religious congregation with a name like the Little Sisters of the Poor. I think it’s just a sign that the Obama regime has gone past the point of caring what the American people think. In fact, it has gone past even bothering with the pretense of caring what the American people think.

  5. disco says:

    It makes me sick when these ignorami talk about birth control as though it were a legitimate health benefit. The pill is basically poison. It is bad for you. To me the government can’t even show that providing it in the first place is of any benefit to anyone let alone to such a degree as it would warrant the violation of the first amendment.

  6. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    I’m surprised. I thought left-wingers were defending “nuns” from Vatican and patriarchal oppression in the past few years?

    I guess they were interested only in the feminist, “beyond Jesus” nuns who agree with their political views.

  7. Facta Non Verba says:

    Is Dr. Dean so dense that he doesn’t understand the argument? Or, alternatively, does he understand the argument but has no shame and can go on TV blathering Obama administration talking points? Are there any other possible explanations for his position?

  8. incredulous says:

    Just a reminder of how insane the leftists like Howard Dean really are:
    They are just diabolical.

  9. Kerry says:

    “Do not be surprised if the world hate you…”

  10. Robbie says:

    I do all I can to avoid MSNBC, but it’s like slowing down on the highway to look at a wreck. I just can’t stop from doing it.

  11. Legisperitus says:

    Oh, but HHS certainly isn’t “forcing” anything on anyone, are they? No, sirree. They’re merely the federal government, with no power behind them at all.

    And besides, it’s not as if people accepting employment with the Little Sisters knew in advance that they would be working for Catholic nuns, is it? This Catholicism they’re suddenly forcing on everyone is a real suckerpunch. How dare they.

  12. Johnno says:

    The American Government and their CINO bretheren will continue to suicidally force contraceptives and abortions onto their people…

    Russia meanwhile has made strong moves heavily limiting abortion and there is increasing talk of Russia banning abortion completely.

    The Iranian regime and the ayatollahs are also trying to fight against contraception and abortion.

    You’re reading that correctly… Iran is acting far more sensibly than America on contraception and abortions! And the Muslims have the added bonus of blaming America as the source of this evil, and they’re completely right! The biggest mover of contraceptives, abortificaents, immoral sex and population reduction around the world, through foreign aid bribery, is America. Obama attacking the little sisters of the poor of all people is the inevitable parody come to life. None of this was ever about health care! This American administration is willing to shut down care centers at home and abroad and cut funding to those helping the poor and starving and destitute because they won’t offer contraceptives or refer abortions. They are willing to sink their entire health care plan just by refusing to accomodate the religious rights of Catholics. All because it’s abortion/contraception first, actual health care last, if at all!

  13. The liberals are just unhinged insane. The wheels have come off their ability to reason and the rest of the media will lap it up because they too have lost their integrity. The MSM only wants to advance their agenda at any cost repeating lies about the greatness of obamacare and belittling any opposing viewpoints to their radicalness.

  14. robtbrown says:

    The story was put out some time ago that Biden was opposed to any mandate to provide insurance covering contraception and abortion. If that is true, then it demonstrates Obama’s arrogance: “Don’t worry. I can handle the Catholics.”

    Of course, maybe his attitude was the consequence of Notre Dame drooling all over him. If so, maybe it was unintentional rope-a-dope.

  15. SKAY says:

    Wonderful modern, progressive “catholics” like Pelosi, Sebelius and Biden along with the Kennedy clan and the Cuomo clan are advising him so I am sure he thinks he is on “solid” catholic ground. Sadly there are certainly many more agreeing with his view, but these are the most obvious.
    I am so impressed with these wonderful humble nuns. They deserve our support.
    No one is forced to work for them and employees certainly can buy these products on their own if they so choose. This is clearly an attempt by the left to demonstrate their authority over the Church within the US and to weaken the meaning the 1st amendment. I am concerned that the Supreme Court will – in the end – find some creative way to force compliance as we saw the Chief Justice do. John Roberts is a Catholic.

  16. HyacinthClare says:

    OK, dumb question: Do the Little Sisters of the Poor have lay employees? Or is this a demand that NUNS be provided contraception and abortion?

  17. Sonshine135 says:

    Who has the greater sin: The government that forces a mandate to kill on the church, or the people in the church that pat them on the back for doing it?

    And this my friends is how Baals and High Places are established. Same old sins repeating themselves for thousands and thousands of years.

  18. juventutemDC says:

    We’ve tweeted a “Have you thanked the Little Sisters of the Poor today?” message.

    You can write to the good Sisters (we love them here in Washington, DC!) at–

  19. Suburbanbanshee says:

    The Little Sisters of the Poor do have lay employees, but Obamacare has also been insisting that sisters provide themselves with contraception and abortion if their work is not exclusively done with Catholics. (Or that’s my understanding. Goodness knows what executive verbal ukase will rewrite the laws next week.)

    “And the dragon was angry against the woman.”

  20. anachy says:

    A priest friend of my family has a sister (sibling, that is) who is a Little Sister of the Poor. He told us that when this HHS mandate was first raised that the Little Sisters of the Poor quite naturally said they would not comply. They began to make plans to close up shop in these United States and move everything back to France if the U.S. government didn’t back off on trying to compel them to comply with this immoral mandate. As far as I know, that’s still the plan if it comes to that. Gosh, isn’t the “Affordable” Care Act just swell?

  21. SKAY says:

    “They began to make plans to close up shop in these United States and move everything back to France if the U.S. government didn’t back off on trying to compel them to comply with this immoral mandate. ”
    That is exactly what this administration wants–we see that with what they are doing with ssm and Catholic adoption agency policies. It is about total control not freedom and the Church stands in their way.
    The true horror of this law is just beginning.

  22. kimberley jean says:

    My first thought was that the Little Sisters would have to get rid of the lay staff but that won’t help. I know a number of people who’s “retirement plan” is/was to take refuge with the Little Sisters when they get too old to take care of themselves. If the sisters have to close down it will be a great tragedy.

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