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Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass of obligation?

Let us know.

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  1. iPadre says:

    Every Catholic, by virtue of his/ her baptism is a missionary, responsible for saving souls – leading souls to Christ and His Church.

  2. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Father C…, a young, nearly newly ordained priest, noted today that so few people understand the value of uniting our little daily annoyances with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross (he quoted Benedict XVI, papa em.) . The idea that we could “offer up” even little pains for our sins was a constant of our childhoods. Nowadays I am often struck (no, dismayed) by the 21st century equivalent of what our elders used to hold up to us a means of true sacrifice: Our parents, the priests, and the good sisters would often tell us, when we belly-ached about our little problems, to “offer it up.” Today, the younger generation tells their children to “suck it up.” What a sad, sad linguistic and moral difference there is in those two admonitions!

  3. DocJim says:

    Wedding feast at Cana was the gospel reading. Fr. deLedurantaye gave a very meaningful homily on B.V.Mary’s actions which helped this converting Catholic feel he is there. She saw a need and asked Jesus to fulfill the need. Though a bit reluctant, he did so as she had asked. An example of responding to the requests of his mother. When Jesus performed the miracle of water to wine, the Apostle John the Evangelist noted that it was not a little water to wine, but six huge stoneware jugs. An abundance of help provided by Jesus, not just a little. Additionally, the wine was even better than what had been provided. All this came after B.V.Mary told the servants to “Do as he says,” prefiguring the command to follow Him that underlies all of Christianity. These were the last words the B.V.Mary is recorded as uttering in the gospels.
    For me, as a recovering protestant, I knew at once that my wife’s cancer had been cured by my supplications to the B.V. Mary over the past 11-12 months. She had her follow up CT scans done just yesterday. They looked good. I suppose I prayed to B.V. Mary out of a sense of desperation and as part of my path to the Church. My prayers were answered abundantly. My faith grew during this long ordeal from Jan 2013 to Jan 2014. Today, it was made clear to me.
    Fr. deLedurantaye was a little taken aback when I asked him outside the church (where he greeted those attending the Extraordinary Form of the Mass), “Is this homily written, I would like a copy.”

  4. FloridaJoan says:

    The assisting priest ( who is normally telling jokes and anecdotes from the sanctuary ) actually mentioned in his homily that aside from Mass being a prayer it is also a Sacrifice ! This statement caused me to sit up and listen attentively. Christ’s unbloody sacrifice is re-presented at each and every Mass in His body and blood being offered for mankind and as food to mankind. Ahhh, my prayers had been answered… just earlier in this Mass I heard about our gathering at the ” table ” and it was then I prayed for our priest to be made aware of his being an alter-Christus, that he might feed Christ’s sheep. Thank you Lord for small blessings. I will continue to pray for all priests and religious. All things are possible in Christ.

    pax et bonum

  5. APX says:

    Our priest preached on Save the liturgy, Sace the world, and was explaining about things that are consecrated vs things that are profane, and how we should treat things which are consecrated.

    Best point:
    Parents who let their children misbehave in Church do not acquire as many graces they would receive from Mass if they disciplined their children and made them behave in church.

  6. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    The “wine” runs out, usually far earlier than we want. What are we going to do when that happens?

  7. AdTrinitatemPerMariam says:

    Father spoke of how we each must live in such a way as to be a manifestation of the glory of God to all those who come into contact with us; they need to be able to see that there is something different about us.

  8. ConstantlyConverting says:

    Forgiveness is the cornerstone of Christianity. From the cross Christ pleaded for the very people who were executing him. Sometimes the possessions we hang on to that keep us from perfection are grievances and anger. There is no need to wait for an apology. Forgiveness always and quickly.

  9. timfout says:

    The Gospel for today’s EF Mass was the wedding feast at Cana. Father made the point that just as Our Lord changed more that enough water into wine for the remainder of the wedding celebration He will likewise always give us whatever we need (not want) to weather the storms of our life. We should, however, follow Our Lady’s admonition: “Do whatever He tells you.”

  10. benedetta says:

    It is crucial for Christians to go out and evangelize, baptizing and preaching to the whole world in order that all people may know Jesus Christ the way the truth and the life and inherit eternal salvation.

  11. OrthodoxChick says:

    Attended the N.O. today. The pastor used John the Baptist as the one to give witness to the Light to instruct us about our responsibility to encourage and support vocations to the priesthood.

  12. tjmurphy says:

    Father started by quoting Psalm 8. He went on to remind us that we were created Individually and we were created Intentionally.
    We used today to remember the passage of Roe v. Wade by starting a process of Spiritual Adoption for babies in danger of abortion.
    The deacon went on to tell a story about an italian girl who was playing with matches in her closet. The girl’s mother found her and startled her and she dropped the match and her robe caught fire. She received 3rd degree burns down one side of her body. After growing up she got married. Her doctor told her she should never get pregnant for health reasons. She eventually did get pregnant. The doctor told her she should abort the child. Again she did not listen.
    The deacon went on to reveal that he had been that child.

  13. Elizabeth D says:

    The diocesan Vicar General celebrated his first Missa Cantata–very well, no surprise since he has been celebrating Low Mass for a long time, was the bishop’s highly expert MC for a long time, and has sung the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin very well for a long time. Dear man said he spent his time watching DVDs of High Mass over and over to understand the details of the rubrics so he didn’t really prepare a homily based on the readings. Instead we got what seems like it had probably originally been an Epiphany homily. He recounted an intriguing theory formed by some people using the astronomy software Starry Night, on the Star of Bethlehem and what the Three Magi were seeing in the sky that led them to seek the Virgin-born King of the Jews. A search finds that this DVD is what he was talking about:

  14. Nicholas Shaler says:

    My English N.O. Mass today was more beautiful than is typical of my parish, though I do not normally go to this particular mass, with much of it being chanted by the priest, including the Our Father.

    However, the homily was about being proud of your spouse and caring for him or her, though I would think most 16 y/o would not receive much spiritual nourishment from this, though I am sure the older people gained much from it.

  15. frjim4321 says:

    Hmmm, well sorry to say nothing to write home about this weekend. Poor Roger was featured again this week in Celebration. As usually didn’t give me much food for thought.

  16. Bea says:

    Since we were putting up the bookstore this Sunday, I attended the teeny-bopper anticipated Mass.
    The sermon was kind of aimed towards them, but adults can gleam from it, too.

    Main point was that January being a time for New Years resolutions some are making resolutions to
    “Be obedient to their parents”
    “Do their schoolwork more diligently”


    These things should not be resolutions for the New Year.
    These things are the things we SHOULD be doing anyway, all year round 24/7, Period.
    These are the duties of the young for their state in life.
    Resolutions should be made for what is beyond our normal every-day duties.

  17. Littlemore says:

    The Parish Priest was away, so another diocesan priest helped. He mentioned that twice in the Gospel (Ordinary Form), John tells the crowds & us that he does not know Jesus but had recognised him approaching . He also is directing us towards Easter and the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.

    Also he highlighted that last week was the Baptism of Christ and we have this again this week all because of the re-arrangement of the liturgy in 1969

  18. JonPatrick says:

    Attended sat. night NO mass. Father talked about difficult life altering decisions, such as his own decision to become a priest, how we discern, guided by the holy spirit. Scholars have often debated at what point did Jesus become aware of his ministry (something I have wondered about). Did he also have to discern the way we do, to agonize over leaving his mother and the familiar surroundings of Nazareth?

  19. acbprop says:

    Our deacon preached and he talked about lamb cakes at Easter and lopping their heads off as a child. He lamented that the lamb cake tradition had died in his family, and I told him after Mass that he would surely be getting a lamb cake from me this Easter. Bring back the lamb cake!

  20. benedetta says:

    I am told that there was an outstanding homily delivered on ProLife Sunday in the D of Albany, informing the faithful as to how to protest the pro-death actions of New York politicians Cuomo and Tonko and as to the need for Obama to acknowledge the shifting tide in this country in which the people want less, not more, abortions in our midst.

  21. NancyP says:

    Our visiting priest talked about religious freedom, the ACA and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Best part: “We are Catholics. We cannot give in.”

    Adding to the forcefulness was the fact that one of our parishioners is working on his Eagle Scout project and talked to the congregation about this project before Mass began. He’s building a gazebo for the Little Sisters of the Poor’s retirement home in our area.

  22. Gratias says:

    Ordinary form this week. There were 41 candles in the sanctuary. We will never forger the Supreme Court decision on abortion 41 years ago.

  23. NoraLee9 says:

    Father preached on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (EF-FSSP). He spoke about the changes in faith since the counsel, that Catholics don’t honor Her as much as they used to, since the Protestants have taught that Marian devotion detracts from devotion to The Lord. He disassembled that canard quickly by pointing out, via our church windows (our chapel has windows depicting most of the Marian apparitions in the last 1000 years) the various messages imparted by our Blessed Mother and how virtually all pointed the faithful to The Lord. He concluded with Mary, as the Mediatrix of all Graces. He tied it all up to the Wedding at Cana. Brilliant. Our priests are brilliant.

  24. Mike says:

    EF: Jesus’ “What is that to thee and to me?” was not a rhetorical question; His response to Mary signified the supersession of their private relationship by His public ministry. Likewise, matrimony is a cessation of private relations between two individuals who thenceforth are devoted to fulfilling their roles as husband and wife in support of their marriage and family.

  25. BillyT92679 says:

    I’d say Bill de Blasio is a definite leftist/socialist, close to Communist. Cuomo is definitely more a Fascist.

  26. BillyT92679 says:

    Oh nuts, put that comment under the wrong topic!

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