Challenge public homosexual nudity? You’re a “homophobic a**hole”, you “outrageous bigot”, you!

Homosexualists work incessantly in every sphere of life to desensitize people, especially the young, to their own particular proclivities.

So, when a school trustee suggested that it was wrong for homosexualists to parade about nude – literally parade – he was blasted with now familiar brutality.

From LifeNews:

Toronto school trustee called ‘homophobic’ for questioning nudity at ‘family friendly’ Pride parade

TORONTO, February 17, 2014 ( – Homosexual activists have slammed him as a ‘homophobic a**hole’ and an ‘outrageous bigot,’ but Toronto District School Board trustee Sam Sotiropoulos says that he’s just concerned about children viewing illegal public nudity at the city’s annual Pride parade. [The very fact that there is a Pride parade is appalling.]

Sotiropoulos created a firestorm on Twitter last week after he tweeted the Toronto Police force asking if it would enforce Canadian law against public nudity.

“As #TDSB participation raises questions of age-appropriateness, do you enforce Canada’s public nudity laws at Pride?” he asked.

Sotiropoulos, who says he has nothing against “LGBTQ” people and says he would attend the Pride parade if invited, was immediately accused on twitter of insulting and hating gays and was labeled “homophobic.[Because that is what they do.  When they say, for example, that all they want is to be allowed to do what others do (i.e., marry, etc.) it’s a lie.  They have far-reaching objectives.  Along the line is, of course, lowering or elimination of age restrictions.]

“Interesting to remark how readily those who don’t want to be labelled cast labels and slander at others,” Sotiropoulos responded. “To think, these are the folks who are ‘inclusive’?! I’d say, ‘Shame on you,’ but there’s no suggestion they’d understand what it is.” [They understand all too well what it is.  But they reject it.  You are the enemy and you must be crushed.]

Under Canada’s Criminal Code it is illegal to be nude in a “public place.” Section 174 states that a person who is “so clad as to offend against public decency or order” is “guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.”

Sotiropoulos says that city officials have a double standard when it comes to nudity at the Pride parade.


We are going to see a lot more of this sort of thing.  Homosexualists will be relentless in bringing down moral standards in the pursuit of their agenda.  Anyone who insists on Judeo-Christian, commonsense, natural law morality will be savagely attacked with the violence that is inherent in their projects.


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  1. wmeyer says:

    There’s nothing new here, even for Toronto. I lived there 20 years ago, and the “Pride” parade and the “festival” were shameful.

  2. anilwang says:

    It’s actually worse than this, at least in Ontario.

    Some examples include public schools busing children to the Pride parade, legislation enshrining gender identity and “gay straight alliances” in all schools to end “bullying”, or Catholic schools being told that the above “anti-bullying law” requires that abortion be taught in Catholic schools (Catholic schools don’t buy this, but have no qualms about inviting pro-abortion politicians to speak with students), or the failed attempt by the government to introduce “updated sex education” which targets children even as young as kindergarten (it’ll come back after the next election), or the repeated veiled threats that Catholic schools need to be converted to secular public schools to “save money” (even though Catholic schools are “more efficient” than public schools and tend to settle with the government to avoid strikes, much to the chagrin of public school unions).

    Faithful politicians have it worse. It’s not enough to tolerate this agenda. If you don’t actively promote it, you’re savaged by the media as being part of the right-wing US lunatic fringe…(since “Canadian values” are supposed to be the values of the secular left). How someone like Michael Coren (who regularly defiantly proclaims the Catholic stance on secular issues) is still accepted within the media, is a mystery to me.

  3. StJude says:

    I dont doubt this at all… anyone not waiving a rainbow flag needs to be silenced and labeled a bigot these days.

    Indiana is putting ‘gay marriage’ on the ballot in 2016… but during the debate the amount of hatred, vile name calling to anyone Christians/ differing opinion was shocking to me.
    One state senator got so tired of it he took to twitter to voice his opinion on why he doesnt support gay marriage. I tweeted support to him and wow.. I got more vile hate tweeted at me than I could handle. Unreal.

    The gay mafia are using words like “inequality”, ‘discrimination’…. I can see where this is going Father.. they want minority status and with that .. they can sue our churches who will never perform a ‘gay’ marriage. I sure hope Christians are smart enough to see it.

  4. mrshopey says:

    yes. I have left debates because of some of this.
    (Fr, you must have fixed the problem with commenting – yay!)

  5. Sonshine135 says:

    What do you expect from a place that has a wildly popular, crack smoking mayor?
    How is this any different from San Francisco, California on a normal day?

  6. benedetta says:

    OK I give up…what’s the connection between homosexuality and public nudity?

  7. Nicholas Shaler says:


    I was confused as well. The public nudity itself is not homosexual (unless they perform sexual acts, which would not be mere nudity). The point is is that Canadian police will not enforce public nudity law because it is during a “pride parade.”


  8. DisturbedMary says:

    Time for the church to remind us that Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.

  9. Del says:

    People really thought that a gay pride parade would be “family friendly”?

    We’re doomed, because we’re dumb.

  10. Eugene says:

    I live in the socialist haven of Canada, where are number one household expense is government taxes, where a now deceased former prime minister from the former great Catholic enclave, Quebec, spoke about a just society and proceeded to introduce laws to legalize abortion and laws regulating homosexual behaviour. And when this “great” Catholic died he was given a funeral by the Cardinal Archbishop of Montreal in one of the most beautiful churches of North America, the basilica of Notre Dame.
    Then another “Catholic” prime minister a disciple of the first totally removed any and all restrictions to abortion. He was such a good Catholic he got to welcome JPII to our country and recive communion from him.
    Then a third “Catholic” prime minister decided that gay marriage must be made legal. At the same time he was described as a faithful member of the cathedral parish he attended in our capital city of Ottawa by the former Archbishop.
    In our national anthem are the following words “God keep our land glorious and free” BUT our land has become neither thanks to the faithful Catholics in and out politics and to our Shepherds who either didn’t care or have been asleep for the last 40 years.
    Oh I almost forgot the son of the first prime minister is now the leader of the same party. He loves to go and talk in our Catholic schools about youth engagement, he was given an award for such by one of our local Catholic schools. He stands for a woman’s right to kill her baby, for gay marriage and his latest decriminalization of marijuana. When some parents protested to a bishop his appearance at a Catholic school, the bishop affirmed him to be good Catholic and saw no cause to ban him from speaking., He is young and handsome and the ladies just love him. My daughter who attends a Catholic school says one of her teahers has a crush on him.
    I could go on…but I am making myself sick,
    Please pray for my country.

  11. incredulous says:


    Isn’t the article about public nudity at a pro homosexual lifestyle parade? Or did I miss the point that the school trustee wanted the police to stop enforcing public nudity laws at Canada’s schools while enforcing them at the pro homosexual lifestyle parade?

    Your question and the intent of the questions is unclear.


  12. Scott W. says:

    OK I give up…what’s the connection between homosexuality and public nudity?

    The destruction of all societal norms of modesty and chastity. We are not talking about innocent, high-fashion sensed, gay characters on your typical sitcom. These are predators.

  13. jbas says:

    If democracy is to survive as a credible form of civil decision making, then schools need to teach logic and rhetoric as mandatory courses in secondary schools and universities. But if democracy is just going to be bullying by silly pressure groups, then what good is it?

  14. benedetta says:

    The activists who slammed this trustee for asking for laws to be enforced which would be generally was attacked as a homophobe. The attackers’ premise is presumably that somehow public nudity is so connected with the homosexual experience that to question the need to have public nudity in any situation amounts to homophobia and bigotry. I am just wondering what is the connection that homosexuals must have the public nudity to properly celebrate the ‘Pride’ event.

  15. Ben Kenobi says:

    “The point is is that Canadian police will not enforce public nudity law because it is during a ‘pride parade.’ ”

    As in Animal Farm. Some people are more equal than others.

  16. Mike says:

    @Eugene: May Our Lord, through the intercession of His Blessed Mother, send forth His light and His truth in answer to your prayers and those of all faithful Canadian Christians and their shepherds.

  17. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    Benedetta asked, “I am just wondering what is the connection that homosexuals must have the public nudity to properly celebrate the ‘Pride’ event.”

    Benedetta, do you really want to attempt to follow the tortured meanderings of minds which have given themselves over to the domination of Satan?

    I sure don’t. Ten foot pole. Instead, probably better to just stay within the light, put them and their thought processes into God’s hands, and to pray for these poor souls.

  18. Volanges says:

    Eugene, while the said Prime Ministers did nothing to implement new laws, I believe it was the Supreme Court that decreed that the laws against gay marriage and abortion were unconstitutional. I’m convinced that even if Parliament attempted to draft new laws, in today’s ‘anything goes’ society there is no hope that they could get them passed. If anyone could do it, it would be our present Prime Minister who is so fond of omnibus bills that he has managed to get laws introduced that no one knows about until it’s too late. He has shown no will to do anything about abortion or SSM because he knows that if he did so it would be the end of his political career and he cares more about staying in power than anything else.

  19. frjim4321 says:

    What actually is the nudity law in that jurisdiction?

    Some nudity laws are written with certain exceptions, and a parade which is a demonstration of free speech might fall under those exceptions.

    Also nudity is permitted in some setting such as legal nude beaches.

    Generally speaking I could see nudity being a problem when it is imposed upon a person in a setting in which nudity is not customary. It could even be a matter of abuse.

    With regard to a Gay Pride parade I suspect that everyone going knows what they are “in for,” and no one would be shocked about nudity.

    Nudity in general seems to become a problem when people are overly sensitized to it. The original Olympics were held in the nude and it did not seem to bother anyone.

    All that being said, I don’t like a lot about Gay Pride parades. I think they really work quite contrary to their stated goal.

  20. Eugene says:

    @frjim4321 “All that being said, I don’t like a lot about Gay Pride parades. I think they really work quite contrary to their stated goal.”
    you are kidding me right don’t like a lot about Gay pride parades, so that does mean you like some things about them or is my deduction all wrong?
    and please do share what you think their stated goals are?
    living near Toronto which has hosted one of the biggest parades of these types in the world I can tell you there IS NOTHING good or of redeeming value about them, I am shocked that a priest would think otherwise…its really too bad that some of our clergy sympathize with this cause, I wish more Catholic clergy and lay people had the courage of a Protestant clergyman who tried to hand out bibles at one of the Toronto parades and was abused by the tolerant open minded folks and told to stop talking or distributing hate literature by the police who afforded him no protection…I wondered at the time since it was a Sunday how many people in Catholic churches heard messages about not attending the parade or making reparation to God for the vile things that happen during these parades…Priest, Bishops PLEASE teach the faith, stand by the faith and hopefully the laity will wake up before western society is completely in the toilet

  21. benedetta says:

    If I were to ask a municipality to enforce public drunkenness or associated civil code violations at a major urban parade, generally I wouldn’t be called a ‘bigot’ or ‘phobic’ for doing so.

  22. frjim4321 says:

    Eugene, I think it was clear when I said that I don’t like a LOT about them.

    I assure you I dislike much more about them than I would ever like.

    The gay people that I have known that seem to be fairly well adjusted aren’t typically going to such events.

    I, btw, have never attended one and I don’t see why I ever would.

  23. Uxixu says:

    In this context, pride is one of the seven deadly sins. In this case their lack of shame is telling especially in context of the rejection of social mores.

    Noone should be ashamed of what they are… but everyone should feel shame when they do evil and far too many of the actions at these events are despicable in the worst sort of way and should never be allowed in decent society.

  24. Natalie Anne says:

    The book “After the Ball How America will Conquer it’s Fear and Hatred of Homosexuality” shows how the psychologist Kirk and Madsen set the guidelines and launched the gay agenda. It was never just to be accepted, they were militant from the start. The cheapest price on Amazon is $69.93. If anyone know where I can get a cheaper copy, please let me know. Michale Voris used this book in in one of his CIA episodes. The battle is far from over. Their first tactic was to make Americans to accept homosexuality with just a shrug of the shoulders and now we see the media doing that with pedophiles.

  25. Natalie Anne says:

    Correction — It was his FBI (Faith Bases Investigation) episode on homosexuality that mentions this book. (I got the acronyms confused :-)

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