Brick by Brick: A priest says first public Extraordinary Form Low Mass

Here is something for your Brick By Brick file.

From a priest in Oklahoma:

In 2007 on September 14, the effective date of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, I offered my first Extraordinary Form Mass, as the priest for a Solemn High Mass.

Much to my shame I never kept up with the Extraordinary Form and never learned the Low Mass.  It was not until August 2014, seven years later, that I next said the Extraordinary Form again, this time as the priest for a Solemn High Nuptial Mass.

I am finally taking off those darn training wheels and riding the bike, as you observe so well. [See HERE]

Earlier this month I finally learned and said my first Low Mass.  I did so privately with only my mentor present serving for me.

Today [Monday], was my inaugural public offering of the Low Mass.  I offered the Mass this morning for the Monday in the Octave of Pentecost.

Here is perhaps the most interesting thing to share with you.  Memorial Day and people being off work may largely explain the attendance data, but having announced today’s Low Mass only yesterday at my two Sunday English Masses (no other advertising or publicity was given) I had 65 people in attendance this morning for the Low Mass!  Most were my own parishioners and some others were from the nearby Fraternity chapel.

I was most grateful but truly shocked by the attendance.  We shall see what this holds for the future.  Again, I assume the holiday permitted so many people to come and it is unlikely that such high numbers would continue.  Still, they came on a day when they could have been doing any number of other activities.

I am working on offering the Low Mass at least a couple of times each week at my parish.

Thanks, Father, for doing this.  It is important that more and more priests learn and use the Extraordinary Form.

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  1. Thorfinn says:

    I would bet that part of the draw was the oft-neglected nature of Memorial Day — people eager to offer their thanks and prayers for those who sacrificed their lives serving our country, instead of just attending a weekend sale event. Those of us who don’t go to the EF Mass weekly often target special holy days or personal anniversaries to attend.

  2. WYMiriam says:

    Dear Oklahoma priest, thank you so very much for doing this! May your tribe increase, and swiftly, and in many dioceses!

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