15 August – Assumption – Madison WI – Pontifical Mass with Bp. Morlino

15_08_10_D_Madison_press_release_AssumptionOn Saturday, 15 August, Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His Excellency Most Reverend 1Robert C. Morlino will celebrate in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite a Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool at 11 AM at the Church of St. Mary in Pine Bluff.  It is the patronal feast of the parish.

A Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool is a solemn way for a bishop to offer the Traditional Latin Mass, although it requires the service of fewer clerics as sacred ministers than Mass at the Throne.  The music for the Mass will include Gregorian Chant and polyphonic motets.

Before the Mass His Excellency will bless flowers, herbs, and fruit brought by the faithful.  On the Feast of the Assumption there is a special blessing in the traditional Roman Ritual that can be conferred on these seasonal gifts from God. These occasional blessings help us to sense more fully the beautiful rhythms of the sacred liturgical year.

Music for the Mass

Proper: Gregorian chant, Missa Signum magnum

Mass Ordinary:

  • T.L. de Victoria, Missa quarti toni (KGSBA)
  • Credo III


  • Offertory: G. Aichinger, Assumpta est Maria
  • Communion: F. Soriano, Magnificat sexti toni 



  • Salve Regina, tonus simplex
  • “Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above” (Salve Regina Coelitum)

The Mass is sponsored by the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison and St. Mary’s Church in Pine Bluff.

St Mary’s of Pine Bluff Catholic Church
3673 Co Hwy P
Cross Plains, WI 53528
(608) 798-2111

Google Maps Link to St. Mary’s HERE


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  1. Former Altar Boy says:

    Can we assume from this post that the holy day of obligation has not been dispensed with in the Diocese of Madison as it has in Diocese of San Diego (and possibility the entire state of California)? And, yes, Ascension Thursday is meaningless out here, too.

  2. Gerard Plourde says:

    In Dioceses of the United States, when a Holy Day of Obligation falls on a Saturday or a Monday the obligation is remitted. Consider the graces available by voluntarily attending Mass. As a quick aside however, it should be noted that which days are Holy Days of Obligation varies from country to country. In many places January 6, the Feast of the Ephiphany is one. It has never been one in the United States and has for some time sadly been transferred to a Sunday here. Conversely, the Feast of the Assumption is not universally a Holy Day of Obligation (as I discovered decades ago in Germany).

    Of the Dioceses of the United States only Boston, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia and Omaha still observe Ascension Thursday on the day. All other jurisdictions have made the dubious choice to transfer the Feast to Sunday.

  3. Lepidus says:

    Gerard, I might be wrong, but doesn’t the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception stay as a day of obligation in the US, unless it is on a Monday due to Dec. 8 being on a Sunday?

    In my opinion, this whole thing is ridiculous. I consider myself above average in knowing what is going on in the Church and I got confused on whether or not Saturday has the obligation. If I have to stop and think about it, what about the average Catholic who hears more about the parish festival than anything relating to Holy Days, ever.

  4. jhayes says:

    Boston publishes a very clear chart showing – for each of the six possible Holydays of Obligation – which are of obligation in the current year.


    As Gerard Plourde pointed out, the answer is not the same in all dioceses of the US, so you should check locally.

  5. WYMiriam says:

    Kudos to Bp. Morlino!!!

  6. Gerard Plourde says:

    Dear Lepidus,

    You’re correct. The rule also does not apply to Christmas, on which the obligation to attend Mass remains for Satruday and Monday as well.

    I agree that the current state of affairs causes unnecessary confusion and would rather the exceptions were removed from the rule.

  7. CradleRevert says:

    His Excellency Bishop Andrew Cozzens will also be celebrating a TLM Solemn High Mass at the Faldstool at All Saints (FSSP) in Minneapolis this coming Saturday.

  8. Elizabeth D says:

    Sounds great… I don’t have any feasible way to get there. Bring back the TLM at the Cathedral Parish. :-(

  9. acardnal says:

    I second Elizabeth’s motion.

  10. FXR2 says:

    I would request prayers for the mother of Fr. Robert C. Pasley, the Pastor, of Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Camden, NJ. His eighty-five year old mother has recently been hospitalized for adverse medication reactions. On to top of all this she has just sustained a fall breaking ribs and puncturing her lung landing her in Cooper Medical Center, the local trauma center.

    I am sure if Father Pasley was not so busy he would invite everyone able to attend our annual Assumption Mass. In his words:

    Please, join us on Friday, August 14, at 7 p.m. for the Choral High Mass of Thanksgiving, The Feast of the Assumption, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 18th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA, with The Rev. Robert C. Pasley, Celebrant and Preacher.

    The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is truly amazing, and our Choral High Masses are legendary! Please join us!


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