Catholic Colleges and Big Business Abortion – Planned Parenthood

I direct the readership’s attention to The Cardinal Newman Society‘s report A More Scandalous Relationship: Catholic Colleges and Planned Parenthood

The CNS has a feed on my side bar.  Watch it daily.

Also, at Crisis see the article on Catholic Colleges and Planned Parenthood: New Proof of Collusion


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  1. Theodore says:

    Planned Parenthood video no. 7 released today by the Center for Medical Progress.

    It is even more horrific than the previous ones. As one of the commentators to the link above posted, “Are PP staff going to be eating the bodies by the end of this? How can there be anything plausibly more horrific than this video?”

  2. Joseph-Mary says:

    Most of the Jesuit colleges are in on this…

    Have you seen the new 7th video from the Center for Medical Express?
    This is what is supported: infanticide murder.

  3. benedetta says:

    The hypocrisy these schools showcase from their faculty and administration is probably what at root causes the vast majority who attend to abandon any sort of attempt to practice their faith as mature adults, and who ultimately flee from even the strident moralizing featuring a gutted and non-humanist social justice made in these places. Ultimately in the elite schools a faithful network of money making and returning alum is what drives the wheel. In the lesser known schools, local politics makes a power grab for space at a Catholic school because PP knows what kind of a coup that represents.

    The key point in this report is stated succinctly: college and university administration that celebrates PP as ideology or as something they wish their students to patronize neither care for their students’ well being truly nor can be deemed liberal humanists by the big boys of academe. They render themselves apologists for eugenics and genocide and for coercion and violence towards women and their children.

  4. iamlucky13 says:

    Several of these ties are extremely tenuous.

    For instance, the sole example listed for University of Portland, my alma mater (run by C.S.C., as is Notre Dame), is that a single nursing professor out of 106 professors and instructors on the faculty lists on her C.V. that 30 years ago, she worked one night a week for planned parenthood.

    It’s difficult to know what to do with that information. If she is promoting Planned Parenthood in her classes or clinical sessions, that is clearly unacceptable. Otherwise, I don’t see much constructive to do other than to pray for a strong Church in our country, so that Catholic schools can have experienced candidates to choose from who are consistently faithful to Church teaching.

    This is not to say that University of Portland is a solid Catholic school. It has many problems. I had a lay professor teaching a religion class who claimed to be Catholic but talked about how wonderful new age meditation is, and a priest teaching another religion class tell us the Church doesn’t know if hell exists, while implying it was a misunderstanding by early theologians. However, when a liberal student group started passing out condoms on campus, the administration actually shut them down.

    Some are tenuous but should be easily correctable. Gonzaga, run by the Jesuits (although until just a few years ago had Father Robert Spitzer as its president, who is orthodox to the best of my knowledge) has a pamphlet of resources for crime victims on its website. It was not written by the university itself, but apparently by “Lutheran Community Services.” The two page pamphlet lists 80 different local organizations. Planned Parenthood is listed among the 14 entries described as “Health Care.” Clearly, Gonzaga should be encouraged to create their own version of this pamphlet without Planned Parenthood. A couple hours work in Word and it can be done.

    Both of these are clearly in a different category of affiliation than the example of Boston College, which gives students in some majors educational credits for interships at Planned Parenthood, or Georgetown University hosting talks from Planned Parenthood employees.

    It’s also different from local Providence Hospital, where they outright promoted artificial birth control at several of the birth preparation classes we attended and even had one class primarily dedicated to the topic (which we skipped). Oddly, they seemed to particularly focus on promoting IUD’s, despite that type having one of the highest rates of severe complications.

  5. Andreas says:

    Reading this and a number of other recent postings, I suspect that one could be forgiven for believing that those who have the responsibility to provide oversight of entities claiming to be Catholic (including colleges/universities, news organizations and their publications, leadership conferences, etc.) and ensuring that said bodies actually ARE Catholic in deeds as well as words, appear to be providing more lip service than actual enforcement. Discussions and reports are fine (I believe the report cited above is a follow-up to that first released about 4 years ago)…but in cases such as this, where are the credible responses from Catholic leadership that must follow? Does diplomacy not have it’s limits, beyond which one must finally employ timely and appropriate means in support of those words earlier spoken?

  6. benedetta says:

    Nearly all the connections listed in this report are significant in another respect: when someone chooses to work with a university which publicly espouses a Catholic foundation and Catholic principles, and then is comfortable publicly retaining even a one night a week employment at PP on their CV as a valid experience in the field alongside whatever actually valid professional experience in health professions, there should be of necessity and in the light of reason some consideration for the offenses that represents to human dignity which a Catholic school at the very least should be expected in the public imagination to represent unfailingly with fidelity and speaking with full throated conscience.

    On a secular campus, one expects, unfailingly, a limited moral imagination, a paltry and warped worldview hobbled by the deceptions of the time that work despite rational thought and the scientific evidence, all towards some hazy warmed over ideology. Therefore, elements in the academic atmosphere which are hostile to life are taken for granted and someone’s CV with this experience is passed over without comment or even by some taken as commendable again through the deception that PP somehow supports real parenthood or real women’s health in a holistic and true sense.

    Still one can contrast the situation of like the Portland mention with places that are attempting to say weirdly enough that holding PP or Naral heavyweights on board or tenured faculty someone shows them to be, what, not lace curtain? To be “open minded”. Yeah, right. What it really shows is corruption, mainly political, in the sense of the smallest mind and worldview and that they are just ashamed or afraid to actually be Catholic. Of a time it was all the twisted Cuomo reading of JC Murray pretense that said that one could be a Catholic and look the other way if the populus was for something totally immoral like murder of a child in the womb as a necessary evil in the pluralism, for the big political dealing and exchange. After that sort of a run up it’s not going to be easy for all these strange bedfellows born of big abortion lobbying deals and appearances to part ways. It’s not just the one employee here one board member or weblink there — if the school thinks it has been maligned and that it values and invests truly in a culture of life for the benefit of their own students’ health and well being as well as future generations’, then let them defend themselves in all available fora. The fact is that the Newman Society does excellent work in compiling opportunities for truly Catholic higher education and what is offered goes farther than not having scurrilous web links or disguised offerings for health care and attends to the whole person in what is provided for students using a truly Catholic approach.

  7. Ygnacia says:

    Years ago while I was working at a substance abuse counseling facility in Gilroy, CA, I came across handouts for our clients for health services offered via Planned Parenthood at the local Catholic Church. There it was, big as life, Planned Parenthood and St. Mary’s Catholic Community, together on a flyer going out to the whole community. The services offered, on site at the Catholic Church from PP, were not abortion services, but, for the church to have any dealings with or give any credence to that organization was outrageous. I wrote to the Bishop, I received a general ‘thank you for your letter’ response. Nothing was done. Shame on them.

  8. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    Over the past several years, in dozens of news stories, I have never seen a statement by Cardinal Maradiaga that was any MORE intelligent or defensible, or any LESS heretical and preposterous, than the statement in this tweet.

  9. JerrytheYTPer says:

    Looking at this list, it makes me realize how lucky I am my school isn’t more left wing than it already is.

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