ham radio badassA couple participants here used the combox to coordinate a contact.  HERE

There wasn’t much success because of lousy propagation, but it was instructive.  We moved from frequency to frequency on the fly using the combox. (Which means you need to refresh! And you need to check back!)

Use this post to organize your contacts!  

If you can, post with some times in UTC.  Post frequencies and when you will be listening.

Work it out!  We will learn as we go.

I will be on the road and away from my station.  I might try Echolink.

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  1. Fr. Bryan says:

    I will start listening and calling CQ on 8/25 at 2300 UTC (7 PM EDT here). I will start on 40 meters at 7.235 LSB. If that frequency is in use, I will post back here and refresh often. Hope we can make some contacts.

  2. MWindsor says:

    I can’t make it tomorrow. I have – alas – some IKEA furniture to assemble and finish for my daughter’s new apartment. (Did I ever mention that “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here” is stenciled in very fine print above the entrance of every IKEA store?)

    But a pair of small CME’s are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Conditions may be even tougher then. Regardless…good hunting.


  3. MWindsor says:

    Fr. Bryan – I noticed in the other thread that you need Oklahoma for WAS. Does it matter if someone registered in Texas works you from OK? I’m thinking of an overnight SOTA trip to the Ozarks in eastern OK. It would be some time in the first full week of September – after Labor Day, or maybe that weekend. I’m not sure of the timing yet. But if you’re game, and the rules allow for a Texan to work you from OK, then we may be able to get that out of the way for you. And I can use PA for WAS as well (along with 45 other states, I think…).

  4. Allan S. says:


    I can’t afford an HF rig, and only own a FM HT (Baofeng UV B5). Which means I get to listen to silent FM repeaters and nothing else. Unless I use Echolink, in which case I can listen to MORE silent repeaters.


  5. Fr. Bryan says:

    I am not sure how the Worked All States rules apply, but I need Texas too.

    I will give it try on 40 meters tonight (7.235 to start @ 23:00 UTC), but if we do get these CME’s and conditions are bad, there is always another night. Will watch this combox tonight (8/25) for Fr. Z HAMs who are on frequency. Maybe we should call it the Z-Net.

  6. Art says:

    The only ham equipment I have right now is a Baofeng UV-82. I’m saving up for a portable HF rig. Echolink is the only way for me to listen outside my area.


  7. Sigh. Figures…you all go off and start holding Z-Nets and I’m sitting on a beach in Newport RI with nothing other than an iPad and wifi hotspot!

    MWindsor: I’ll give you a PA QSL next time the net stands up. And a legit PA contact to anyone else who needs it for WAS.

    Suggestion: besides the combox…coordinate over the WDTPRS Cafe on Echolink…:)

  8. MWindsor says:

    No echolink for me. I don’t have a way to hook my radio up to a computer. I can connect to my tablet for RTTY or PSK31, but not to the computer. I was using my tablet last night, in fact, as the computer is too far away from where I can setup the radio.

  9. Fr. Bryan says:

    I have access to Echolink through my tablet and smartphone. What should I be looking for to connect to it?

  10. Fr. Bryan says:

    7.235 is occupied. I am listening on 7.283 LSB on 40 meters. KD8ZFF

  11. Fr. Bryan says:

    Nothing heard on 7.283, I switched over to the Moonlighter’s Net (an informal ragchew net on 7.279). Will be at a workshop till Friday, and we can try again for a “Z-Net” then. Tnx de KD8ZFF, Fr. Bryan

  12. chris1 says:

    If anyone is on, I’ll start calling CQ on 7.178 LSB shortly.

  13. Mojoron says:

    Some Net’s use Netlogger to keep track of their members and can keep track of frequencies that are being/or can be used for a Net. I use it with OMISS Net that is a very large member net with dues ($7 lifetime). Anyway, someone with access to Windows will have to set it up since the directions are for Explorer. You will have to join Netlogger user community, which is free, in order to get the instructions. Just a thought that using Netlogger instead of this blog to communicate with like-minded Catholic men and women who want to Ham things up.

  14. chris1 says:

    All right, 10:09pm EDT calling CQ starting at 7.178 mHz LSB.
    73, de KJ4MPE

  15. JonPatrick says:

    I guess I’m a little confused after reading about Echolink. Hams talking to other hams via a mike and sound card on their computer over the internet. How is this different than Skype?

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