I recommend to the readership a veritable eye-candy feast, which you can access online.

The current issue of REGINA.

Just go check it out!

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  1. Paulo says:

    Beautiful photography and very interesting commentary. Thanks for sharing this, it brightened my morning!

  2. jdskyles says:

    It was good and poignant with regards to the situation in Sicily, but I was taken aback when they described Cardinal Levada and Archbishop Niederauer as being “scandalous”. I think both of them did the best with what they had, and paved the way for someone like Archbishop Cordileone to come in. Imagine how much larger the backlash would have been if an actual “liberal” preceded Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco.

  3. my kidz mom says:

    Fr. Z, great shot of you on page 25!

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