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  1. Veritatis Splendor says:

    My brother is taking simple vows in the Dominican Province of St. Joseph this Saturday, along with 8 other men. I believe there are 15 or 17 new novices replacing them.

  2. momoften says:

    My sister had a brain aneurysm and surgery for it a little over a week ago. I am so gratified to see family and friends pulling together to get things done for their 7 kids at home. Her husband has had
    family down (hospital is 2 hours away) everyday since they brought her down there. Although the recovery is bumpy right now and it will be long~ it is of great comfort to have people praying for her and helping out in so many ways. God is always good.

  3. Siculum says:

    In his column this week for the Philadelphia archdiocesan newspaper, Archbishop Chaput wryly writes, “As Cardinal Joseph Bernardin once wisely noted, Catholic social teaching is a seamless garment of respect for human life, from conception to natural death. It makes no sense to champion the cause of unborn children if we ignore their basic needs once they’re born. Thus it’s no surprise that – year in and year out – nearly all Catholic dioceses in the United States, including Philadelphia, devote far more time, personnel and material resources to providing social services to the poor and education to young people than to opposing abortion.

    But of course, children need to survive the womb before they can have needs like food, shelter, immigration counseling and good health care. Humanity’s priority right – the one that undergirds all other rights – is the right to life.”

    Remember, this is the same archdiocese where the Holy Father is coming in just a few weeks. Archbishop Chaput’s statement may not be good news, but the fact that he is saying it is good. Everyone’s watching Philadelphia, and I hope some of the other bishops across this country are among them.

    Read the rest there:

  4. hmf10 says:

    My siblings (9 of us!) and I all chipped in to fly ourselves to New Hampshire and meet up at a Starbucks this Saturday. We will then regroup and drive to our childhood home to surprise our parents who are still living in the small ranch where we all grew up. We have not been all together in about 15 years so this is very exciting. We have so much to be thankful for! Fr. Z, I love your positive nature, ever on the lookout for positive news and good points that were made in sermons, etc.

  5. oldconvert says:

    After devoting most of the day to nursing my husband, who is undergoing chemotherapy, I wandered out into the backyard this evening and there, although it had not been raining right here, was the most gorgeous rainbow to the east, and a glorious golden sunset to the west. (Took photographs to remind me of this.) Where God gives trials, He also gives comforts.

  6. EverydayTrad says:

    I devoted the month of March to praying for my husband’s return to the Faith. He has gone to Mass every Sunday since Easter and is now thinking of joining the schola. Deo gratias!

  7. rtrainque says:

    The Vermont TLM community now has an online presence. Especially important, I think, for any tradition-loving Catholics who may be numbered among the many many tourists our area sees throughout the year.

  8. Bea says:

    This Sunday, our pastor introduced a new seminarian who is starting his studies this fall. Our’s is the only parish in this diocese that has produced such a large number of priests. We had a priest ordained this past June and another one will be ordained next year. (unfortunately we have a very liberal bishop and the seminaries he sends them to are not the holiest, but our pastor keeps them under his wing). In the past 20 years or so we have had 7 others.

    My husband’s PSA count was down in fighting cancer with shots he gets every 6 months.

    My laser therapy on an eye where I was seeing with a blur after cataract surgery was successful and I can see clearly again.

    My granddaughter had a beautiful poem about God’s creation printed in a National Magazine. She was 12 when she composed it.

  9. Johannes Quinque says:

    Our Bishop is correcting liturgical errors promulgated by the previous Bishop. These include receiving communion from the front of the church instead of the back… then kneeling when returning to the pew, not holding hands during the Our Father, and various other smaller changes to bring us in conformity to the rubrics (timing when sitting, standing, and how the extraordinary ministers present themselves are examples.)

    This is one step closer to being liturgically proper, as we have been moving that direction since about 2010. I think the introduction of the new Missal translation was a landmark in the liturgical reform, and with a forthcoming NARBE revision suitable for the Mass and LOTH, things should only continue to get better.

    At this point my parish offers the EF only once a month, but I pray that will increase as well!

  10. Eugene says:

    Attended Sunday Mass at my Jesuit run parish, the celebrant was a fill in for our vacationing pastor, who is from the Congo, he sang the Keyrie Eleison and the Agnus Dei..I love our Catholic African priests

  11. Eonwe says:

    My wife gave birth to our first baby two weeks ago!

  12. Charivari Rob says:

    At some point after my father passed away last year, a cousin of mine in NYC arranged for a weekday Mass intention (close to his birthday) at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My mother took the train into town from NJ, I was able to get the day off and meet her. We did a little sight-seeing, including the cathedral renovations, and met our cousin. Mass was nice, and they pronounced Dad’s name correctly (Deo Gratia!).

    After that we had supper at a midtown pub (owned by another cousin).

    Out to NJ on the train, a good chunk of the rest of the weekend at home with Mom taking care of a couple of things and having a nice visit, and back to MA uneventfully to be ready to start the work week.

  13. FloridaJoan says:

    I am currently enjoying my visit with my 85 year old Mother in Canada. She celebrated her birthday with family last Saturday and is currently in fairly good health. Her parish priest/pastor makes weekly visits ( Friday) with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Her faith is strong and sustains her daily. For her birthday, a niece gave her a copy of Mother Angelica’s biography by Raymond Arroyo ; she finished reading it today. AMDG

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