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I have received a few more voice mails. It has been a while since I posted about them.

Here is this one, from across the pond.  A second came in just after I posted this, reacting (in part) to the first.



In the first, … I know about “censed”.  You can’t do much traditional liturgical stuff without knowing it.  I occasionally see words I don’t know in my Word of the Day emails to which I subscribe (the OED WOTD is especially helpful).  I saw one the other day that was pretty spiffy:  bafflegab – though it is modern.  I might use it a lot during October. There was also oology.  Didn’t know that one.  Having the Latin and the Greek makes it possible to figure out most of the technical stuff.  But words that come out of, say, medieval Scots, like gaberlunzie, I need to look up. And, please don’t be either censed or incensed that I was having a little fun with your language.  Thanks for noticing and thanks for the kind words!  I look forward to my next visit to Blighty.  And the “Extraordinary Ordinary” to which he referred is, of course, the redoubtable Bp. Morlino.


In the second…, yes, there was the Cappella della Separazione, which was destroyed to build the road to Ostia.  HERE  It was the property of Ss. Trinità dei Pelegrini where the FSSP is and where you find one of the most glorious paintings of Baroque Rome, the Trinity by Guido Reni.  The Great Roman Fabrizio tells me that he will take a photo of an inscription from the original chapel preserved at Ss. Trinità.  Apparently there is now a modern chapel near the place of the original.

Also, I am not sure about the why of the lineage of bishops all going to Benedict XIII (+1730), other than that, as in bloodlines, they all converge somewhere.  There were fewer consecrations, once upon a time, and it makes sense that they converge.  You can see at the site Catholic Hierarchy that most lines run beyond Benedict XIII to Scipione Card. Rebiba (+1577).   Eventually, of course, they go back to the Apostles themselves.

And, as a bonus, one of my favorite images of Benedict XIII.

A pretty humble guy, from all accounts, though sitting on the other side of the desk might be a bit intimidating.

Speaking of being either censed or incensed (the object of incensation) or incensed (smokin’ angry), Benedict XIII lifted the ban on smoking, which his urbane papal predecessors Urban VII and Urban VIII had imposed.  And speaking of imposed, we impose incense in the thurible, or censer if you please, in order to produce the holy smoke.  And not to impose on your patience any longer, I will censor my digressions lest I be further (not farther) censured.

Finally… the English… yes.

I had a few timid hang ups.  C’mon!

Please leave me voice mail. I don’t call back, but I listen to it. You have three options:


 020 8133 4535


Since I pay a fee for the two phone numbers, USA and UK, I am glad when they are used.

TIPS for leaving voice mail.

  1. Don’t shout.  If you shout, your voice will be distorted and I won’t be able to understand you.
  2. Don’t whisper.  If you have to whisper, maybe you should instead be calling the police.
  3. Come to your point right away.

By the way, if you emphatically say at the beginning of a message, or anywhere else in a message for that matter, not to use your message in a post or a podcast… then I (probably) won’t.  But then don’t complain that you didn’t see something about it on the blog.  ‘kay?  Yes, that happens.



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