Synod notes: The Final Report is coming. I’m not optimistic.

Based on my vacuuming up bits of information via conversations and emails.

Today the members of the Synod are going over the draft of the Final Report.   God help us all.

I am not optimistic, given the breakdown of the orientations of the small groups I posted yesterday.

Pray.  They vote tomorrow.  The Kasperites must be soundly defeated.  Defeated not by a little, but soundly.

South African Card. Napier Fox one of the drafting committee for the Final Report doubts that Communion for divorced and civilly remarried will be found clearly in the Final Report. If that is true, the Kasperites won’t be able to claim outright victory.

There is a video of a presser during which liberal Fishwrap journalist Robert Mickens (fired by The Tablet – HERE) by Card. Napier.  Mickens took aim, through Napier, at Edward Pentin who wrote The Rigging of a Synod.  Mickens clearly hates Pentin’s book.  Napier slapped him down. Start at 42:15.

Also, read Pentin’s post at the National Catholic Register.  HERE The Germans think “mercy” can be shown to civilly divorced and remarried Catholics and others in irregular situations in the “internal forum” (i.e., the Confessional). And watch Fr Carlos Errazuriz, professor of canon law at the University of Santa Croce, dissect the German position.

Also, to understand really well how the Kasperites’ minds work, there is Robert Stark in Catholic World Report. HERE


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  2. Cantor says:

    So we shall see one of two things: the report of a Synod, or the report of a Sin-Nod.

  3. Gemma says:

    ” The family is the foundation of society. As no chain is stronger than its links, society is no stronger than the permanent unity of the families of which it is composed. Every irreligious force in the world that seeks to destroy society directs its attacks against the Christian home.
    Our present society, with its high degree of civilization, is the result of the value of the family having been proclaimed at Nazareth. Before Nazareth, the family was almost universally barbaric: woman was a slave, and the life of the child was at the disposition of the father.As a result, society was bar barbaric. However, God-obedient to a human father and a human mother at Nazareth-changed the status of woman and raised the family to its proper place of glory…”Back to Nazareth ” is and must be, our cry. Where God Himself-under Mary and Joseph-set an example to the world, we can acquire the force to come forth over the entire world to defend our Christisn families with the arms of humility, prayer, chastity and fidelity. God will render us victorious.
    However, how can we all return to Nazareth? How can we all enter into the mysterious of the Holy Family….” pg154, 155 and continuing to pg 158, “Mary In Her Scapular Promise” John Haffert
    I just came upon this book that I haven’t opened in years. God showing me what I must do…in any case. I thought I would share this with everybody.

  4. ChrisRawlings says:

    If Communion for the divorced and remarried isn’t clearly articulated in the final relatio, how can there be vote at all on it, let alone a strong majority against it?

  5. Toan says:

    From Pentin’s article referred to in this post: “Most of the small groups either were clearly unfavorable towards it or did not mention it.” Is Pentin wrong in saying this, or was the count a few posts ago wrong? It would be helpful if someone took the time to provide the exact quotes from each small group related to Kasper’s proposal.

  6. Bthompson says:

    The thing that has frustrated me to no end about the German proposal is that in every way the proposal should be dead. Indeed, it should be more or less fully returned to the dust by now as it is the exact same proposal that they made back in the 1990s, which was refused by St John Paul II and expertly refuted by Cardinal Ratzinger (and then re-refuted when they proposed it a second time, having tweaked a few points.) specifically because of the severely distorted notion of conscience the Germans were working with (a fundamental category error).

  7. juergensen says:

    How can a “civilly remarried” unrepentant adulterer have a “firm purpose of amendment” in the “internal forum”? He can’t. Folks, this has nothing to do with “civilly remarried” adulterers, and everything to do with “civilly married” sodomites. For, if “civilly remarried” adulterers can receive Communion, there is no reason why “civilly married” sodomites cannot. And, if “civilly married” sodomites can receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, there is no reason why they cannot receive the Sacrament of Marriage. Ladies and gentlemen, the “Synod on the Family”.

  8. Gerard Plourde says:

    I agree that we should pray for the members of the Synod. We shold also remember that Synods cannot make Church Law or change the Magisterium. Their report, whatever it says, has no legislative effect. Only the Pope has that authority.

  9. acardnal says:

    A difficulty: It was reported – on EWTN, by Archbishop Chaput as I recall, and elsewhere – that the draft Final Report was presented in Italian ONLY. Many of the Synod Fathers do not speak or read Italian so how can they vote knowledgeably on it?!

  10. McCall1981 says:

    Card Gracias (on the committee drafting the final report) has said the report will not include the internal forum “solution”:

  11. Paulo says:

    The proposal, if I understand it correctly, creates something like “quantum Catholicism”, in which the morality of an act cannot be known for certain until it is observed and measured. Something like rewriting the gospel like this: “If a man divorces his wife and marries another of any gender, he may or may not be committing adultery. Only accompanying will tell”. Someone call Benedict XVI, please?

  12. iamlucky13 says:

    “The Germans think “mercy” can be shown to civilly divorced and remarried Catholics and others in irregular situations in the “internal forum” (i.e., the Confessional).”

    Well of course mercy can be shown, and in fact, must be. Let’s choose our words carefully and not allow those trying to manipulate the teachings of the Church the luxury of framing the discussion in a misleading manner that treats mercy as being opposed to justice. We each play a role in our reception of mercy by first being receptive to it in a just manner. We must not lie to those asking for mercy about the injustice of claiming to want God’s mercy but having no intention of even trying to live in accord with it.

    As has been repeated so many times and must continue to be repeated, it is neither just nor merciful to help separated couples deceive themselves about the reality of their marriage and the sinfulness of adultery. I pray that the Synod will reinforce that fact in no uncertain terms, so that we can then move forward in calling those who struggle with this teaching to seek true mercy, rather than a shadowy sense of something that feels like mercy only to the degree that it hides from indissolubility of marriage.

  13. scotus says:

    “South African Card. Napier Fox, one of the drafting committee for the Final Report, doubts that Communion for divorced and civilly remarried will be found clearly in the Final Report.”
    Yes, but, “The Kasperites must be soundly defeated. Defeated not by a little, but soundly.” That word ‘clearly’ is worrying. If Communion for divorced and civilly remarried is in the Final Report in any kind of a way, no matter how obscure, the Kasperites will claim victory.

  14. Kathleen10 says:

    I’m frightened by the level of fear that the Cardinals demonstrate. There is a common thread of, for lack of a better term, over the top deference, for the pope. Deference isn’t the word, it’s something more than that. I have noticed it again and again, and it is, well, creepy. Of course, now that “burked” is a verb, they are probably being perceptive about reality. How horrible.

    These German cardinals would literally change the Ten Commandments. They cannot believe in the divinity of Christ. I don’t know what they believe, but they are evil men, and should not be Cardinals. It is no wonder we have seen the deterioration of faith by laypeople. These men don’t believe.
    It is all resting on the faithful Cardinals. God help them. Our Lady, pray for them, please.

  15. As for the final report, it might be asked “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” For priests are already hearing from people who are convinced that the policy on holy communion has already been changed. No doubt, some in illicit relationships have already, on the basis of media reports, started receiving communion without benefit of confession. In which case the liberals have already attained their objective, independent of whatever the final report may say. Just as the cause of contraception was lost even before Humanae vitae came out.

  16. DeGaulle says:

    If the Kasperites win, what do we do? It will mean that Our Lord was only spoofing, [No. It won’t. ]if any man should put asunder a marriage sure it only merits a shrug, really. Confession is a waste of time, only an idiot would resolve to abstain from his sin. He’ll be saved anyway. John the Baptist will be shown to be a harmless fool. Likewise John Fisher and Thomas More. We in Ireland were fools to have suffered dungeon, fire and sword, not to mention penal laws and famine. Henry VIII is back in the fold now, he could have had his six wives simultaneously, it seems. Do what you will, there are no real consequences, seems to be the ethos. I suspect most of these judas priests are really atheists. Catholic Truth is only bullshit for the simple folk, not anything for these sophisticated princes of the Church to have to pay any attention to. Only Pope Francis can save us now. Let us pray for him.

    [Breathe into a paper bag for a while and then say your prayers and go about your day.]

  17. Fr. W says:

    There has been all this talk about that fact that some people are the ‘innocent’ ones in a divorce, others are the villain or cause of the breakdown. In a Confessional, how are you supposed to discover who is really the innocent one? This would required at a minimum, meeting with the other party to hear their side of it.
    Almost everyone I’ve met who was divorced will explain how it was the other person’s fault. So, even from a practical point of view, the Kasperite proposal is ludicrous. This is why among the Orthodox, such innocence/guilt has become: everyone gets their 2nd/3rd marriage blessed.

  18. TNCath says:

    Our Lady, Mother of the Church, pray for us.
    St. Jude, pray for us.
    St. John Paul II, pray for us.

    Ironically, I fear that the”Final Report” will drive more more people away from the Church than people it hopes to bring back.

  19. Joe Magarac says:

    The NCRegister article that you linked is more optimistic than you are:

    “The report was published as Cardinal Kasper’s proposal appeared to be dead in the water among the majority of the synod fathers. Most of the small groups either were clearly unfavorable towards it or did not mention it.”

  20. Traductora says:

    I’m nervous about it, but what is worse is that I think the Pope has again done an end-run. The newly established “Dicastery on the Family and the Laity” is obviously going to give him cover for whatever he can’t get past the CDF. I think he’d like to break up the Church into little national fiefdoms, but I’m not sure all the cardinals are on board with that…so I think he’s going to be working it in stages to get his way, regardless of what the report says.

  21. Christ_opher says:

    To hear this is so sad.

    How and why is this possible? It’s not the church of man it’s his church the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Are we really heading towards a persecution of true believers?

  22. Kathleen10 says:

    Gemma, thank you. Those are wise and inspiring words, especially as we are approaching the Christmas season, and should keep our minds on the Holy Family.

  23. Curley says:

    I think we should all pray the pope decides to take a stroll over to the residence of pope Benedict xvi for some advice and consultation.

  24. DeGaulle says:

    Father Z,

    Excuse my rant. I breathed into that paper bag. Wish this was finished, it’s not doing my nerves any good. I phrased poorly in my vexation as well. Of course Our Lord could never be meant to have spoofed, but there are those who seem to believe, or pretend to, that He wasn’t entirely serious.

  25. Curley says:

    The Kasper proposal reminds me of the whole gay marriage thing in the USA. It’s about forcing others to accept you when the deviant behavior is already going on. You don’t think the German bishops are already making use of the “internal forum”. Cupich essentially admitted that’s what he does.

  26. Gerard Plourde says:

    Just a little history (which may or may not be germaine):

    Prior to the issuance of Humanae Vitae the conventional wisdom was certain that the encyclical would allow Catholics to use artificial means of contraception. We know what that “wisdom” was worth.

  27. Ages says:

    Fr. W declares: “This is why among the Orthodox, such innocence/guilt has become: everyone gets their 2nd/3rd marriage blessed.”

    With respect, Father, this is not true. You ask, “In a Confessional, how are you supposed to discover who is really the innocent one?” In Orthodoxy there is no anonymity in confession, and any pastor worth his salt will get a couple into counseling if it becomes needed. To get a divorce requires the couple try earnestly to heal the relationship. The bishop is aware of the situation and any pastor who cares about salvation will get to bottom of these things. Spiritual courts occur when things remain unclear. And in cases of adultery, the fault is obvious and it needs no investigation.

    The road to a second marriage in the Orthodox Church is long, difficult, and full of tears—as it should be—and even then, it is by no means a right or automatic. As for a third marriage, I have never personally encountered one nor am I aware of any in my sphere, and this highly-penitential rite would almost certainly be reserved for very unfortunate serial widow(er)s—even these individuals must seek the bishop’s blessing to be remarried.

    My great-grandmother (may she rest in peace) was actually widowed three times and married four times. First husband died shortly after they were married, second husband was kicked in the head by a horse, third was in a war, I can’t remember which. She was a Protestant, but had she been Orthodox, she would have had to get permission each time, and she would not have been allowed the fourth marriage. Such is never allowed for any reason. These things are undertaken seriously and earnestly to bring the truth to light.

  28. benedetta says:

    “We are often so oppressed, understandably oppressed, by the immense social needs of the world and by all the organizational and structural problems that exist that we set aside worship as something for later. Father Delp once said that nothing is more important than worship. He said so in the context of his time, with it was evident that to destroy worship, destroyed man…Wherever worship is no longer, wherever it is not a priority to pay honor to God, human realities can make no headway…”

  29. Augustine says:

    Whatever the votes, Francis has demonstrated last to not give even a hoot about the synod fathers think. He might again just cram in his favored outcome by papal fiat. Yet, I trust the Holy Spirit to run the ink in his pen dry before such an abomination can happen.

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