7 Feb: Bl. Pius IX, Pope

Bl. Pius IX at St. Lawrence outside the wallsThe Martyrologium Romanum has this entry for 7 February:

16*.  Romae, beati Pii papae Noni, qui, veritatem Christi, cui ab imo adhaesit, plane proclamans, multas instituit sedes episcopales, cultum beatae Mariae Virginis promovit et Concilium OEcumenicum Vaticanum Primum ascivit.

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  1. IoannesPetrus says:

    In Rome, (the feast) of blessed pope Pius IX, who, proclaiming with clarity the truth of Christ, to whom he clung in earnest*, established many episcopal sees, promoted the cult of the blessed Virgin Mary and initiated the First Ecumenical Council of the Vatican.

    *Not sure about this way to translate “ab imo”

  2. Tony Phillips says:

    Pio Nono was really a tragic figure. As he watched the papacy’s temporal power crumble around him, he felt driven to expand its spiritual power. The unfortunate First Vatican Council was the result–a council every bit as ‘stacked’ as the recent Synod, and an unnecessarily stumbling block to Christian reunion.

    We really ought to call a moratorium on this business of beatifying and canonising recent popes. When you think of all the modern martyrs, it’s somehow very unseemly.

  3. Andrew says:


    not sure about the translation of “ab imo” as “in earnest”

    I think it captures the concept very well. Perhaps there is no better way to say it in English.

  4. Imrahil says:

    I’d think that “cui” refers to “veritas”, not (immediately that is) to “Christus”, so I’d not translate “to whom”, but “to which”.

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