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Apart from the fact that they use a “J”, I am all for the Juventutem movement for young people who want the Traditional Roman Rite.

I received this from the head of the Hungarian tribe of the same:

Dear Father Z.,
I am happy to announce that the members of Juventutem Hungary have launched a foundation called Introibo Foundation. We are still working on the english version of our website, nevertheless all information will be available shortly here:
In your charity, could you please help us in finding donors for our cause?
Same as in your practise, a mass for benefactors will be said every month.
Thank you very much for your help!
In Christ,
Bertalan Kiss
Juventutem Hungary

So… that’s the news.  I wish them well.  I ran into them last October during the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage.

On another note, folks, if you have something going on, it helps to have it completed before I post about it!  Otherwise, I mention it and it scrolls off the main page.  If you get my drift.

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  1. frbkelly says:

    Bertalan Kiss … hmmm… Would he be related to the late great Laszlo Kiss who put the traditional breviary in its many variations online as divinumofficium?

    If so, the whole Church owes a debt of gratitude to him and his family. I wish him very well in Juventutem.

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