REVIEW: Benedict V Francis: Dawn Of Mercy

The often amusing Eye Of The Tiber has a review of the new movie:

‘Benedict V Francis: Dawn Of Mercy

New DC Comics ‘Benedict V Francis: Dawn Of Mercy’ Film Getting Terrible Reviews

It’s been three years since Benedict’s colossal battle with the Roman Curia devastated Vatican City. The loss of spiritual life and collateral damage left many Catholics feeling angry and helpless about the Church hierarchy, including corruption-fighting Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. Convinced that members of the hierarchy surrounding Benedict is now a threat to Holy Mother Church, Bergoglio embarks on a personal vendetta to end their reign at the Vatican, while the conniving Walter Kasper launches his own crusade against ‘God’s Rottweiler’.

Benedict v Francis: Dawn of Mercy is out and reviews for the latest movie from DC/Vatican Cinematic Universe are not impressive. [Neither is my review of the new Superman v Batman, but I digress.]

Although the film, which currently has only a 29 percent rating on Catholic movie review site Decent Films, has been universally panned by critics, it’s opening weekend brought in an estimated $70.1 dollars in the Vatican alone.  [Tens of dollars!]

The superpapal showdown, which cost nearly $1,000 dollars to make, is DC/Vatican Cinematic Universe studio’s bid to kick-start a Catholic movie universe to rival the protestant’s massively successful movie empire that has produced multi-hundred dollar cash cows, God Is Not Dead, God Is Not Dead 2, and the upcoming God is Still Not Dead.

But although critics have panned the movie, audiences have given the film a 65 percent rating, which suggests that many moviegoers don’t necessarily agree with critics.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” one viewer told EOTT after seeing the movie. “I mean, some weird choices, that’s for sure, like how Benedict and Francis stop fighting once they find out they both love Jesus. [Who knew?] Francis has Benedict on the ground, you know, cause Benedict’s old, and before he delivers the final blow, Benedict calls out to Jesus for mercy, and Francis is all like, ‘WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME! WHY DID YOU SAY JESUS!’ and they realize they both love Jesus and stop fighting.”
Another viewer told EOTT that the movie was decent until the tension really began to pick up toward the latter half of the film.
“Yeah, that’s when it started getting pretty interesting. The bad guy Walter Kasper [Lex Luthor] unleashes this monster he calls Synod, [Doomsday] and the both Benedict and Francis have to fight together to defeat it. [But what about Wonder Woman?  Perhaps that would be … Fernandez?]

Benedict v Francis is the fourth biggest opening for a comic book adaptation, behind three protestant films, The Reformers, Ex-Catholic-Men, [Or perhaps in this confused age, simply Ex-men.] and The Dark Night of the Soul Rises.

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  1. JARay says:

    Yes, I like these kinds of lighter fare. For quite some time now I have enjoyed another satirical blog called “Eccles and”. The latest offering there concerns the April Fool offering coming from Rome.

  2. The Bear is on Team Stark. Robert Downey, Jr. gets all the best lines.

  3. Chatto says:

    I believe Wonder Woman was played by the (now late) Mother Angelica. A fitting monument to her life’s work – swooping in and banging the boys’ heads together.

  4. Matt Robare says:

    Jesse Eisenberg was an interesting choice to play Martin Luther.

  5. DonL says:

    “…it’s opening weekend brought in an estimated $70.1 dollars in the Vatican alone…”
    I just hope these massive funds get used for a good cause, like funding ACORN or at least a green
    pope-mobile, rather than add to the treasures of Rome to atrophy in some dark chamber.

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