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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

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I still have a pressing personal petition.  Really.

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  1. Felipe says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my cousin, Sixto Valadez. Age 49. Thank you

  2. Please pray for Donny, a 15-year-old boy with leukemia. He just found out the cancer has spread to his brain. Please also pray for the healing of his family in all ways – his father was seriously injured recently, and his mother is out of the picture. Thank you.

  3. KAS says:

    Trouble with my children. The younger ones. I cannot figure out where we are going so wrong that one has taken to expressing anger by telling us he hates us, and the other will bypass all the things in the refrigerator that are there to be eaten and deliberately take what is reserved for making a meal or for a family member with allergies who cannot have the other things, etc. And the theft goes further, things like my jewelry box were gone through and the items taken and hidden. That required climbing. All by a kindergarten age child. I cannot figure out why a child who expresses a desire not to steal things, will then go steal from family members to hide it. It makes no sense at all.

    Prayer please. The stress is doing me no favors.

  4. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for S and J who married in the Catholic church in March!

    Please pray for the Middle East, that there will be peace NOW!

    Please pray for my parish. Even more people are leaving now, due to our angry pastor.

    Please pray for me and my family, for good health, for a new steady position for me nearby and for a special intention.

    Jesus sis mihi Jesus!

  5. Mike says:

    That Georgetown University may reclaim its Jesuit and Catholic identity, and that it may see fit to overrule its Lecture Fund’s invitation to the CEO of the planet’s largest abortuary chain.

  6. For John Morris, who has terminal cancer

  7. John Grammaticus says:

    A fantastic job opportunity has come up in my company …….. please pray to St Joseph for me

  8. JesusFreak84 says:

    * A friend’s finally getting a promotion that he’s worked hard for for years, that he remains humble and is reminded of the One to whom he owes thanks for the many talents he has.

    * My youngest sister finally got into grad school, but, for reasons too numerous to list, I really do think this will be bad for her and the patients she serves (she’s looking at becoming a therapist.) She would affirm sinful behavior because it’s the “right side of history” thing to do, and at this point I think only a miracle of miracles would change her heart on that one :(

  9. aviva meriam says:

    Please pray for us: we need a new opportunity for my husband to come through and for success in my new job.
    Also, for our sons: that we are able to meet their temporal as well as spiritual needs.

    Please pray for: TM, RKS and SV: all three women with families who depend upon them and are living with life threatening illnesses.

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