INDONESIA: Wannabe ISIS terrorist stabs priest, fails with bomb

In case you haven’t seen it yet at the Daily Mail:

Terror in Indonesia: Axe-wielding ISIS jihadi, 18, stabs Catholic priest, 60, before trying to blow up hundreds of worshippers during Sunday Mass

  • JIhadi, 18, tried to set off homemade backpack bomb in the church on Indonesian island of Sumatra today

  • Priest Albert Pandiangan was slashed on arm and taken to hospital when fanatic, 18, attacked him with axe

  • Congregation then detained suspect, who was covered in blood when police later took him into custody

  • Officers found his ID card and a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his belongings and are trying to establish motive

There are lots of photos of the idiot.

It’s coming to a neighborhood near you.


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  1. Muv says:

    “Officers found his ID card and a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his belongings and are trying to establish motive.”

    Beyond parody.

  2. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    I read this same sentence, “Officers found his ID card and a hand-drawn ISIS flag in his belongings and are trying to establish motive” and didn’t think “parody”. Since they have found the ID card and the ISIS flag, they have to look for some OTHER explanation.

  3. Absit invidia says:

    After 9/11 I repeatedly asked what are foreigners doing in the US anyway? What possible motive does America have to host these people? What’s in it for Americans and how will they better American society?

    When it dawned on me that the Bill Clinton years of foolhardy policies and over abundance of tolerance led to Saudi nationals infiltrating our nation to our demise on 9/11, and then that the Democrats didn’t really care if led to our downfall, I knew we were on a long downward skid. The skid will not stop until these high school dropouts we have for leaders are replaced with men of conviction and a sense of national solidarity and the promotion of real Christian virtue among its citizens.

  4. Thomas Stewart says:

    Unfortunately, he was yelling “Allahu Ackbar!”, which is apparently Arabic for “you will never understand my motives!” (I know, I was surprised, too, to find this out from the mainstream media. I’d honestly thought it meant something else.)

  5. billt says:

    Thanks be to God the priest wasn’t killed or maimed. Now we can pray for the deluded man who attacked him. Would be something if the Priest was able to visit his attacker in prison. It’d sure be hard for me but I’ll bet he’s made of pretty stern stuff.

  6. GypsyMom says:

    The pictures of the attacker look rather like the congregation dealt him a little justice themselves. We do need to stop acting like helpless sheep. These evil people are bullies on steroids, who prey on those they believe won’t fight back. Our society has convinced us that physical force and violence are the same thing. Violence is an unjust attack that violates the rights of others, but physical force may actually be applied in the just protection of rights. Our culture has emasculated men and and left all of us vulnerable to men from a “culture” who use their strength for dominance and destruction rather than for protection and advancement. We should be proud of the superiority of the culture that Christianity has given us and stop treating barbarity as equally valid.

  7. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    Well said – “physical force may actually be applied in the just protection of rights”! It seems clearly better for the spiritual welfare of the attacker, too, to stop him murdering one or (hundreds?!) more others and himself, too, under the delusion that it is no murder.


    “Would be something if the Priest was able to visit his attacker in prison” – like Pope St. John Paul II, for example! – but let him do it prudently, in case the attacker sees it only as an opportunity to try to ‘finish the job’.

  8. JARay says:

    It is very well known in those places, where such is all too common, that the words “Allahu Akbar” is the cry that these demented people make, and the two words mean “Allah is Great”. The evidence of what he meant to do and his motive is overwhelming. He is yet another Islamic terrorist.

  9. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Given the choice, between dying a horrific and painful death, and rethinking, people will almost always choose to die.

    You can bet money on it it’s such a sure-thing.

    You’re seeing that in Europe (and America) today.

    If you’ve had “islam is a religion of peace” hammered into your head for the last 15 years, it is going to HURT to have the thought: “Is islam really a religion of peace…?”

    Having your child run over by a truck, and dragged along the asphalt HURTS LESS than having the thought: “Is islam really a religion of peace…?”

    Having the Bataclan theater stormed and the patrons killed, mutilated, and tortured to the point that family members can only be allowed to see HALF THE FACE when ID’ing the bodies HURTS LESS than having the thought: “Is islam really a religion of peace…?”

    Having a gay nightclub shot-up, with one muslim killing more gays in a matter of hours than all of America’s “homophobic” history HURTS LESS than having the thought, “Is islam really a religion of peace…?”

    People would rather die than rethink.

  10. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    The success of such things as Britain’s response to war with Germany some 77 years ago, the United States’ response to that situation prior to Pearl Harbor, the response of Count von Stauffenberg and a good many others within Nazi Germany (even though unsuccessful), suggest that rethinking is sometimes possible when some sufficient crunch comes, and can be so on a successful scale.

    The murder of tens of millions in the Soviet Union, Nazi-and-Soviet-occupied Europe and Japanese-occupied Asia, Communist China, Cambodia, and so on, suggest no sufficiently timely and effective rethinking is guaranteed.

  11. SKAY says:

    “It’s coming to a neighborhood near you.”
    I agree, Father.
    With the present immigration policy of bringing in thousands of Muslims from Syria and from who knows where else that cannot be properly vetted, the possibility of that statement is growing by the day. Obama is bragging about the 10.000th immigrant from Syria getting here a month early.
    ( Any Christians included in these immigrants?)
    If Hillary is elected she has promised to bring in many more than Obama. Large contributions from Muslim countries to the Clinton Foundation have assured us of that. Of course she has openly said that is what she will do and Cardinal Burke has pointed out where this can lead.
    Many Catholics by their vote or non vote will be part of the jubilant crowd pulling the Hillary/ Soros Trojan Horse into our country.
    It is NOT a gift of peace.

  12. Ignatian guy says:

    Indonesian here,the man who stabbed the priest was not acting on his on terms.After questioning,he said that he was forced to do it by another person,investigation is on going on this matter

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    Deo gratias that this priest and his parishioners were spared whatever was in that backpack. Heartening to read that the parishioners “detained” this individual.

    Venerator: Speaking of weapons adrift in the Middle East, you might be interested in news articles from two weeks ago about ISIS digging up WWII-era land mines from the El Alamein battlefield west of Alexandria, Egypt. The articles also say that WWII-era landmine usage by various jihadis may go back to the 2004 Sinai attack.

    (Oddly, most of these El Alamein mines have been dug up before. In early 1942 in Libya the Axis and Allies laid innumerable mines around the port of Tobruk and along a line from Gazala to Bir Hacheim. Rommel won that battle several months later and pursued the Eighth Army eastward to El Alamein. Rommel was not able to continue to the Suez Canal, so he had his engineers go back to Libya, dig up the mines there and replant them at El Alamein.)

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