Reader Feedback, Biretta Project Update, A Note to Cops, Challenge Coins

Some reader feedback.

First, I received a great note from a seminarian who benefit from the generosity of one of you readers out there.


For more on the BIRETTA PROJECT go HERE

Next, a snail mail card from a fellow in Fresno, CA (who participates at Masses of my friend Fr. Sotelo, who comments here occasionally.  He wrote that he has been reading since 2005 when he was a teen.  Now he is a father of two daughters and is deeply involved in pro-life work.  He reads the older breviary at their “ad orientem” home altar and their family chant the Marian antiphons together. “Thank you for opening this world to me, and to so may other readers who, like me, benefited from your work….”

Thanks for that.  It helps.  My snail mail address is on the side bar.  And I do report threats to law enforcement.

Also, from a reader, I received and am presently receiving, a spiritual benefit which I very much need and appreciate.


An added delight is the fact that these Masses are at the Priory of the wonderful Benedictine Sisters in Missouri.  Many thanks!  I often feature their discs in my PODCAzTs.

Speaking of law enforcement, recently I was in New York City where I had the great good fortune to meet some Catholic cops (NYPD).  I hauled along a couple friends (including The Great Roman who was briefly in town) to the precinct for a tour.  Their captain asked me to bless his body armor, which was a new one for me.  Of course I did it… and put it on afterward (come to think of it… I should get some for myself).

A NOTE TO COPS/LEOs/MILITARY: I’ll happily bless whachya got, body armor, service or back up weapons, vehicle, whatever.  You name it, I’ll bless it!

Two of these fine Catholic gentlemen gave me Challenge Coins, which I am pretty pleased with.  Alas, I was not in the position to return the favor with my own!  That must be remedied and ASAP.



I am also now – so I am informed – an honorary member of the the NYPD Holy Name Society.



I am grateful for these.

LEOs! I’ve got your back in daily prayers: St. Michael!  Also, anyone who has been to any Novus Ordo Sunday Mass I’ve celebrated (yes, that happens), I always add the petition: “For all members of the military and law enforcement, that God will protect them from spiritual and temporal harm…”

Having received those great challenge coins, I am at last inspired to have my own made.  Since this is still within my 25th year of ordination, I’ll do one for that.  Also, I am looking down the road at the 100 millionth visit to the blog (since I’ve kept stats, that is).  I’ve taken concrete steps to design the coin and find a good maker.  As a matter of fact, one suggestion came from the author Chris Kennedy who fictionalized me and put me in his books … where he has pretty much killed me (at least once), brought me back to life, and then nearly killed me again, giving me great lines along the way.  At least I think I’m still alive at this point in the tale.  For more about this books, HERE.

I’ve also received a few kind emails.  Thanks for those.  You know who you are.

I don’t usually have a combox with these posts, but, because of the various items I brought up (especially the challenge coin bit), the moderation queue is ON.

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  1. Mike says:

    It would be highly inspiring to see a Holy Name Society chapter established in the police force (and the fire department, too) of every large city. I bet the Dominicans would get right behind such an effort if asked to.

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    Great post Fr. Z and congratulations.

    If I could offer my two cents on the WDTPRS Challenge Coin. Fr. Z’s smiling face painted blue like Braveheart, wearing a biretta and night-vision goggles, and holding an aspergillum in the en garde position. Along the edge of the coin: “Vade Retro Satana.” This would also look great on the side of a coffee mug.

    [Great idea. But, alas, I don’t have night vision goggles.]

  3. The Cobbler says:

    “[Great idea. But, alas, I don’t have night vision goggles.]”
    We can fix that problem, right? Surely this is a must-have for the bug-out bag?

    “Their captain asked me to bless his body armor, which was a new one for me.”
    I hope they made this request knowing what happens when you bless cars.

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