Pray. Please, pray.

Pray.  Please, pray.

One of the reasons why in today’s LENTCAzT I included a prayer for priests is because I have had emails and other contacts from good, traditionally oriented priests who are being persecuted by their superiors.  Even today, I had a note:

Pray for me… Today I have a meeting with the [personnel director of his diocese]. They are trying to sideline me into full-time hospital ministry.

I know another who has unjustly and without basis been stripped of faculties.  They won’t even talk to him.

I know another who is being forced to take a sabbatical year when all he wants to do is parish work.

I know another who… and another who… and another….

Common threads?  They want tradition.  Their superiors are liberals.

The persecution is rising with a panoply of tactics.

Seminarians, keep your heads down.  Fathers, be patient and use the sacrament of penance.



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