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Did Pope Francis appoint a commission to overturn ‘Humanae vitae’?

I’ve been receiving angry, anxious, frustrated and even panicky emails about a “commission” which was allegedly appointed by Pope Francis to “reinterpret” Paul VI’s important and prophetic (as well as hated by libs and feared) encyclical Humanae vitae. My sources tell … Read More

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Card. Sarah and a new book about true compassion for the same-sex attracted

The other day I posted about some new books which publishers had sent to me.  While I have been able to open a few, one of them I hadn’t explored at all.  I now read a bit more about it … Read More

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More on Fr. James Martin’s wickedly stupid remark

Over at Catholic Culture, the perspicacious Phil Lawler has pointed words for Fr. James Martin, the Jesuit obsessed with homosexual advocacy. No, not every lifestyle is sinful “Pretty much everyone’s lifestyle is sinful,” Father James Martin told the New York … Read More

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