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Prints, cards of images from Our Lady of Fatima’s apparitions

The wonderful Benedict nuns in Missouri, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, have begun the building of their church. To raise funds they are selling prints and cards with art by the sisters. Here are two, appropriate for this … Read More

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Total Eclipse Planning

I am giving strong consideration to the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse. Plans are to be made. A strong contender must be in Missouri, near to St. Joseph and to Gower, which the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles are … Read More

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Off duty London cop v. Islamic terrorists

An off-duty cop “rugby tackled” one of the London “Religion of Peace” terrorists. From BBC: […] An off-duty policeman – an amateur rugby player – was stabbed after tackling one of the three attackers. He remains in critical condition. Met Police … Read More

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“Not all is well, nor should we pretend that it is — even if this means abandoning the ‘new Pentecost’ narrative of Vatican II”

At NLM, Peter Kwasniewski has a good piece. Here’s how it begins (with my emphases and comments): Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI frequently acknowledged that the Church is in a state of serious crisis. [Is there any … Read More

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